Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tins repurposed

Hello My Fellow Bloggers,
Some time ago I showed you a couple of tins that I was working on. In
my header picture is one of four all done. In the picture below is what
it actually looked like till I dressed them all up. The next picture is one that I thought was done but when I started
taking pictures of them I realized that something about them just
didn't look right or finished for that matter. So I went back to the
drawing board and decided to add a bow to them. This what the end result was. In the pictures below you will see what all four turned out like. I tried to coordinate the bows with the cardstock that I used to cover
them with. In some cases that was not possible because I was using scraps to cover
the tins so I had to find a solid color that corordinated. Like in the one
pictured below. Here is another one. The strips around the bigger portion of the tin was
about an inch and on the lid was half an inch.
Here is the last one. I am now really happy with how the all turned out. They can be used to gift treats in and after the treats are gone they can
be used as storage. Hope you like them as much as I do. Until my next
post, Have a Splendid Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sad Day

Hello Everyone,
In my header picture is one of our beloved dogs. We have had her for
sixteen years. In July we noticed a lump and took her into the vet. The
vet informed us it was cancer and that it was to far gone now. It was up
to us if we wanted to have her put down then or we could take her home
and keep her confortable until we saw that her health was going down
hill. The last two weeks we have noticed that she is not eating much and
we can see that she is in more pain. Yes animals do cry. We have seen
tears in her eyes. She has been a faithful companion and good protector. My husband
finally made the decision that it's time so he will be leaving work to
come and get her and take her into the vets. Ozzy P. Bull is my
husbands dog and I have been trying to make him see that it's time for
a while now. I'm glad in a way but very very sad. We will miss her and
all her antics. I know this may sound carzy to those of you who may not
have pets but to those that do you know the hurt and pain that we are
feeling. Our pets are part of our family. We have had her for a long time.
The thing about having her is that she showed many people that pitbulls
are not as bad as people assume they are. It has alot to do with the owners.
RIP my good old friend. In memory of her I would like to ask of you that
if you can please donate to your local shelter. If you are a supporter of
Pitbulls please donate to Tias pitbull rescue in California You can go to
to get the information on how to donate.
Until my next post, Have a Splendid Day!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

What are you Thankful For?

Hello Everyone,
Today is a day where many families come together and think about what
they are thankful for ( those that do celebrate this holiday). Today I am
thankful for my husband, two sons and a daughter. I'm thankful that the
Lord has kept me around to see my children become wonderful adults.
I am thankful for the love they show and shower me with. The header
picture is of some cardstock that my son Casey bought me because he
knew how much I liked the cardstack and he bought the stack for me out
of love. The next picture is of our smoke house that my husband had
cranked up very early this morning. He was busy smoking five birds. Not
all the Turkeys were ours. I think he could actually fit ten birds at a time in there. The next picture
is of one of the Turkeys.
Looks good doesn't it? The next picture is of some more that came from
the Immortal Love cardstack and I have just added these to my Etsy
I know I seem to be jumping all over the place today in my post. Sorry
about that. Some things way down deep inside that I'm struggling with and
more so today. It's time to let go so I'm just going to put it out there. This
might become lenghty now. Over three years ago we moved back to my
home town because of the economy. I have many relatives that live here
but I have never felt so alone than now being here. My father lives here as
well as one of my brothers. I have a couple of aunts, uncles and cousins that
live here too.
When I first got back here my brother and I saw each other often. He made
assumptions that I would watch his kids for free because he was so sure that
because we lived twelve miles away from my mother-in-law that as my kids
were young that I had a free babysitter for them back then. I would now pay
back my dues. I was very forth coming with him and let him know that I had
not had a free babysitter since my mother-in-law worked as a school bus
driver and trainer. Since I would not watch his kids for free he went around
town spreading lies about me and my family. We live a block from each
other and we don't speak to each other. My husband doesn't like to be any
where around him because my husband says he is a womenizer and an
Now my dad is another story two times in my life I have asked him for help
and both times he tells me he can't help. I find out he has helped my cousins
my brothers and his friends. If only everyone else could understand how that
makes me feel. Yet my husband fixes things for him. I've helped him get
back on track with his diabetes, made him see the doctor and have gone with
him to appointments which takes time away from me and my family but
apperently that doesn't mean anything. So if I don't mean anything to him
it should not be a big thing that he was not invited to our house to share a
Thanksgiving meal.
Most of you know that my husband is a mechanic and that he works as a
mechanic. Most of my other relatives here believe that he should work on
their vehicles for free and give up his days off to take care of their things
and their friends things. We have washed our hands of them.
As I found myself with no one here I got involved in committees to try
and feel like I belonged some where. That isn't working for me any more.
I don't care how bad the economy is in Medford Oregon. I'm ready to go
back where I feel like I belong. Where we have friends who are more like
family. Not even crafting is doing it for me anymore. I know that some of
you who live here in Warden will read this blog. Like that old saying goes
you never know what goes on behind closed doors. I'm really missing my
Mother today for she was the glue that kept this family together and
grounded. So there you have it. There are so many other things that I
could tell you about my family but what good would come of it. Until my
next post have a Great Evening!!!!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bad weather

