Thursday, October 6, 2011

Not enough time

Hello Everyone,
It just seems that time is flying by and I can't seem to get everything
done that I need to. It doesn't help when you have bad weather and
power outages. On tuesday morning I had big plans to get through
my day successfully but that did not work out as planned. Because I
had been pulled over on monday by a state trooper I was going to get
up early which I did and get over to Moses Lake by nine to get the tabs
for my car then head to the Tri-cities to take care of some other things
but when I got up at seven the power was out. I had no idea how long
the power had been out for so I waited for the power to come on so that
I could take a shower. To make a long story short I ended up getting
the tabs about nine thirty and didn't get to the Tri-cities till eleven
thirty so I had a very long day and didn't get home until seven thirty
in the evening. Now I'm about half a day behind in all my plans. Instead
of just posting one card today I decided to post two. In the header
picture is I think my favorite of all the cards I have done lately. I'm
playing with acetate again. In the next picture You can see the stamped
image on the acetate better. One thing that I did get taken care of is what was going on with my
camera that it was distorting the the pictures of my cards. I got that
figured out. Some time in taking all kinds of pictures the settings got
changed and it was making my pictures look funky....LOL.... I think
it happened when I asked someone to take pictures of the parade in
September. It's all good now so I will go back and retake pictures of
the cards that were distorted. So now on to my next card. I know I know the lighting is bad but at least the card looks like it is
suppose to. Not all fat in the middle like the other pictures.....LOL....
Hopefully tomorrow the rains will be gone and we get a little brighter
and maybe I will be able to get to the lawn and mow it. Oh and just to
let my blog friends know I'm having trouble posting comments on some
of your blogs again. Until the next post. Have a Splendid Day!!!!!!!!!


PoetessWug said...

You have been having some really unfortunate circumstances over the last few days! I might've just taken to my bed until the wackiness subsided. Good for you for plowing onward! ^_^

SnowflakeDreams1 said...

Deb, and the hits just keep coming. My aunt is in the hospital because of heart problems. They inserted two stints and hopefully everything will be better for her. I just have to continue praying and moving forward.

PoetessWug said...

Yikes!!...But of course you needed something else on your plate!...*shaking my head* I hope your aunt recovers quickly and everything turns out alright for her. Keep your head up and keep plowing forward!