Sunday, July 28, 2013

Mini album page and tech difficulties

Hello everyone,
Hope to find you all doing well. I'm doing a lot better now that
our heat wave is over. Since it has been hot it got very dry so
now we are dealing with fires all around us. The smoke is getting
thick here in the valley and they are warning that anyone with
breathing problems to stay indoors.  The smoke doesn't bother
me but still I will be indoors crafting.
In my header picture and the picture below is another page that
goes to the mini book that I have been working on
Like I said before just not happy with this mini and how it turned
out. Anyways moving on.
Well with all the heat that we have been having my husband has
been home fairly early from work since Wednesday and he gets
on my computer that I can never get on it and take care of my
blog. Also when I set my desk top up I didn't notice that files
disappeared so I have been trying to fix that. The wireless printer
wouldn't hook up either but finally last night it came all together
that I even opened my Etsy shop back up and started listing new
items to my shop.
Hopefully all my technical difficulties are done. One can only
hope. So until my next post Have A Splendid Day!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hump day = rant day

Hello everyone! Hope you are all having a good day.
I hope that with this header picture that it gives you an
idea as to how I am feeling.
First I want to say I love Medford. I spent four hours
at the Department of Motor Vehicles. Four stinking
hours to take my written test to change my drivers
license and to still not have it. Not because I didn't pass
the test but because I need my Birth Certificate. Ok
so when we moved here in the eighties the certificate
that I had worked. When we moved to Washington I
used the same certificate even after all the 9/11 situation.
I still am on file at the Oregon DMV because it was only
five years ago that we left the state. After a call to the
statistics office and thirty-one dollars I will have to wait
for about five days to receive my birth certificate
Now I said that it was rant day so if you don't want to
hear about the rest of the day you can run now.
So the picture above really shows how I'm feeling.
I'm going to tell you now that if you ever want good
customer services if you borrow money from an institution
don't borrow from Wells Fargo they blow.
My son had purchased his pickup in Washington through
them. When you move to another state you have x amount
of days to change plates and licenses etc.  In May my son
went to try and change the plates to his vehicle. DMV told
my son that he needed to contact the bank and let them
know so that they would send the WA. title to DMV and
sold him a trip permit so that he would be legal if he got stopped
while waiting for the paperwork to be done by the bank He
contacted the bank and they told him that it would get done. So
he waits and waits and nothing. Now mind you he took a
day off of work the first time and he takes another day off
to try and get to the bottom of things. The bank once again
tells them that it will get taken care of it won't be longer than
three days.  Days go by and since all that should have to be
done is pay the fee and pick up the plates I go to DMV to do
that and guess what? Wrong !!!!! My son calls the bank
again they tell him that they have sent it. Liars!!!!! Monday
we receive a letter telling us that we are to go to DMV find
out what the fees are fill out the paperwork send the paperwork
to the bank along with a check written to DMV.  So while I was
there for my license I took care of getting the fee info.We are now 
six days from the second trip permit expiring and in Oregon
you are only allowed two trip permits on a vehicle a year. 
I call the bank they tell me to overnight the paper work and me
pay the overnight mailing fee. Really????  Lost wages, two trip
permits equal one pickup payment and now so that we can follow
the law in Oregon they want us to pay an overnight fee so they
can drag their feet once again and still not get the plates in time.
I've been on the phone telling them off. We are not trying to get
out of the registration fees or licensing fees which is a hundred
ninety-four dollars. Wells Fargo blows!!!!!! Don't do business
with them. They will pass the buck and never admit the wrong
that they have done and all the money that they have cost you
and may cost you.  So now you know Why I feel like the picture
in my post. Hopefully tomorrow I will get to a regular post.
Have a great evening!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Las Vegas CHA Celebrating Teresas' Birthday and her new collection

Hello blogger,
Just a quick post to remind everyone that CHA has
started. Teresa Collins is there and today is her 25th
birthday. If you are there stop in and wish her a Happy
Also she wants to celebrate by giving away a set of her
new collection which is four different sets To get your
name in go to the link below where you can also see her

Good Luck everyone!!!!
Have a great evening!!!!!

