Thursday, March 15, 2018

Wedding Gifts

Hello everyone!
Here are a couple of things that I have been doing with
vinyl. In the header picture I worked with heat transfer
vinyl and heat pressed it onto footies. I made these
to sell at the shop in town. As the weather gets warmer
weddings become a big thing so I am hoping that some
of these things will generate revenue in the shop.
Below is a split letter monogram that I made for my
son and daughter-in-law.
This picture frame split letter monogram was made with
651 vinyl and put on a picture frame. I still have not given
this to the kids because I am using it in the shop as a
example hoping to get some special orders. Hahaha.
I will make another one soon to have at the shop and I
will give this one to the kids. At least I hope to.
Thank you for stopping by.
Enjoy your day.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

A Glittered Thank You

Hello everyone!
Hope to find everyone in the craft world doing well.
I have been busy organizing my craft and I almost
have it where I want it. I hope to share my craft room with
everyone soon. In the mean time here is a Thank you card
I made using some glitter cardstock which I picked up
at a yard sale last year. I made it a shaker card and used a
Hampton Art rubber stamp that I bought from Big Lots
a few years back. The picture for some reason does not do
it justice. Looks a lot better in real life. Maybe I need a
new camera.
I am trying to use some of my stash. I also have been doing
some de-stashing. I have been listing some of the cardstock that
I am getting rid of on my Etsy shop. Most of it is Graphic 45

I have also been working with heat transfer vinyl and
because I am new to this I have made a few mistakes
like forgetting to mirror so the words are not backwards.
Hopefully putting a reminder on my machine will help.
If this reminder doesn't help I don't know what else will
Hahaha. Oh Lord help me.
Thank you everyone for stopping by. Hope you all
have a great day.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

My Wild Side of crafting

Hello fellow crafters!!!
Before I show you the t-shirt that I designed you must get
to know my granddaughter Marion.
Pictured above is Marion she has a couple health
issues and just a few years ago she had to have rods
placed in her back. She is the most positive and go getter
that I have ever met she does not let her disabilities
slow her down.
Below is a picture of Marion along side her parents, my
husband , our son and myself.

Marion has a very complex sense of humor. Her gramps
(my husband) and Marion have this contest of name
calling and try and come up with some weird names for
each other. I really don't get it. They also try and outdo
each other in come backs. 
I know she can be strange sometimes just look at the
next picture.

Well Marion turned 16 last year and because of her disabilities
will never be able to drive. So my husband wanted me
to make a shirt for Marion to lift up her spirits and so
the verse he had seen on some web sight not sure where
 and well I just used shapes from the Sure Cuts A lot program
to make it look like a person in a wheel chair and my husband
wanted me to add flames which I did. Later I did find
something similar is already created. Any way my
 interpretation of what my husband wanted is pictured
below. It is not meant to offend anyone. Marion loves her
shirt and her mom and I have come to the conclusion that
we may have to operate to get it off of her. Hahaha.

I know that my post was a little long I am sorry.
Thank you for stopping by and reading a little about
my crazy family, Have a great day!

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Husband in the house

Hello fellow crafters!
Well I missed a week of blogging. I have been organizing
my craft room and so I decided I needed to destash some
craft items. I have been spending time uploading things to
my Etsy shop.
Well this week that I thought I would have time to get some
real crafting done my husband was at home most of the week
because of the bad weather. He wanted me to make some hats
for him so that is what you see in the first picture.
Well in order to use the hat press first I needed to make some
of the heat press pillows. So off I went to get the materials to
do that. Below in the picture is the heat press pillows that I
made. Yes I do know how to sew. Hahaha
Once the pillows were done then I had to change out the
flat heat plates for the hat press which is pictured below.
Well I am not the bit impressed with the heat press but
I did get three hats done for my husband.
I don't know if any of you who own heat presses have done
anything with the hat attachment but I found that it does not
sit square with each other that is the plates and even using
the heat pillows I had to rotate the hats side to side to get all
the letters pressed on. I would like to hear from others if
they have tried their hat presses and any tips they may have.
I also got a shirt done and I will share that in my next post.
I have been a little apprehensive about sharing it. Not that it
is rated R but that someone might take it the wrong way.
Thank you for stopping by. Have a wonderful day.

