Friday, January 3, 2014

Last Few Months of 2013

Hello my followers.
What a crazy last few months of 2013 for me. As many of you
know we moved back to Medford Oregon in April and there
was so much to do to get settled in.  Moving takes a lot of money
and boy did we go through it like crazy. I have been job hunting
but haven't landed anything yet so to do my part and get some 
money coming in I had some very full days crafting and getting 
ready for some craft shows. In My header picture is one of the trees
that I made to sell. 
Below is a partial picture of my set up at one of my shows right
before Thanksgiving.

I did very well at this show that I was burning the midnight
oil every night to have enough merchandize for the next show.
We had some real crazy weather here which is not normal and
our temperature was in the teens and under for about a week. We
ended up with frozen pipes. With the mess around here I didn't make
it to the next show. In a way I am glad that I didn't do the show
because as I heard from a fellow crafter that went ahead and did
the show it had a poor turnout because of the weather.
The next picture is the tags I made to price all my merchandize.

My days were full with all the baking that needed to be done,
 all the Tamales to make, gifts to buy, packages to mail thanx to my
Etsy sales. I did make it to my last show that I was booked for. All
in all I did very well at the shows. I am so glad to be back here where
I have all my following.
We spent Christmas with some very dear friends. We rang in the
New Year at home because frankly I was exhausted and just wanted
a quiet and relaxing time. New years day we had dinner with friends.
This new year will bring some changes in my crafting, I won't be making
as many cards but will be working on different projects. I am already
booked for a show in April and four shows in the fall.
I want to take this time to thank my followers and to wish you all a
Happy New Year! Stay safe.
Until my next post which will come more often now Have A Splendid


Suzanne K said...

Wow you have been busy, nice to see you back in blogland. TFS Hugs

Paper Sewn Visions said...

Thank you Suzanne. It sure feels good to be back.