Trifty Tuesday and a change of the brains

Hello blog world and all my followers.
Hope to find you all doing well. I'm trying not to melt in this
heat wave that we are having.  We are suppose to be cooling
down but not by much. We will make it through it like we
always do. So onward to my header picture. I found this stack
at Biglots for five dollars. It called The Wizard of OZ made by
Paper House.

There are twelve different pages and you get two of each page
but the two pictured here are my favorites. The pages are
double sided. The page with the shoes says "It's all about the
shoes". Just love these pages. Don't you?
Ok so as you all noticed I missed posting a couple of days
and the reason for that is that I finally found a computer desk
that I really liked which means that I had to re-arrange again
so that I could set up my desk top (the big brain). Once I get
everything set up I will take a picture of it. How I missed my
desk top because it is much faster than the old laptop. So I put
off getting on the laptop but finally bit the bullet because I
needed all the pictures that I had taken for blogging and my
etsy shop. 
I'm off to find what I need to get everything put away again.
Wish me luck that I find what I'm looking for. Until my next
post Have A Splendid Day!!!!!!!!! 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Mini album pages #2

Good morning everyone.
I hope to find you all keeping cool. We are slowly getting
warmer every day. Luckily it cools down at night. The next
few days will bring three digit temperatures here. I will be
doing my chores early then that way I can just lounge around
in the hotter part of the day, Ok enough about the weather.
Lets talk about my header picture which is another page
of that mini album that I struggled with.

I love this cardstock that I didn't want to cover it up. I put three
tags on the page so that pictures can be put on them or they can
use them all for journaling. I know it looks a little plain but I just
can't cover the page up. Believe me I have tried and nothing looks
good to me. Let me know what you think.
Until my next post Have A Splendid Day!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Running late and mini album

Good Hump day to everyone!!!!!
I know that I'm running late in posting today. I have had
a summer cold and last night I think I hit the peek of it
because I felt real achy. I slept in today but woke up feeling
so much better.
In my header picture is a page from a mini album that I have
been working on .

As you see in the photo above I made it so a picture can also
go on this page. For some reason this mini has been a real task
for me.  It just isn't coming together like I would like it to.
I'm using some of the Le Romantique collection from Graphic
45 along with some other collections and that may be the
problem. I was really thinking about just trashing the whole
thing but now I feel it is a challenge and I need to conquer
it. I'm up for a challenge.....LOL.....
Speaking about challenges ha ha ( sneaky huh) don't forget
about our last challenge over at NMWC blog. Link below
Hope you will join us.
Until my next post Have A Splendid Day!!!!!!!
I'm off to do all my chores before it gets to hot.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Thrifty Tuesday with a twist

A beautiful Tuesday Morning to all my wonderful followers.
Our temperature is starting to climb again but it is expected
because without fail every year during fair week here we get
into the hundreds.
In my header picture is a stamp set that I won in a giveaway that
Robyn from My Pink Stamper had. I just want to remind everyone
that there are many blogs out in blog land that do giveaways. Another
way to get free supplies is to enter the challenges. A lot of the blogs
hosting challenges do random draws for a winner. So take a chance
and enter a challenge you just never know you could win,
Ok so you are all wondering what has happened to me. All of a
sudden I am posting often on my blog. You might have thought
I wore a frown like our dog in the picture below.

Well it all has to do with being back here in Oregon. Where my
time is my time. No one showing up at my door at eight in the
morning and staying till noon. Where people aren't spreading
rumors like your an alcoholic when he/she is the one that is and
even has a DUI on their record. Where your friends don't use
you. Where friends that you haven't seen for a while don't forget
the things that you did for them. Also thanx to Megan at Brassy
Apple for her Refashion your Life series link below
The most biggest Thank You goes to the Lord our God
for leading us to where we really are suppose to be.
You will be seeing more posts so until my next post Have A
Splendid Day!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 15, 2013

What to do with a mountain of scraps?

