Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Corrugated treat boxes

It's getting chilly here again so I thought it would be a great
day to share my corrugated treat boxes that I made for the winter
shows that I did last year. As you see in my header picture I made
two different styles. One is in the craft corrugated cardstock while
the other is a glitter white corrugated cardstock.
This did very well for me at the craft show.

These boxes are quick and simple.
See I really have been crafting. I was pretty busy trying to get
everything done that I normally do for the Holidays that my poor
blog kind of was set on the back burner. With the move in March I
really wasn't ready to do any shows but ended up jumping in with
both feet and my eyes closed. Now that all of that is behind me I
can get back to blogging. So greatful to have made it through
all the hustle and bustle.
Hope you like my treat boxes, until my next post Have A Splendid

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