Monday, September 24, 2012

Making Lanterns

Good Morning Everyone,
Hope to find everyone doing well. As for me well I'm a
little congested and still battling a headache. I do not have
a cold. It all has to do with four fires that are burning
close by and we have been in a smokey haze for about a
week. The air quality has been bad around here. At least
today it is looking a little better outside. I hope that it will
continue to get better. Now on to what I have been up to
lately. In my header picture is a lantern that I put together.
Some of you may remember that I made something like
it about a year ago for my daughter.  These that I have been
working on are for an event that will be taking place soon.
This is just one of the items that will be used for the event.
I have been working on other things and you will get to
see them down the road. Below are a couple more pictures.

The link below is the post from last year which gives the
directions on how to create these on your Gypsy if you do
not have the cartridge with the lanterns.

This is only one of ten. So see I have been busy crafting
along with trying to keep an eye on dad which he has a
Drs. appt. today. Also I had the water pump go out in my
washer and that had to be replaced and it is working again.
I better get going I have so much to do before I have to
run with dad to his appt. but before I go
A reminder that you have 5 days left to join in over at
No Matter Which Challenge Blog. The theme is Die Cuts
and or Punches.
Follow the link below
We would really love it if you joined in.
Until my next post Have A Splendid Day!!!!!!