Friday, February 9, 2018

I love my Pitbull

Good morning fellow crafters!!!!
Looks like maybe just one new post for this week.
Not because I have not been crafting but because the
weather has been unseasonably warm here in Southern
Last September I ended up in the hospital for an
emergency appendectomy that I couldn't do certain
things like work out in the yard so with the weather
being so nice I am taking advantage of it by getting
out in the yard and catching up on the things that
didn't get done.

In the header picture is some small treat boxes
that I made. The small one holds one Hershey kiss
the bigger one will hold two.
The picture of the Pitbull is an svg file that I created
it will be for sale in my Etsy shop this weekend.
I am working on creating svg, cut files that can
be used on just about anything glass to fabric and
everything in between.
I hope that this inspires you to try new things.
Anything is possible!!!
Thank you for stopping by. Enjoy your day! 

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Welcome 2018

Hello my fellow crafters!!!!!!
I know it has been better than six months since my
last post not because I made a choice to stop blogging
just things in my life got hectic.
Life brings changes kids grow up, get married, have
kids of their own etc. Before I go into more detail of
my life the pictures are of a new venture I am on.
A cutting machine and vinyl.
(dish towel and HTV)
Last year I became a grandmother. To be honest I
wasn't real excited about it not sure why but I really
wasn't feeling happy or excited about anything. In August
I took a class to learn more about my new cutting machine
the Brother ScanNCut and the Sure Cuts A Lot program.
The infamous and knowledgeable Jen Blausey came to
Medford Oregon to teach a group of us. If you have the SNC
machine Jen has a facebook page and a YouTube channel
under Brother ScanNCut,
Even after learning from the best it seemed more like a
chore then being fun.

(Pot Holder)
In September I ended up in the hospital for an
emergency appendectomy. Looking back I believe
that this was a lot of the problem as to me just not
excited or joyous in life. I wasn't finding joy or
happiness in crafting, gardening or anything else.
As I recouped then my daughter got married the
first part of November then the holidays snuck up
on me .

(Pot Holder 2)
I took all of January getting all my tax things in
order and also organizing and rearranging my craft
room since I have also added a heat press to my
crafting tools. I don't plan on giving up the paper
crafting I am just branching out. Hahaha.
I will gradually get back into blogging again 
along with getting more merchandise into my
Etsy shop.
I hope for now to blog maybe a couple of times
a week so stay tuned.
Thank you to those that e-mailed me concerned
as to what has been going on and to make sure that
I am ok. 
Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog.
Enjoy your day!!!!!!  

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Bigger Things are ahead

Hello everyone!!!!
Glad to be able to share again.
In April my son and daughter-in-law had a baby girl
named Hazel. We took a trip to Portland to see our
granddaughter. In May I ended catching the flu
which I was down for almost three weeks. Once I got
better my friend Sally (my business partner also) got
down to business. We worked and worked to get this
jewelry box SVG file ready for our Lime and Bean Etsy

Well after several tweaks here and there we finally
were happy with it. So now here I am sharing with
all of you our very first big project.

Hopefully our next two big projects that we have
in the works doesn't take as long but I have a feeling
that it just might now that her girls are home for
summer break.
I also have been busy trying to get a ScanNCut
boot camp together here in Medford, OR. The
very knowledgeable Jen Blausey will be here in
August to teach us about our machines and how
to use the Sure Cuts Alot program. Jen has been
out teaching so many people and we are very lucky
to have her coming to teach us. This is the only
class that she is giving in the Northwest so I hope
that I am reaching everyone in the surrounding
states and that they don't pass up the chance. We
don't know if she will make it back this way next
Well as you see I get busy and don't make it as 
often to blog as I would like.
Hope you like our jewelry box..
Until next time have a great day!!!!!