Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Get Well Card for Tom

Good Morning Everyone!
Hope to find you all doing well and enjoying life. I am doing
a lot of crafting with some video watching since we have finally
got some rain. We still don't have any snow on the mountains
but we are hopeful. It is said that it will be raining off and on for
the next few days. Well enough of the weather.
In my header picture is a card that I made for Tom which is for
one of two challenges that Beth has going right now.

Some of the materials I used are Tim Holtz Steampunk embossing
folder, Car stamp Fiskers Twist and Shout, sentiment stamp TPC
Studio Whimsy Greetings, watercolor pencils, Bazzill cardstock,
and scraps from other projects.
Ok a couple of silly things that came to mind while talking about
the weather. Where I grew up we had a radio station that did some
comic skits and one was Joe Momma with the weather. The D.J. would
say and now Joe Momma with the weather Joe would come on and
say this is Joe Momma with the weather and that was it. Mind you
he had an accent and a lot of us would try and copy his phrase. I know
it sounds a little crazy but I turned 50 earlier this month and crazy
things come into my head. The next crazy thing that came into my
head was we were sitting here watching the weather and how the
other side of the U.S. is having all this snow that is not usual. I
told my husband that we needed Superman to rotate the earth so that
we would get that snow up in the mountains where it belongs and
the other half of the U.S. could have their warmer weather. This last
weekend our temperatures were in the mid sixties that it felt like it
was already March. I know I need to get it together before my husband
has me committed. So I will stop for now.
Hope you like my card. Until my next post Have A Splendid Day!!!!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Beths' Challenge #2

Good Morning Everyone,
Hope to find you all doing well and staying warm. It has been
a crazy weather year all over. We are glad to finally be getting
some rain which has been needed around here, especially since
we have had three forest fires in our neck of the woods. Way
to early in the year for that don't you agree?
The card in my header picture is for the second challenge that
Beth was hosting. Challenge #2 was to make a card for Christine
and her husband. Christine has a youtube channel and is part of
Beths' crafting community. Christines husband is in the hospital
and Beth wanted to cheer them up by sending them some cards.

I joined the challenge and this is the card that Christine will
receive from me. Hope you like my card.
So until my next post Have A Splendid Day!!!!!!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Will you be?

Good Morning Everyone,
I hope to find all of you doing well and staying warm. Not to
brag but our days here are beautiful for it being winter. The only
downside is that we are very dry and now we are in fire danger.
This is the earliest in the year that they can remember of us being
in fire danger . We are all hoping we get some rain.
Ok so now onto my card. Here is another card that I created for
Beths' challenge

It is a window card
Just a very simple card. I used one of the Spellbinders dies to
create the lattice work on the front.
Well as you can all see I have been creating cards after I said
that I was going to do less cards and more craft projects. Nothing
like eating crow.....LOL.....Oh well
Hope you like my card. Until my next post Have A Splendid Day!!!!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My Bunny Valentine

Hello Everyone!
Hope to find everyone doing well.
Sorry for being MIA again. I have spent the last week and a half
helping a very dear friend. Her family and of course her got ill with
the flu so I kept checking on them and going to the store for them
to get them what they needed. My routine was to get them what
they needed then I would go to their house ring the bell leaving the
items they needed at the door and running like heck hoping not to
get the flu bug they had. As soon as they started feeling
better I started to feel a sore throat coming on so I made sure to get
plenty of fluids and rest. I didn't get real sick which was good. Just
when I thought that I was good to go I ended up with a stomach bug.
My 50th birthday happened somewhere in between all this illness
so I postponed all plans. I am finally feeling good again not great but
it's better then bad.....LOL.....

