Saturday, September 29, 2012

Ribbon flowers

Good morning everyone, Hope you all are enjoying your
weekend. This weekend I am taking it easy. No having
to go anywhere or do anything specific. I will be crafting
and relaxing. I wanted to let everyone see what I have
been working on. In my header picture is just a couple
of ribbon flowers that I made for a couple of other
projects. The first one is made out of shear ribbon and
the other two are out of silk ribbon.

I really like how they turned out, that I will be making
more and in different colors. It is amazing how easy
they are to make. There are some great tutorials on how
to make these on youtube for those who would like to
know how to.
Wow another post from me and it's short.
Can you believe that?
Ok so I'm off to create.
Until my next post Have a Splendid Day!!!!!!

Friday, September 28, 2012

At the Graveyard

Good Morning Fellow Bloggers. The weekend is almost
here will you be spending your weekend outside looking
at all the color that fall season brings?  Talking about color
In my header picture is my halloween card that I made a
few days ago. I consider this card a just ok card. The
reason I say that is because I really have a hard time with
using the color purple. I'll just have to keep working on
incorporating the color purple in my projects.

Anyways this is what I used to create this card. The digi
is from Saturated Canary named Fancy. I coloured her to
look like a corpse and fussy cut her for this card. The
fence, tombstone and bats are all cut using pucnhes. The
sentiment is from a Basic Grey layered sticker package.
The twine is twine I made myself using a sharpie and
embroidery floss. The cardstock is all scraps left from
other projects and probably is all Bazzill cardstock.
My here at home (husband and son ) said
that I should have maybe coloured her dress more grey
or maybe even black. Oh well. So until my next post
Have A Splendid Day!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Holly Christmas Card

Hello Everyone,
Hope to find everyone doing good and looking forward
to the weekend. I bet you thought that you wouldn't see
a post today. Well it almost didn't happen. I got so busy
trying to catch up on everything that I'm behind on that
I totally forgot to post my card until now. This card is
pretty simple. If anyone would like to know how to
make the Triple layer/ decker card, a tutorial can be
found on youtube. Not by me but done by someone else.

I used just red and cream cardstock. A rubber stamp
which I bought at Craft Warehouse last year named
Holly. The sentiment stamp. Green and black ink.
 I added a gold ribbon and a button poinsettia as a
little more embellishment. I put a piece of cream
colored  cardstock inside and stamped a corner with
the Holly stamp. There you have it, a simple Christmas
card. I think tomorrow I'll show you a Halloween card.
Before I go I want to say welcome to my new followers.
Thank you so much to all of you who follow. It
just amazes me that someone would be interested
in what I blog about. Hopefully it is inspiring.
Until my next post Have A Splendid Afternoon!!!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lets talk Tuesdays

Hello Everyone,
Hope everyone is doing well. We
are all doing better here the smoke haze is almost
completely gone out of our area. Today I had some
things to do that were going to keep me busy all
day so I had this post scheduled to go up this
morning and as I checked in the afternoon to see
if it had posted and what did I find, that once
again my scheduled posts are not happening. Since
it didn't go up like I wanted it to I revised my post
a little. So here it is.
When I first started blogging I wanted to
share ways of how to save money while still
creating and living life. I kind of left that road for
a bit but I think with the way the cost of everything
going up I want to get on the path of creating and
living life on a dime or more like a stretched five
dollar bill..LOL.. So in talking about Tuesdays I want
to show you what I have found at a store called
Tuesday Morning. In my header picture is one of
the stamp sets that I bought for $1.99 called Coffee
Cafe. Below is another set called Faith Friends.

Not a very good picture my camera was going
dead. It also cost $1.99 . A great verse stamp
set. Below is a set called Wine and Cheese.
Also $1.99.

Just about anything can be found in this store
the only thing is that what they have on hand is
what they have. If you have someone who is into
paper crafts though it is the best place to find
some really good buys. I hope to bring you at least
once a week what things I have found there. Hope
you can find a Tuesday Morning near you. 
 Until my next post
Have A Splendid Evening!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Making Lanterns

Good Morning Everyone,
Hope to find everyone doing well. As for me well I'm a
little congested and still battling a headache. I do not have
a cold. It all has to do with four fires that are burning
close by and we have been in a smokey haze for about a
week. The air quality has been bad around here. At least
today it is looking a little better outside. I hope that it will
continue to get better. Now on to what I have been up to
lately. In my header picture is a lantern that I put together.
Some of you may remember that I made something like
it about a year ago for my daughter.  These that I have been
working on are for an event that will be taking place soon.
This is just one of the items that will be used for the event.
I have been working on other things and you will get to
see them down the road. Below are a couple more pictures.

