Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Has this ever happened to you?

Good morning everyone,
Today I was going to show you another card but instead i'm going to
share a funny story. Yesterday I had to run into town, when I say
run into town I had to travel thirty minutes to Moses Lake where
I do my banking and some shopping. I ran all around town paying
bills and picking up some food. At one point I even had a police car
behind me at a stop light. As I was heading out of Moses Lake back
to Warden a state trooper pulls me over. That is why I have a police
car as my header picture. He tells me that my tabs are expired. I
tell him that I didn't realize because I did not receive anything in
the mail about it. He told me they no longer do that. Well it was ten
minutes to five and I wouldn't of had the time to turn around and
head back into town. To my defense I told him that I am still trying
to get the just of things in a new state so he let me go with a warning.
So guess where I'm headed to this morning? Before I get pulled over and get a ticket. What really made me mad
is that if the police car that was behind me at the stop light earlier
that day would have pulled me over I would have gone right over to
get the tabs. I have the money to do it and it would not have been
another trip in.
Grrrrrr. Are you laughing yet? Don't tell my husband because he
claims that I bat my eyes and get out of tickets. He has been with
me a time or two that I've been pulled over and get off with a
warning. He always says that if it would have been him driving he
would have gotten a ticket. So I'm off to you all know where.
Until next post have a Splendid Day!!!!!!


PoetessWug said...

Ha! Ha! {Laughing with you, not at you! LOL} This has actually happened to me!! One police officer followed me for a little bit, but didn't pull me over too! Ha! Ha! And I got a warning from the one that did pull me over a couple of hours later!...I even ran a stop sign one time because I was coming down with a bad cold and my health was quickly going down-hill. I ran into a woman who had just got a new car...and was coming from the DMV after just putting her temporary license plate on it. *smh* She was okay, but M-A-D!!!! The police officer that came was very sweet to me, which made her madder! I could have gotten a police escort home. He offered because he was so mad with her for swearing and yelling. I didn't even get a ticket!! Even my insurance company couldn't believe that!! LOL Sometimes good manners and a smile...even when you're sick...can go a long way! ^_^ Too bad you couldn't get a police escort back to get your tag!

CinLynn Boutique said...

That is a great story!!! Sounds like something that could happen to me. I'm so oblivious sometimes, but fortunately, I've never been pulled over. LOL I'll be sure not to tell your husband. There's no need to make him look bad! LOL

SnowflakeDreams1 said...

Deb, I thought that you could use a real laugh today. Wait till you read tomorrows blog.

SnowflakeDreams1 said...

Cynlynn, We will just have to keep this under wraps or he'll just say that I flirted with the officer to get off from getting a ticket.