Saturday, December 31, 2011

Starting off the New Year with a Giveaway

Hello Everyone in Blog World, It's a new year and like I said there will be many changes taking place here on
my blog. The changes will not come all at once but you will see them happen
gradually. One of the things that will be happening more often is that I will
have more giveaways. In my header picture is the Cricut Lite Love You a
Latte cartridge, this is part of this months giveaway. The reason I say part of
this months giveaway is that other things will be added so make sure that you
read the blog often. The Giveaway now has a stand alone page please click on the giveaway tab
which located on a bar at the top of my blog page it will take you to the
giveaway page and post your comments on that page only. ♥♥♥ I will try to keep this post on top until the end of giveaway! Please scroll down for newer posts! Thank U! ♥♥♥ To qualify for the giveaway you must do the following. (Each one you do is a chance) 1. Leave a comment here on this post 2.Spread the word about my giveaway. Leave a link to my giveaway on your blog or facebook page. No blog or facebook, let me know how you will spread the word! 3. Become a friend (follower) of my blog. ( if you already do, then your halfway there!) This is open worldwide and will stay open until January 31st, 2012! I will announce my winner a few days after that!! Good luck everyone!!!! May this coming year bring you all lots of happiness, great health, peace and love! Like I said you never know what else might be added as the month goes by. Sponsor Roxie from ebay sent me some fibers to add to the box.
Thank You Roxie!!!!

Roxies ebay shop link

Blog Candy:
1. Cricut Lite Cartridge (Love You a Latte) Sponsored by Casey 2. Five pakages of Handmade Stickers. Sponsored by Valerie (Pinterest)
3. One package of Acrylic Labels
4. Valentine and Christmas Fiber packages
5. 100 mini brads purple and blue
6. Martha Stewart bakers twine
7. K & Company button brads
8. Hampton Art clear stamps
Have a Splendid Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello all my Fellow Bloggers,
I want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year!!!!!

I would also like to leave you all with some New Year Wishes.

 Hope that everyone has a fun filled evening and that you are all careful and safe.

This Year will bring many changes and hopefully a lot of good things. I want to Thank
everyone that has been following and reading my posts. I am proud to say that I have
reached 2600 hits on my blog and still counting.  Starting tomorrow I will be hosting
a giveaway. All the details will be in tomorrows blog so stay tuned. Have a very safe
Evening and A Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

A little Jewlery

Hello Everyone out there,
Todays post is going to be quick. I have a few things that I'm trying to
get finished up.
My friend wanted to get some type of jewlery made for
her daughters so we worked on these two pieces. In the header picture
is a necklace with a lot of bling. In the next picture is a floral necklace.
We both were happy with the bling necklace. Not to thrilled with the
floral one so we might redo it. We used things that I already had but
I think the flowers need to be better defined.
We'll see what tomorrow brings and what I can get posted. Until
my next post Have a Great Evening!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Couple of more items done

Good Afternoon Everyone,
Isn't it amazing three posts in a row and to top it off in one week. In the
header picture is one of the canvases that I helped a friend get done.
The next two pictures are of a couple of other canvases that she also finished.
Besides the canvases we got three mirros etched but I forgot to get
pictures of those before she took them home. My friend also made a
couple of the gift boxes like the ones that I blogged about a while ago,
and two jewlery pieces. Hopefully tomorrow I will get those posted.
I've got cookies in the works again. I also have a couple of mini albums
that another friend and I worked on. As soon as I have a minute to get
each and every page photographed of the mini albums I'll post them too.
Now you all know why I've been MIA. I've been busy teaching others
how to create. Until my next post, Have a Great Evening!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mmmmmm Cookies

Good Evening Blog Land,
Like I promised here is a picture of some of the baking that I have been
doing. In my header picture is Finnish Ribbon Cookies. I found this recipe
in a cookie cookbook and tried it out over ten years ago and now every
year around this time my family reminds me that I need to make these
cookies. Below is what they look like before the finishing touch is put on
These cookies kind of remind me of the raspberry swirl cookies but
let me tell you the cookie part is much better tasting on these. I also did some Pumpkin Spice bread baking and some chocolate chip
cookies but those pictures all turned out blurry. Oh well thats how the
cookie crumbles. Until my next post Have a Great Evening!!!!!!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Wall Art

Good Evening Blog Land,
I know it's been a while but I've been busy creating and not by myself.
either. I have so much that I have been working on. In my header picture
you see a canvas with a collage of words pertaining to coffee. For those
of you that own a cricut there is a cartridge called Word Collage and
you can do the same thing that I have done on canvas. The cartridge
does not have a collage of coffee words. Just so that you are well aware
before you run to buy it. I actually saw one that was similar to mine but
I think that they own a few more alpahabet cartridges than I do so some
of their words are fancier than mine. I did this using my Gypsy. In the
next photo I used the same concept. This one isn't on the Word Collage
cartridge either it was also done using my Gypsy and the alphabet cartridges
I own.
I have a friend that has been collecting items that have these very words
so I made it for her. She doesn't know it so don't let the cat out of the bag.
I took the picture before I had found a frame for the Love canvas hopefully
tomorrow I'll get a picture of it in its frame so I can post it.
I have had a couple of friends over and we worked on etching some
mirrors, mod podged some other canvases, also we worked on a couple
of scrapbook mini albums.
In the next few days I hope I can get eveything posted on my blog
including the baking that I have been doing. Maybe you'll even get to see
my new furniture if I make a decision on what I really want...LOL......
Yes you heard right I'm getting new furniture. That is another thing that
I have been busy doing. Furniture shopping is like car shopping and I hate
doing both of those things but it has to be done before we find ourselves
sitting on the floor. Hopefully that task will get done this week. Until my
next post Have a Great Evening!!!!!!!!