A Happy Monday Morning to all my wonderful followers.
Hope to find you all doing well and staying cool. It's going
to be a warm one for us. The lovely weather man says it will
be a hundred degrees here today. So when the weather gets
warm and I have a mountain of scraps, I sit and use my Martha
Stewart punch and cut out flowers petals. At night time when I'm
sitting in front of the television I put the flowers together like
what you see in my header picture.
I try and use up every inch of scraps that are left from creating other
projects. My son laughs at me and tells me that if I need more
cardstock he will take me to go buy some more. I try not to be
wasteful. My husband calls it something else but I won't go into
what he calls it. I'll leave you wondering which maybe will
have you laughing just thinking of what it could be.
Honestly if  I took all the scrapbooking paper that I own and
stacked it all up I probably have a stack that is three feet tall.
By the way the flowers in the pictures are about an inch in diameter.
I also make flowers that are half an inch in diameter.
Well I'm off to get some more creating done, so until my next
post Have A Splendid Day!!!!!!! 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Altered Clock

A happy Sunday morning everyone.
I hope to find all of you doing well and rested. Hopefully the
rooster didn't wake you up to early. Speaking of roosters in
my header picture is a clock that I had bought a few weeks back.
I needed a clock for our living room but was having a hard time
finding one that I liked and would match the rest of the d├ęcor.
This is the clock that I finally settled on but once it was on the wall
you couldn't see the numbers or the hands because of the color of
 the wall. I had started to alter it as you can see in the picture
the number six looks wonky

This is what it looks like now hanging on the wall. The picture
really doesn't show how dark the wall is. The wall is much
darker in real life then it shows up in the picture. I have no
idea why my camera isn't picking up the color right. Oh
well I guess you understand what I mean.
What I did was painted all the numbers and hands with
silver paint. Now at least we can tell what time it is.
I guess you can say that no one else will have a clock
like mine because I altered it.
Now don't forget to join us in our last challenge over at NMWC
Until my next post Have A Splendid Day!!!!!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Another Masculine card

Good Morning Everyone.
Can you believe that I have done more posts this week than I have in
the last couple of months. I know totally amazing isn't it. Well I hope
that you are all doing well. As most of you can see I am doing great.
Especially because I am crafting again and blogging. In my header
picture is another masculine card that I made. Hope you like it.
Hopefully in a few days I will be able to open up my Etsy shop
again. Just waiting for paypal to verify everything no thanx to the
thieves that messed up my life for a couple of weeks. I just thank
the Lord that I caught it before they emptied my account,
On a brighter note we are getting cooler days and no longer in the
hundred degree weather here. So I'm off to create. Until my next
post Have A Splendid Day!!!!!!! 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Quick Graduation card

Good Morning Everyone,
Hope to find you all doing well and staying cool. We have been
having a warm summer but it is starting to cool down around here.
A friend of ours had a son graduating in and I needed a card. At
the point and time that I needed this card so much of my craft
supplies were still in boxes so I grabbed the first cardstock I could
find and set out to find rubberstamp and ink.
This is what I came up with in a pinch.

Not my best work but it did the job it needed to do.
Just a reminder that we are having our last challenge over at
NMWC blog. Please come join us.
Until my next post Have A Splendid Day!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Thrifty Tuesday 7/13

Good Morning my fellow bloggers.
Hope to find all of you doing well. The weather here is climbing
again so I'm trying to just stay cool. I know it has been some time
since I have posted a Thrifty Tuesday so finally here is one. In the
header picture is a Zutter machine that I found at Tuesday Morning.
The Zutter is a machine that binds scarapbooking albums together
with the wire.

As you see in the picture on the box it came with two sets of wire one
in white and one in black. It also came with three sets of chipboard covers.
This is what is really going to aww all of you. It cost me twenty dollars.
The machine normally sells for close to seventy dollars. It was a steal.
I know that there are all kinds of other brands that have come out and this
one is what most would call last years model. That really doesn't matter
to me. Like I've said before, if you are willing to wait you can find
some really great deals. Last week when I stopped in at Tuesday Morning
I found that they were having a clearance sale with up to 60% off on
specially marked items.  I bought a few things and I'll show them to you
at a later date,
So until my next post Have A Splendid Day!!!!!!!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Hello fellow bloggers,
Hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was a quiet and some
what relaxing. In my header picture is a card that I made for my
mother-in-law for her birthday. Her birthday was in June. At the
time that I made this card so many of my supplies were still
packed so I grabbed what I could get to easily without making
a huge mess.

