Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thinking and creating outside the box

Hello Everyone,
I know it's been a few days since I have blogged. As I said in one of
my blog posts I have been working on some things that have kept
me busy. With the way the economy is these days I think alot of
us are trying to keep our spending down. I am not rich by far so I
can't afford to buy every new Cricut cartridge that comes out to stay
on top of the trends. My mother always taught me that with a little
creativeness and ingenuity with what you have you can almost come
close to the new in thing. So with that said in my header picture is
what I call a little paste, erase, and cut that I did with the help of my
Gypsy. I used the Christmas Cheer cartridge as pictured above. I also used
the Sophisticated cartridge and the October 31st Cratridge. Using the Christmas Cheer cartridge with the Gypsy page 128 I
placed the square frame on the mat. I made sure to take the aspect
ratio off and changed the width and length to make it big enough
so that I could make a Lantern. Once I had the square looking more like a rectangle I used the argyle
from the Sophisticated cartrdge page 61. I did the same thing to it
with the aspect ratio turned off and made sure it fit inside of rectangle
overlapping just a little bit. I then went to the advanced portion in the
Gypsy and welded the pieces together. Now it is ready to cut. To make the panel with the gargoyal I used the square again and
turned it into a rectangle then added the gargoyle from the October
31st cartridge using the same steps I used with the argyle. Making
sure that it overlapped so it could be welded then cut out. As you
can see in the picture below it came out pretty good. I will use color
vellum to hold them together to make the lantern.
What I am learning is that if you make sure to have a cartridge that
has just shapes you can almost create anything. The next project I
I did a little hiding of contours. Iwanted to do this as a video tutorial
but we are still trying to figure out our new video camera because
our other one died. Until next post hope you are all having a Great

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