The link below is the post from last year which gives the
directions on how to create these on your Gypsy if you do
not have the cartridge with the lanterns.

This is only one of ten. So see I have been busy crafting
along with trying to keep an eye on dad which he has a
Drs. appt. today. Also I had the water pump go out in my
washer and that had to be replaced and it is working again.
I better get going I have so much to do before I have to
run with dad to his appt. but before I go
A reminder that you have 5 days left to join in over at
No Matter Which Challenge Blog. The theme is Die Cuts
and or Punches.
Follow the link below
We would really love it if you joined in.
Until my next post Have A Splendid Day!!!!!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Halloween tag

Good Morning Everyone. Hope to find everyone rested
and ready for a new week. I'm as rested as can be and
ready to go even though this is a busy week for me. It's
pay day today and that means pay the bills and buy the
groceries along with the everyday things that need to
be done. To top things off we are going to be warm this
week. The temperature will be in the 80's all this week
which is kind of unusual for this time of the year. I
guess all our tomatoes will ripen and that will mean more
work  this week putting up tomatoes. Oh well.
Ok so in my header picture is another tag that I made
about a month ago for the tag swap that I was part of
this month. This tag has so many crafting elements. I
ink distressed, stamped  and embossed the tree, stamped
 some of the grass, added more grass free style, punched
out the moon, iron fence, and the tomb stone, and added
a ghost embellishment. Can you believe I made ten of 
these for the tag swap? Yes I did make ten of them. I
am happy with how it turned out. I hope everyone who
got one of them likes it.  I received my tags from the
swap and they are just amazing. Well I'm off to get
things done. Until my next post Have a Splendid Day!!!!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

New Tag

Hello Everyone, hope everyone is enjoying their day. It
sure turned out to be a beautiful day today. The sun was
out and we climbed back into the 80 degrees mark. This
is going to be a quick post my arm is giving me trouble
again. In my header picture is a tag that I made almost
a month ago.This tag is for the tag swap that I am a
part of. Like I said before, I do have alot of projects that
I have finished it's just taking the time to get pictures of
them taken. It also has to do with all the life interruptions
that happen around me.  I kind of went simple on this
one, but I like how it truned out. Hope you do to. Until
my next post Have a Splendid Evening!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fun with my new punches

Good Afternoon Everyone! Hope to find you all doing well
I know a little late in the afternoon for me to be posting my
blog but I went grocery shopping with dad this morning
and time just got away. I had posted earlier in the month
about all the punches that I had bought over at TJ Max. I
thought that I would share with you what they look like 
when all punched out. Today I'm going to start with the
Halloween ones since it will soon approach us. In my
header picture is what the "Halloween Candy" punch 
looks like. Below is the Martha Stewart punch
" Jack-o-lanterns"

Next is the EK Success punch "Pumpkin"

Last is EK Success punch "Bats"

Sometimes you wonder if maybe you really liked it or not.
I was debating whether I would keep all of these but after
trying them out I decided I will. My friend was hoping that
if there were some that I didn't really care for that I would
sell them to her. Now I have all kinds of ideas rolling
through my brain as to what I'm going to make using these
punches. I can't wait to get started. Until my next post
Have a Splendid Afternoon!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 10, 2012

What do you do?

Good Afternoon Everyone,
Hope to find everyone doing well today. I'm trying to
not let the wind blow me away. We are having some
really nice wind storms right now and the dust is flying
like you would not believe. Lately the dust has been
flying around in blog land too and it seems that it is far
from settling down. In my header picture is a digi of
several that I have been working on. This digi comes
from Cuddlebug Cuties.
So here is where the dilema begins. There are a couple
of blogs that I follow and there has been a buzz about
digis being stolen by all rights and being sold by not
the artists who created them. There has been talk about
law suits, lawyers, infringement rights. Now this has 
me a little worried. I have bought digis and have aquired
some of them free by using a reputable sight that lists
freebies every day and directs you to the artists blog. I
have several cards that I have made using the digis but
I'm afraid to post them now I don't want to create a
bigger problem then there already is. Like I said I have
the recipts for my purchases and I also have the proof on
my p.c. as to the freebies that I have downloaded. Before
I post any of the cards that I have made with these digis
I am going to contact each artist and make sure that it is
ok for me to use. I know this is going to be more work,
but what do you do ? I am just going to make sure to
cover all my butt. I hope the dust in blog land
settles down soon.
Now don't forget about the challenge over at
No Matter Which Challenge Blog.
The link is below:
Please remember to read the rules of the challenge.
Until my next post Have a Splendid Afternoon!!!!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hello Everyone,
Hope everyone is doing well. Just a quick post today since
I'm still busy trying to catch up with everything that I got
behind on while I was with dad at the hospital, basically
the garden but not just my garden. Now I'm also taking 
care of dads' too. Anyway in my header picture is some
of the other things that I have found at TJ Max. These 
are the Tim Holtz idea-ology journals and two note pads.
The two larger journals were $5.99 each and the smaller
one was $4.99 I got two of those also. 

