Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hump day = rant day

Hello everyone! Hope you are all having a good day.
I hope that with this header picture that it gives you an
idea as to how I am feeling.
First I want to say I love Medford. I spent four hours
at the Department of Motor Vehicles. Four stinking
hours to take my written test to change my drivers
license and to still not have it. Not because I didn't pass
the test but because I need my Birth Certificate. Ok
so when we moved here in the eighties the certificate
that I had worked. When we moved to Washington I
used the same certificate even after all the 9/11 situation.
I still am on file at the Oregon DMV because it was only
five years ago that we left the state. After a call to the
statistics office and thirty-one dollars I will have to wait
for about five days to receive my birth certificate
Now I said that it was rant day so if you don't want to
hear about the rest of the day you can run now.
So the picture above really shows how I'm feeling.
I'm going to tell you now that if you ever want good
customer services if you borrow money from an institution
don't borrow from Wells Fargo they blow.
My son had purchased his pickup in Washington through
them. When you move to another state you have x amount
of days to change plates and licenses etc.  In May my son
went to try and change the plates to his vehicle. DMV told
my son that he needed to contact the bank and let them
know so that they would send the WA. title to DMV and
sold him a trip permit so that he would be legal if he got stopped
while waiting for the paperwork to be done by the bank He
contacted the bank and they told him that it would get done. So
he waits and waits and nothing. Now mind you he took a
day off of work the first time and he takes another day off
to try and get to the bottom of things. The bank once again
tells them that it will get taken care of it won't be longer than
three days.  Days go by and since all that should have to be
done is pay the fee and pick up the plates I go to DMV to do
that and guess what? Wrong !!!!! My son calls the bank
again they tell him that they have sent it. Liars!!!!! Monday
we receive a letter telling us that we are to go to DMV find
out what the fees are fill out the paperwork send the paperwork
to the bank along with a check written to DMV.  So while I was
there for my license I took care of getting the fee info.We are now 
six days from the second trip permit expiring and in Oregon
you are only allowed two trip permits on a vehicle a year. 
I call the bank they tell me to overnight the paper work and me
pay the overnight mailing fee. Really????  Lost wages, two trip
permits equal one pickup payment and now so that we can follow
the law in Oregon they want us to pay an overnight fee so they
can drag their feet once again and still not get the plates in time.
I've been on the phone telling them off. We are not trying to get
out of the registration fees or licensing fees which is a hundred
ninety-four dollars. Wells Fargo blows!!!!!! Don't do business
with them. They will pass the buck and never admit the wrong
that they have done and all the money that they have cost you
and may cost you.  So now you know Why I feel like the picture
in my post. Hopefully tomorrow I will get to a regular post.
Have a great evening!!!!!!!

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