This is another card that I made for Beths' challenge

The Bunny I believe came from Stamp Fairy but not real sure.
If anyone knows for sure who the artist is please let me know
so that I can give credit where credit is due. I water colored
the bunny. I like how it turned out. Hope you like it.
Until my next post stay healthy and safe.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Corrugated treat boxes

It's getting chilly here again so I thought it would be a great
day to share my corrugated treat boxes that I made for the winter
shows that I did last year. As you see in my header picture I made
two different styles. One is in the craft corrugated cardstock while
the other is a glitter white corrugated cardstock.
This did very well for me at the craft show.

These boxes are quick and simple.
See I really have been crafting. I was pretty busy trying to get
everything done that I normally do for the Holidays that my poor
blog kind of was set on the back burner. With the move in March I
really wasn't ready to do any shows but ended up jumping in with
both feet and my eyes closed. Now that all of that is behind me I
can get back to blogging. So greatful to have made it through
all the hustle and bustle.
Hope you like my treat boxes, until my next post Have A Splendid

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Valentine card For Beths Challenge

Good Morning Everyone !!!!
Hope to find everyone doing well. I hope that no one has gotten
that flu bug. I have had a few really full days. I'm trying to catch
up on house work. I still find time to craft. In my header picture
is a card that I made for Valentines day. This card I made for a
special challenge. Beth who does youtube videos is collecting
Valentine cards to send to St. Judes  so that all the children there
will get a card. If you would like to join that challenge you can go to
She gives all the challenge details there. Beths youtube name
is Bethsscrapbookroom
This is just one card of a few that I made to send to Beth.
For this card I used a digi that I got from MMD_Buddy's Digi.
I coloured him with water color pencils. Clear stamp sentiment from
Studio G, added some embellishments and ribbon from my stash.
That's my card, Hope you like it.
Until my next post Have A Splendid Day!!!!!!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Altered Mirror

Good Afternoon Everyone!!!!!!
Hope everyone had a great weekend. We spent the weekend
watching football games. So glad that Seattle is moving on.
Because of watching the games the house was a bit messy so
 I spent the morning cleaning up all the mess.....LOL.....
In my header picture is a mirror that I altered/ dressed up.
Below is what it looked like before I did anything to it.
Sure makes a difference doesn't it?

The flower I made using Tim Holtz Tattered Flower Die. I
used muslin and burlap. The burlap was some scraps from some
other project I had done a long time ago.

I made some smaller roses using a paper punch. Used some
raffia that was also in my stash. The pearls were actually white
but I distressed them with tea dye ink.

I liked how it turned out all I need to do now is get it hung up.
Until my next post Have A Splendid Evening!!!!!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Paper bag mini part 2

Good Morning everyone!!!!!!
Hope everyone is doing well. Glad to see that the weather
is getting better for some that were in some freezing cold
weather. We are getting some much needed rain here and our
mountains are getting the much needed snow. Love that things
are getting back to normal.
As I said in my last post that I would post the second half of
my paper bag mini because there were so many pictures, well
here it is. Below is the page that I stopped with.
Below with picture mat removed.

The inside of the same page next.

Journaling card or photo mat the owner can decide how to
use it below.
Next page below. This is my favorite page and this is the also
the header picture.

Next is the page open. I love the paper on this page that I
couldn't cover it up with embellishments.

Below is a mat or  journal card.
Last but not least the back of the mini.

I am thinking that I might have to change the spiral binding
with a bigger size, but that will be a quick fix. I'm happy with
how this album turned out. I hope you like it too.
Until my next post stay warm and safe, Have A Splendid

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Paper bag mini

Good Morning everyone!!!!!!
Hope everyone is finding a warm place to be and keeping safe.
Since so many are staying inside hopefully you are spending
some of your time to create, read or just relax.
I have been creating and looking at my header picture is proof
of that. I created this mini album from paper bags. I also used my
Zutter machine for the first time on this project. I am breaking
the posting of this album into two parts because of all the pictures.

The album measures 6 inches by 4 and 3/4 inches.

I made journaling cards for the pockets.
I used the DCWV Tres Chick stack for most of this album along
with scraps from other projects.

