Friday, September 24, 2010

A beautiful Art Piece

I have been going through some pictures and
I ran into this one that I had forgotten all about.
Isn't it strange that sometimes  you come upon
things just when you need a special something
to bring a smile to your face.

In Moses Lake WA. twelve miles from
where I live. On the sidewalks in the
downtown area artists display their
sculptures and when I saw this one
I fell in Love with it. They change the
sculptures or art work every few months
so I don't know where this Angel is at now.
I just had to share this with everyone.

Have A Splendid Day!!!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

All in Gods' Hands

For those of you who  remember my cousin had been
diagnosed with pancreatic cancer stage four and the
family has been traveling back and fourth from Warden
to Seattle to see him. The Doctors had given him just
a few days to live. Well days have turned into weeks
he is still in the hospital in a lot of pain just waiting for
the good Lord to remember him and call him home.

I don't know at this time  what to do but as the
family all sit together and talk the elders of the
family have instructed us that we must continue to
live our life. Let me tell you it's not easy death , life
work, nothing is ever easy. But as I listen to my
elders I am here trying to write blogs that aren't
full of doom and gloom because that is just how I am
feeling, So please forgive me if I just can't  seem to 
stay upbeat.

When I'm home I try and get things cut out that I
can take with me  to work on. Here are a couple
of things that I have been working on some I have
already posted in my Etsy shop some I still haven't

These are some poinsettias that I made
out of cardstock. Let me know what you
think about them.

Have a Splendid Day!!!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

When will it ever get better?

   I feel so bad that I'm not keeping up with my shop
and blogging, Just when I start to get better about
blogging and posting new things in my shop life
hands me more lemons,
   For my family and me May brought so much sorrow
and pain. In May my father-in-law passed away and
my husband is still to date having to handle some
things that need to be taken care. My fathers diabetis
was so out of control things were dangerous for him
but thankfully the doctors got that back in control and
he is doing better. A few days after my father-in-laws
burial I recieved news that my cousin who is six years
younger than me has panceatic cancer stage 4. A long
time friend found out he had a tumor on his spine, the
doctors operated but now he is paralized from the
waist down and is in thereapy rehabilitation still.
   My cousin has been in and out of the hospital ever
since May. It has really put a financial burden on the
family since he has no medical insurance, and the
hospital that he always gets sent to is four hours from
most of his family.My cousin has been doing chemo
and radiation treatments hoping that God would make
a miracle happen.Finally in July he was able to get on
the state health card. Last friday we were all summoned
to the hospital (four hours away) to be told that there
is nothing more that they can do. He was given two days
to live. It has now been four days and all we do is sit by
his side in his hospital room waiting for the day that God
calls him home. 
   It was a really rough weekend for me because of my
commitments to the Community event that I was in charge
of on Labor day weekend.  I was here at home handling
that cause I could not get anyone to take my place and
everyone else in the family was in Seattle with my cousin
   So today I'm trying to remember the good and fun times
we have had and ask the Lord to take his pain and
suffering away soon. And to my followers I'm really not a
flake  it's just that things aren't good right now in my life.

My cousin Gilbert and his two sisters
on his 40th Birthday in January

My dad Jose riding in the parade
in a police car.

Please forgive me if I don't get any posts done.
I will try and schedule some when I get a few free

Have a Splendid Day!!!!!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

It's finally here Labor Day Weekend. It's a big
weekend for Warden here where I live. We do
this big community day event here. On Sunday
the Lions Club puts on what is called the Great
Lind Coullee Raft Race. All the rafts have to be
hand made. There is no limit as to how many
can ride on it down the Lind Coullee but it does
have to float. The finish line is a small rapid and
most rafts fall apart in the rapid. Usaully there are
about twenty five rafts in the race not sure how
many were there this year. Here are some pictures
of some of the rafts.

People having fun in the raft race.

Another group on their raft.

Here is a raft groing through the rapid
where the race ends.

A raft that is falling aprt as it goes
through the rapids.

Have a Splendid Day!!!!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Busy Summer VI

Along with all the fun that I have been having there
has also been some work and that work has been
in the garden. I go at least once a week and weed
the garden and lately I have gone out every day and
picked some veggies from the the garden. Here are
some pictures of what I have been harvesting out of
my garden. Some of the pictures are as i'm putting
up my veggies for winter.

What I usaully pic a day.

A bell pepper still on a plant.

Getting ready to blanche corn.

Cutting up the jalapenos and bell peppers
and freezing them for winter.
I still have a lot more veggies to put up
for winter.

Have a Splendid Day!!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Busy Summer V

Just another thing that was on my list to do  this summer
was my husbands comapny picnic. My husband's company
always has a summer picnic and so we were obligated to
go. The picnic was out at the lake and every one that had
a boat or jet ski were asked to take them. We did not take
our boat because we had plans on going to the fair that
night. There was a lot of food anf fun people there. Here
are some of the pictures of the boats that everyone was
taking turns to ride on.

The boss and his boat.

A co-workers boat

A co-worker of my husbands wake

Here are some feathered friends
that were out there enjoying the
Lake that I had to take a picture

Have a Spendid Day!!!!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Busy Summer IV

I have been busy all summer as a chairperson
for Warden Community Days which is Labor
Day weekend. I have been out hanging banners,
taking vendor applications, and making sure that
the persons in charge of ceratain activities for that
weekend are getting everything done. It's almost
here and I'm sure that I have gotten a few more
grey hairs. It is also Wardens Cenntenial so there
have been other activities going on through out
the summer.

Here is one of the four banners that
I went out and put by a Hwy.

My phone is constantly ringing and my
battery is constantly dying. I find myself
conected to the wall a lot of the time.
But it's almost over and let me tell you
I won't be doing this again.

Have a Splendid Day!!!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Busy Summer III

Like I said a very busy summer for me. On the 4th
of July We had my brother over for a BBQ and
fireworks. My nephew and his friend along with my
brothers girlfriend were here. My niece did not come
she spent the 4th with her friends. My dad also
stopped by for a while. Here are some pictures
of that day.

My nephew couldn't wait for it
to get dark to start lighting his

Once it got dark they got prettier.

This is my brother and my nephew.

It was great fun and great company on the 4th of July.
I really enjoyed myself. Two weeks later they were
all back including my niece. We celebrated my nieces
birthday. My niece wanted us to BBQ carne asada
which is what we did. I was glad to see her. A busy
July with friends and family.

Have a Splendid Day!!!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Busy Summer II

Summer time means fair time. I went and bought our fair
passes early so that we would save some money. The
first night we went to the demolation derby. Here is my
ticket for that.

We went to the fair and looked around.
My husband is not a big fan of rides.

I know not a great picture but I tried
several times to get a good one of my
fair pass.

some of the demo cars

some of the steers for the Rodeo

Quilts that were judged.
It was fun and it brought back
a lot of childhood memories.

Have a Splendid Day!!!