Sunday, February 28, 2016

Gorjuss Girl Close up

Good Morning!!!!
Glad to be back again. As you all know from an earlier post
I had to get a new stove. It became this big chore. You know
how it is because now your having to rearrange things and one
small job becomes this big journey. Well thank God it is done.
With my brain being all over the place in the last few days
I accidently erased the full picture of this card and the card
is now in the shop and I keep forgetting to take my camera
with me to get a picture of the whole card. I guess you could
say that I'm a little brain dead lately. Hahaha.
So here is a close up of the card.
The Gorjuss girl on this card is the Tea Time Gorjuss girl.
I just left the tea cup out that she is suppose to be in. I wanted
to see how she would turn out in a shaker card. I am very
pleased how it turned out. Hopefully I will remember my
camera and get a picture of the whole card so I can share
it later.
Hope you like what you see. Thank you for stopping by and
remember to be kind to one another.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Three Chicks Shaker card

Good Morning!!!!!!
Hope to find you all enjoying hump day.
Looking forward to this week being over. I have had
some very full days. I've been shopping for a new cooking
stove. Not because I want a new one but because I need a
new one. The last time I tried to use the oven it took me two
and a half hours just to make biscuits. So I have checked into
whether it would be better to just get it fixed or buy a new
one. Mind you that this is a gas cooking stove. I am getting
a new one.
Now onto my card 

I made another shaker card. Easter theme but this time
I used the three dancing chicks stamp instead of the
bunnies. I am having such a blast making these shaker
cards. Hope you all like this card
Thank you for stopping by!
Be kind to one another.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

One last time

Good Morning!!!!
Here it is one last Valentine card. I know didn't get anything
posted yesterday. Kind of got tied up crafting and by the time
I remembered I was ready for bed.
This card is a combination of two other cards I made.

The die-cut sentiment on white where it was on red on the other
card and the label on red instead of white. Just trying to remind
myself to try and use my supplies in as many different ways as
possible. Trying to make do with what I have and not buy as
much crafting supplies this year. So what do you think about
that? I also plan to do a little de-stashing too.
I hope you like this card.
Thank you for stopping by and be kind to one another! 

Friday, February 19, 2016

CAS Valentine card

Good Morning!!!!!!
Sorry I'm a little late in posting today. It was a long day
yesterday.  Helped my mother-in-law out because she is
having trouble with her back. I was up late trying to price
everything that I need to get to the shop. So here I am finally
posting for today.
Todays card is a clean and simple card.

The Valentines sentiment was cut out using a die that
I bought from Craft Warehouse here in Medford. Craft
Warehouse is only located in the Pacific Northwest. There
are I think seven stores in this chain. Most of them being
in Washington state one in Idaho and two in Oregon. I go
into this store often because when they do clearances I find
a lot of craft items for a dollar and under. I'm talking about
items from Graphic 45, Tim Holtz, Heidi Swap, Bo Bunny
I hope you like my card and the info.
Thank you for stopping by. Stay dry and safe.
Be kind to one another. 

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Love you Bunches Shaker

Good Morning!!!!!!
Looks like winter weather is back here. It rained all day
yesterday and the higher elevations got more snow. I have a
tree that is in bloom already that come spring all I'll probably
see on that tree will be green leaves. I didn't get much
crafting done as my husband was home all day because of
the rain. He will be home again today. That is life in the
construction business.
Onto my card.

Todays card is another shaker card that I made for Valentines
day but it could actually be given anytime. The sentiment
just says Love you bunches. I am having a lot of fun making
these cards. I will be making a lot more of this style card. I
love how this one turned out.
Hope you all like this card too.
Thank you for stopping by and be kind to one another

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Three Bunnies shaker card

Good Morning!!!!!!
Looks like our spring like weather is coming to and end
for a while. It sure was nice while it lasted.
My card for today is something new that I tried my
hand at. The new rage is Shaker cards. This is my take
on the shaker card.

The bunnies are a stamp that I bought when I lived in
Washington state so I'm not sure who maker is. This stamp
is just the right size for the shaker card. I really enjoyed
coloring these bunnies.
I've expanded in my card making. I still do regular cards
and the box cards. Now I've added the shaker card.
Hope you like my card. Thank you for stopping by.
Be kind to one another.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Sons' Wedding Invitation

Good Morning!!!!!!!
Did everyone enjoy their extra day off? It will surely make
it a short week for many. I spent most of the day crafting.
Finally I get to share the wedding invitations that I made
for my son and his lovely fiancée. I used my Print Gocco
to silk screen the wording onto the black cardstock. The
black cardstock was the adhered to Burlap paper from the
DCWV The Burlap Paper Stack. The lace and the cardstock
button was added so that it wouldn't look to plain. 