I found two of the note pads and grabbed those for a
$1.99. I still see a few haul videos that now TJ Max has
some of Martha Stewarts Halloween items but I just
haven't made it back in to see what else I can find.
Tuesday Morning has had some of the Tim Holtz
 embossing folders. Wish there was a Tuesday
Morning closer than two hours away. Oh well.
Now for a reminder. Don't
forget about the challenge that is happening over at
No Matter Which Challenge Blog, link is below.
We would love for you to join in.
Until my next post Have a Splendid Evening!!!!!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Normal What's That?

Hello Everyone,
Hope Everyone is enjoying their Sunday. Most of you
have an extra day off of work and then hopefully every
thing gets back to normal, but what is normal? I think for
everyone normal is something different. I'm hoping that
now that we have dad home from the hospital my life
will get back to some type of normal. Oh wait some of
you may not know that my dad was in the hospital for
some time. I bet you did notice that I was MIA though.
Let me get to the pictures in my post first and then I'll
tell you about my crazy life again. In my pictures are
the punches that I have run out to get because of some
ladies that were posting about their T.J Max crafting
hauls. I managed to get in the act too and get the punches
that usaully cost around $12.99 at any craft store for
anywhere between the price of $2.99 to $5.99 what a

Amazing isn't it?  Ok now on to my crazy life. I'm starting
to believe that Labor Day for me is cursed. For a few years
close to this weekend bad things seem to happen to my family.
My dad got very sick and was in the hospital only thirty miles
away from where I live but after a few days there and the doctors
not having any idea what was going on with him my brothers
and I decided that it was time to move him to another hospital
which was now two hours away. Since I do not hold a job
I went to stay with my dad. I did a lot of sleeping on couches
to stay close until they could figure out what was happening.
My brothers would then relieve me on their days off so that
I could catch up at home with anything that I needed to. As
most of you know sometimes people don't stand up to thier
promise and one of my brothers dropped the ball. I'm totally
exhausted and mad too, but I  have so much to catch up that
I don't have the time to rest and on top of that my back is
tweeked. Now that dad is home I still have been on the
go with his follow up appointments. There is so many things
that went wrong at that time but I won't bore you with all
those details. I do want to thank my design teams sisters for
thier full understanding, for thier caring and their prayers.
To Laurie I thank you for understanding that I could not
fullfill my obligation with her team to the end of the term.
Laurie you are a beautiful person inside and out. I wish
you the best. To Suzanne thank you for allowing me to
take the time off especially with launching the new
Challenge blog. I know you needed me for this new
launch but you knew my dad needed me more. It is so
wonderful to work with the most understanding people. Hugs
to all of you. Until my next post Have a Splendid Day!!!!

No Matter Which Challenge #2

Hello Everyone,
Hope to find all of you doing well. I know it has been a while
since I did a post but life has gotten a little rough for me with
another family emergency. My dad ended up in the hospital for
over a week. I'm not going to go into all the details about that
today because today is all about our new challenge that is
happening over at No Matter Which Challenge blog. In the
header picture is the card that I made for this challenge.
Challenge # 2 is all about Die Cuts and or Punches.
Make sure to visit No Matter Which Challenge Blog for
the rules and details. The link is below
Our sponsor for this months challenge is
My Creative Classroom
the prize for this months challenge is
A free seat to any of My Creative Classroom classes.
The prize is good for up to one year after the winner is announced.
If you need some more inspiration make sure to visit
the rest of the design team

Card Recipe:
Cardstock unknown (scraps)
Cuddlebug Cuties digi Mackayla
Martha Stewart Garden Rail Punch
Flower punch
EK Success layer punch florish square
Water color pencils
TPC Studios rubber stamp
Burgandy ribbon
We would love for you to join in and show us your
creation. Until my next post Have a Splendid Day!