Another pocket and journaling card
I also made a few photo mats for the album

I just wished that my albums would come together a little faster.
Making albums is somewhat hard for me. I love the albums that
I see on other bloggers posts with all the embellishments but I
just can't bring myself to embellish. I guess I'm more of a clean and
simple type. Well I hope you like what you see so far. Until my next
post Have A Splendid Day!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

My first one 12 by 12 sheet mini album

Hello everyone.
I really can't say good morning or good afternoon because it is
way late in the day. I do hope you are all doing fine and keeping warm.
Sorry about no post yesterday but I have been having some technical
difficulties. When I plug my camera in and download pictures it all goes
well, but as soon as I unplug the camera my pc will go off-line and it
takes me some time to get it back on line. I figured that with all the
problems that I was having I should get all my pictures taken and load
them up. Well that didn't go to well my card was full and then the
battery died, so here I am finally posting to my blog. The little road
blocks of life can't and won't stop me....LOL... I will just laugh at it.
In my header picture is a one sheet mini album that I made for the
very first time. The mini measures 4 and 3/4 in. by 3 in.

This post will be a little picture heavy. The first page and the pocket
on the first page below.

the next page and the pocket on the second page below.

Third page and the pocket on the third page below.

Next is the last page.

The back of the mini album.
So there it is my first one12 by 12 sheet mini. 
It was very easy to make and a lot of fun. I hope you like it.
Until my next post Have A Splendid Evening!!!!!!! 

Monday, January 6, 2014

Altered can with Ladies Diary

Good Monday Morning/ Afternoon everyone.
Hope everyone is staying warm. I've been watching the news and
I am seeing all the bad weather that is happening on the other side
of the U.S. I was so into the news today then a few phone calls
that I had to take ( mother-in-law )that I almost forgot to post
on my blog. I guess better late than never.
In my header picture is a taller can than the one I posted about
yesterday. I used the Ladies Diary cardstock from Graphic 45. I
added some lace and some flowers from Prima. It gave my project
dimension. I know you really can't see it in the pictures but the flowers
are there.

Different shots trying to give the all around view.

This would look to great on my dresser. It can be used to store
all kinds of things ( cotton balls, q-tips, manicure items) just
a few ideas. I hope you like it. Until my next post Have A Splendid

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Altered Peanut can

Good Sunday Morning!
Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend and has found a few
minutes to craft. I have had a few moments to make it to my craft
space after getting all the decorations put away and have done
some crafting. As you see like I said before less cards this year and
more crafting like what you in the header picture. In the  header
picture is a peanut can that I altered. The reason I used a peanut
can is because my husband likes his peanut snacks that we end
up with a few cans. Some of the cans have been used to store
nails, bolts and of course nuts for the bolts....LOL...... My
husband decided that he had more than enough of these cans
and I didn't need to save them. As I was getting ready to throw
the cans away I took a second look at them wondering if I could
do something with them, low and behold my altered peanut can.

I washed the can with soap and water to get all the nut oil out of it.
Using some Mulberry paper and a cutout from some Graphic 45
cardstock I mod podged it to the can. I then added a rose to the top.
The rose is some of my stash that I am trying to use from my floral
making days. I hope you like it. Until my next post Have A Splendid

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Baby Boy mini album

Good Morning
I Hope that everyone is doing well and keeping warm. My mind
and prayers have been on those that are dealing with some really
cold weather. Maybe I can get your mind off of the cold weather
for just a few minutes with my mini album that I made. This post
will be picture full.
The album was made with paper bags.

I tried to stay mainly with different shades of blues but as you can
see there are a few pages that have pastel colors.

I made this album geared more towards boys.

I wanted to keep it simple and clean leaving a lot of room
for pictures.


There are a few journaling mats like the cute one below sticking
out of one of the pockets.
Pictured below is the back and last page of the album.

Hope you like my mini. Stay safe everyone and until my next
post Have A Splendid Day!!!!!!!!