Added a little scrapbooking embellishment fiber.
I won't be doing the white on black again it was hard to
do because it is hard to get the white ink to make them.
I was pulling my hair out. I tried several different inks
and they were just to wet and would just make a mess.
The inks that were sold to go with the Print Gocco are
almost obsolete and if you do get your hands on some
they are a bit dried out and very hard to work with. I
I thank the Lord that I got them all done.
Let me know what you think. Thank you for stopping by
Be kind to one another.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Love You

Good morning!!!!
Yes we made it through another week. Well at least I know
that I did. Some of us will not start a new week until tomorrow
as today is a holiday.
Happy Presidents Day!!!!!!
Hope everyone had a great weekend. I spent most of mine
crafting. I am working on Easter cards even though I still
have a few Valentine cards to share like the one pictured
here today.

This is a very simple card because I am trying to use my
scraps as well as trying to use more of my stamps. So far
I think that I am doing pretty good. Hopefully I can keep
this up. Cross your fingers for me. A little prayer would
be greatly appreciated also.
Hope you like this card. Thank you for stopping
by. Be kind to one another.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentines Day!!!!!

Good Morning!!!!!
Hope you are all enjoying Valentines day.
Here is my card for today.
The pail is a die cut from Impression Obsession dies
(io dies). I have had this die for a while now and just
got around to using it.

I am one of those crafters that buys the supplies and some
times they sit for a long time before I use it. I am trying to
be better about that. Tidbit one.
Here is another little tidbit. All the hearts that are in the
pail are what we crafters call the negatives. I used my
Martha Stewart Lace heart punch to create a band for
another card and the hearts were left. I don't like throwing
things away that could be used for something else. Yes these
hearts are little and most people wouldn't take the time to
save them. Some would say more trouble than it's worth,
but not me. Something that I do often that drives my
husband nuts. Not all of the hearts come from the
punch. Some are from other things that were cut out
with my cricut. So many times I talk about thinking outside
of the box, up-cycle, and recycle that I need to practice
what I preach. I have other ideas for this pail and I will be
sharing those soon.
Hope you all like my card.
Thank you for stopping by.
Happy Valentines Day!!!
and last but not lease
Be kind to one another.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Sweethearts day

Good Morning!!!
Hope to find everyone doing well today. Have you gone
out and got your sweetheart something for Valentines Day?
I hope that you are not having to be out there with everyone
who hasn't done their shopping yet.
Here are a couple of box cards that I made for Valentines
I make two different sizes of box cards these days. The one
in the first picture is the big box card and I have to make a
special envelope for it. I use my envelope maker often. The
second box card is a bit smaller and will fit and A-2 envelope.
Both of these cards went to the shop and didn't sit in there to
long. The box cards are my biggest seller which is good
because I like making them.
Sorry my posts have been short and quick the reason is that
I have been having trouble with my hands. This last week I
had and issue with holding on to things which means I have
been dropping things and many have broken. The other day I
dropped my casserole dish lid and it broke. Pieces went every
where and it was the hardest thing to clean up. I used my broom
but it wasn't cleaning up  because I could still hear glass
crunching when I stepped so I had to use the vacuum. Every
now and then I have days that I call dropsy days and it all
stems from a vehicle accident that I had in 89. This last
week I have had more dropsy days than I ever had in a row
but I think it has to do with my weight lifting to get a little
more toned before my sons wedding. More to tell about the
wedding at a later date.
I hope you like the box cards. Thank you for stopping by
and listening to my ramblings. Have a great weekend
and be kind to one another.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Cake or Pie?

Good Morning!!!!!
It's Friday and I bet many of you are excited. I'm a little excited
because we have a dinner date with a friend on Saturday. A
birthday get together. Speaking of birthdays I created the box
cake that I am sharing with you today.

The boxes were cut out using my Cricut and the Tags,
bags, boxes and more cartridge. The boxes are really
suppose to be a slice of pie but the stacking them one
on top of the other on s cake plate made it look like a
cake to me.

I put a treat in each box and put this project in booth at
the shop. Some of the treats have disappeared. Oh well.
So let me know Cake or Pie?
Thank you for stopping by.
Enjoy your day.
Be kind!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Save the Date

Good Morning!!!!
Here it is Thursday and I am sure many of you are looking
forward to the weekend. I know my husband is. He had only
one day off last week and it looks like he may only get one
day off this weekend. That is how things go in construction.
Life gets a little crazy. I try and make the best of it.
Now let me talk about a couple of projects that I have made.
In the header picture is the Save the Date cards that I made
for my son and soon to be daughter in-law. I used my Print
Gocco to make these. Yes I still have the Print Gocco machine.
I was also trying out different layouts. They decided to go
with the no mat style.

