Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Oh plums I see

PLUMS, oil on canvas, 20" x 24" framed Artist: Rob Wilson (1938 - 2007) Vancouver, BC
Good morning everyone,
Hope everyone is doing well. I am dragging a little. So much to do
and the smoke is at sensitive levels again. I was able to get some
things done outside yesterday but today is going to be some work.
In my header picture is an oil painting of plums and it comes from
The Turner Gallery an Etsy shop the link is below.
On our property there are three plum trees and today I need
to spend some time picking them. It wouldn't be so bad if I
actually liked plums. I just can't let them go to waste so I will
pick them and try and give them away.

25 Wild Blackberry Bush Seeds Grows Into Big Blackberries Healthy
We also have some blackberries growing here but then again
that should be no surprise because blackberries grow wild here.
The beautiful picture of the blackberries come from the Etsy
shop at the link below.
This shop is actually selling blackberry seeds but the picture
of the blackberries is gorgeous. Picking the blackberries is totally
different because I actually like blackberries. I'll tell you a little
secret. When I take the dogs outside I stand by the blackberry
bushes picking and eating a handful or two. Shhh don't tell anyone.
And I wonder why I could use to lose about twenty pounds.
Oh well I love my blackberries. Hopefully tomorrow I can get
a good sunny day to take pictures of my projects and maybe
I can find the right place and lighting to take all my pictures
still working on that issue since we moved.
Please keep the firefighters that are fighting the wildfires in your
prayers.Yesterday a firefighter lost his life here in Oregon. The
bad thing is that we have thunderstorms in affect for the next
few days and with thunderstorms come lightening. Pray that
no more fires start up. It's been one crazy summer weather wise
and not just here but all over our country. We will get through this
God willing.
So until my next post Have A Splendid Day!!!!!

Monday, August 5, 2013

A crazy week

Good Monday Morning.
Hope you all had a great weekend. I had kind of a busy weekend
to go along with my busy week. In my header picture is what most
of our week looked like with all the fires burning around us. Well
tis was one of the better days where visibilty was more than a quarter
mile We had a few days that the air quality was at dangerous levels. So
 as soon as we had a good air quality day I had a lot that I had to take
care of in town. I did go out in the mess on Monday to get my Oregon
drivers license now that I had my new birth certificate.
On Thursday again I went out into the bad air to pick up my sons
new plates for his vehicle. The bank finally came through after I
said no payment would be made.
Friday it finally cleared up enough to go out and do my grocery
shopping. Most of the week I had to figure out how to keep the
dogs busy inside so they wouldn't want to be outside other than
long enough to do their business otherwise they would have sneezing
fits that they were smacking their faces on the hardwood floor.
Saturday I tried to catch up on all the outside stuff that didn't get
done all week. Then Saturday night my granddaughter Marion took
a spill off of her wheel chair and broke her leg, she has an appointment
today with an orthopedic surgeon to see if they will need to operate
to fix it. Below is a picture of her at the hospital while she is waiting
to be seen.
Sunday we went out to my mother-in-laws for lunch with since my
sister-in-law and niece are here visiting. I got very little blogging 
and crafting done. Hopefully this week I will do better. So until my
next post Have A Splendid Day!!!!!! 

Saturday, August 3, 2013

I'm designing

Hello everyone
Hope to find all of you doing well.
Todays post is a little different than normal. For some time
now I have been working on a project. This project was a
design that I came up with to store all my tags that I had
received from my tag swaps. In my header picture is the
example that I came up with. I have exhausted all the ways
I can think of to get it off the ground so I have now taken it
to Quirky. Quirky is a place where anyone with great ideas
can add an invention. The community will be commenting and
voting on the idea. If it gets 200 votes, it will automatically
move into Expert Review, where a Quirky team discusses the
idea in great detail. To help make this happen. We are to tell
our friends and family about our idea and ask them to support
it by joining Quirky, voting and commenting. The best of the
best ideas in Expert Review move on to the live Product
 Evaluation. If you think that my design is a great idea would
you please go to Quirky sign up and vote.
The tag holder is not the only design that I have listed
on Quirky, below is a sketch of another design that I
came up with
This design is a steamer for Tamales. There are steamers
out there but not like this. If you have ever made tamales
then you know that they are steamed and not cooked. This
steamer would have a place to lean against while making
them stand. I usually use a jar but when I am trying to stand
them up I am always fighting the jar from falling over. The
tamales also sit right in the water so sometimes they don't
steam right. Because tamales are a lot of work when I make
them I usually do about ten dozen and have to steam two
pots of them. This pot would enable me to steam them all
at once.
So if you could help me out to get my designs to the next
level I would greatly appreciate it.
Thank you!!!
Until my next post Have A Splendid Day!!!!!!