Thursday, February 11, 2016

Save the Date

Good Morning!!!!
Here it is Thursday and I am sure many of you are looking
forward to the weekend. I know my husband is. He had only
one day off last week and it looks like he may only get one
day off this weekend. That is how things go in construction.
Life gets a little crazy. I try and make the best of it.
Now let me talk about a couple of projects that I have made.
In the header picture is the Save the Date cards that I made
for my son and soon to be daughter in-law. I used my Print
Gocco to make these. Yes I still have the Print Gocco machine.
I was also trying out different layouts. They decided to go
with the no mat style.

The picture above is my take on the floating tea cup. This
is actually an espresso cup and saucer. I made several of
these floating tea cups but my favorite is this one with the
berries. These were fun to make. A break from my card
making. Sometimes we need to change things up to keep
the mojo flowing and this did the trick for me.
Hope you all like what I had to share today.
Thank you for stopping by.
Enjoy your day and be kind to one another.

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