The picture above is my take on the floating tea cup. This
is actually an espresso cup and saucer. I made several of
these floating tea cups but my favorite is this one with the
berries. These were fun to make. A break from my card
making. Sometimes we need to change things up to keep
the mojo flowing and this did the trick for me.
Hope you all like what I had to share today.
Thank you for stopping by.
Enjoy your day and be kind to one another.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Graduation? Anyone?

Good Morning!!
Hope to find everyone doing well.
I know that there is still some time before any graduations
take place but like I said before I was creating last year, I
was just extremely busy and I never shared it. This one of
the graduation cards that I made last year. Picture below
is a close-up.

Looks like today I am going to try and get the lawn mowed.
Yes you heard that right. That's the beauty of living in
Southern Oregon. The weather is staying in the lower 60's
to the mid 60's. Mowing season starts early for us and most
years we are still mowing in November. I'd rather be
mowing the lawn than to be shoveling snow. I feel bad
for those that are getting hit by some new winter storms.
Be safe everyone!!!!
Hope you all like my Graduation box card.
Thank you for stopping by.  Hope you all get a chance
to be creative today and every day. Enjoy your day everyone. 


Tuesday, February 9, 2016

With Sympathy CP

Hello everyone!!!
Hope to find you all doing well. In our neck of the woods
the weather was so nice yesterday. Our temperature hit the
70 degree mark. Yes it was very nice but in all honesty we
need the temperature to stay in the 50's for the next couple
of months so that we don't lose our snow base in the
mountains. We don't need another dry summer.
Below are a couple of cards that I actually made in 2015
but just didn't have the time to share them. Thought today
would be a great day to share them with all of you and the
Carolina Panthers. Hahaha. I was hoping that Carolina
would win.
Both cards are sympathy cards using the same stamped
I was creating last year just to much on my plate to share.

Love how both of these cards turned out. Hope all
of you like them too.
I wanted to let you know that I am working on getting the
giveaway that I had put up last year. I am going back and
getting all the names of those that are eligible to win. I
will be drawing a name soon.
Thank you for stopping by. Have a great day and keep


Monday, February 8, 2016

Look what the cat drug in

Hello my fellow crafters and followers.
Hopefully I still have followers hahaha.
Yes I'm back and I hope to get back into the swing of things.
I know it has been some time and I am very sorry. Last year
just was so overwhelming for me. I will tell you about it as I
show you my Valentine box cards.
It is a little hard for me to share my life because I don't
want anyone to feel sorry for me and what I am going through
but I do need to share because it will explain who I am and
what I believe in.
When we moved back to Medford we slid right into a house
that was a lease option to buy. In 2013 it was a buyers market
so the price was really good. Our contract was that we needed
to secure a loan before March of 2016. March of 2015 I kept
feeling this urgency to start the process especially when God
lead me to a mortgage company in the strangest way ( another
story for another time) and to this petite spitfire of a gal. Her boss
wanted us work on building our credit more since we had no
vehicle loans and no credit cards which basically means that
we had no credit and time was on our side.

The Lord kept pushing me and so I pressed forward thankfully
I did. The housing market in 2015 was becoming more of a
sellers market in this area. The owner kept dragging her feet
in getting information to our lender and the days turned into
months. We were scheduled to close in June then July then
August. Every time I thought it was going to happen the owner
would put another road block but Silvia would get into her fighting
outfit and take the owner on. In August I think that the whole
mess got to my husband and he had a medical issue. Let me
tell you this was a real test in my faith and strength to stay level
headed. I think I spent more time on my knees praying in these
five months than I have in my lifetime. September 11, 2016
we closed on our house of all the days we could have closed
it was on this day. Isn't that Great? Oh but wait two weeks after
we closed my husband lost his job. He finds a new job in five
days. Awesome well kind of he is low man and things are slowing
down in the construction business. Since November he has not
put in a full week in at work. Most weeks a day or two. Lots
of faith in God and of course prayer we have made it through
the worst. This last week he worked six days.
I have been creating all this time and have been selling
my creations at American Mercantile. I feel that I have
my feet back on the ground so hopefully I will be back
a little more often. Hope you like the cards.
Enjoy your day!!!! Blessings