I still have not set up my pc and am using a laptop which means
that I can't look at my files to let you know where the image comes
from. I wish I knew so that I could give them the credit they are
due. If anyone knows please let me know. Thank you for stopping
by. Remember you can follow me on Bloglovin. until my next post
Have A Splendid Day!!!!!!! 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Masculine Birthday Card

Hello fellow bloggers,
Hope to find everyone doing well. I'm doing well now that things
have begun to settle down I am finding the time to craft and blog.
 In my header picture is a card that I made. I needed to get some
masculine birthday cards made up so here is one of them. Can
 you tell that I missed crafting. I really got into making this card,

The funny thing about this card is that the image comes from the
Graphic 45 A Ladies Diary Collection. The background paper comes
from Me & My Big Ideas Journey 5 X 7 paper pad. The rest of the
cardstock is all scraps so I'm not sure what companies they are
from. If I remember where they came from I'll post it later.
I keep forgetting to let everyone know that I can now be followed
on Bloglovin.
Last but not least 
I would also like to remind everyone about the new challenge over
at NMWC blog the link is below if you would like to join in.
We would love for you to join in for our final challenge,
So until my next post Have A Splendid Day!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

NMWC Challenge #11 Anything Goes

Good Morning Fellow bloggers,
Hope that everyone is having a great weekend. Here it is
July and time for a new challenge at NMWC blog. Before I
get to the challenge it is with great sadness to say that this will
be the last challenge at NMWC blog. It has been decided that
the blog will closing down. It has been a wonderful journey
for me. I have had a wonderful time with all the talented
design team and our wonderful leader. Thank you everyone
who has entered the challenges.
Now onto our challenge # 11 Anything Goes
Follow the link below for the rules
Our sponsor for this challenge is
Jackie has generously donated a
$10 Gift Certificate to Sweet Stamps store
to the lucky winner
Here is a little about Sweet Stamps.... manufactures artistic rubber stamps
on cling cushion for use with acrylic blocks. We carry a
variety of stamping and paper crafting goodies like our
own Shades dye inks, metal embossing plates,
embossing folders, cutting & embossing dies (Cheery
Lynn, Marianne, Joy! and Nellie's), fine detail embossing
powders, specialty cardstock and vellum along with
supplies for parchment crafting.
Below is my card
The image is a Saturated Canary image. This card is for
a soon to be mom next door to me. For more inspiration make
sure to visit the rest of the talented design team. Hope you all
like it. I'm off to take care of some yard work. Until my next
Have A Splendid Day!!!!!!!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Where Oh Where Have I Been?

Hello my dear followers,
I hope you all had a wonderful fourth of July.
Mine was kind of quiet but so relaxing just cause I really
needed to collect myself and I'll tell you about it toward the
end of my blog. For now a little about moving and some
I know that it has been some time. I am truly sorry. There are
times when life just really gets in the way. For those of you that
may have not read some of my other blogs we moved back to
Oregon. We have been busy trying to settle in. I almost have
everything put away. I just need a few more pieces of furniture
to make this house a home. I have been crafting just that trying
to figure out where I have put all my supplies has been a little
difficult.  In my header picture is one of two scrapbooking pages
that I made for one of my friends here that has been so helpful.
Below is the other page that I made for her more for her daughter.

Rosa loved her pages so glad she did.
For those of you who have moved before and know what a big
job it is will know that it will take me a little bit more time to
get settled in and for things to run smoothly as long as something
or someone doesn't mess that up. In my case it did happen. I was
hoping to really get into blogging and getting my Etsy shop
re-opened by the first of July but someone got a hold of my
bank account and was in Georgia spending my money, Thank
goodness I had fraud and theft protection and could prove that
I was in Oregon spending my money while they were in
Georgia spending it too. So to make a long story short it will
be about the end of July for my Etsy shop because of the
changes that I have to make with my paypal account. I'm just
 thankful that I got all my money back. It took some time
though. Anyway for now I'll take care of my blog.
So until my next post Have A Splendid Day!!!!!!.