Hello Everyone, This is not what I had intended to blog about today but sometimes things happen that send you for a loop. Yesterday at about noon it started to snow here. It wasn't bad just wet. At six in the evening my son who works the night shift was head to work when all of a sudden the temperature dropped and created a sheet of ice on all the roads around here. My son lost control of the car and rolled it . It was a one and three quarter roll. I thank the lord that he had his protecting hand over my son. My son Casey came out of that accident with a stiff neck and hurting back. He has no bruises or cuts which is just amazing. I spent a few hours at the hospital last night waiting on my son to see what the doctors had to say. That was emotionally draining. I tell my son that he needs to praise the lord that it wasn't real bad. So now tomorrow we will be out car shopping which is one thing that I really hate doing. The header picture is of his car. Today we had to work at getting the car towed and talking to the insurance company. You know how that is. Hopefully things will settle down here and I'll get to blog about all other crafts that I have completed. Until my next post everyone be careful and stay safe!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Boxes, Boxes and More

Good Morning Everyone,
Hope I find everyone in blog world warm and safe now that the cold
weather has arrived. Lately I have been busy working on some new
items and the reason for that is that I decided to go ahead and do a
show in December. In the header picture is a couple of boxes that I
have dressed up. These boxes can be bought at any craft store. They
are called paper mache boxes. I painted the boxes gold and made some of the flowers out of shear
fabric. I added some ribbon and there you have it a cute little box
great for holding trinkets or a gift card. The next picture is of some
round boxes that can also be found at any craft store. They are also
paper mache. I wanted these boxes to be more of a home decor thing. I'm not to
pleased with how they turned out. I think that they still need a little
something that will make you go WOW......LOL..... Maybe while i'm
working on something else it will come to me just what I need to add
to them to make them pop. In the next pictures below there is a box
and a tin that I have been working on so this is kind of a teaser as to
what you might see next on my blog. I finally remembered to take
pictures of what the items looked like before I did anything to them
to dress them up. I have four of those tins and two of the boxes.
I also have a few other canvas items that I have finished and will be
blogging about them. Now I'll leave you wondering as to what I might
show you next on my blog, the tins, the boxes, or the canvas. Hmmm
Until my next post Have a Splendid Day!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Good Afternoon Everyone,
This morning I got up with my creative juices flowing and when that
happens I just have to go with the flow. I was up to my elbows in
paint (spray paint, tole paint etc.) and vinyl. Once I get pictures
done I will post it and you will understand all the craft medium that
was being used. In my header picture is a couple of more canvas
pieces that I finally felt that they were dry enough to move and
get them on my blog. Below is a closer view of each one of the
I really like how they turned out so if they don't get sold I'll keep these
too.......LOL...... Maybe that's my problem that I make the things that
I would like to keep and others are just not interested in my type of
arts or crafts. Or maybe I put them in my shop hoping that they don't
sell and I keep them without my husband getting mad at me.....Ha ha ha
Don't tell him that you all have found out my method to my madness.
Shhhh it's a secret.....LOL... The truth being is that my husband does pay attention and if he needs
a gift for someone at at his place of work he comes to me and says " you
know that such and such piece that you made did you sell it if not it
would work for a gift that he needs to give". So I can bet that if it does
not sell it still won't be mine to keep. Oh well that's life. The cardstock
used in these canvas portriats also come from the Immortal Love stack
The picture of the post card with the music and the floral picture
kind of gives me a nostalgic sense of mind. The other canvas reminds
me of the car races. What do they look like to you?
I have also been working on a couple tutorials so they will be posted in
a few days. So until my next post Have a Splendid Evening!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Another Repurposed Box

Good Afternoon Everyone,
I was busy this morning taking care of a few more things that needed
to be taken care of before we get snow. Now that it's done I have time
to show you a couple of other things that I have finished. In the header
picture is another box that I saved. I painted it with some gold paint that
was hanging around and added some embellishments. I think it turned
out great. Below is a sideview picture. Next picture is of the very first Immortal Love cardstock that I mod
podged onto canvas. I had done some of this type of art work in high
school but I guess I forgot some of the techniques so I had some minor
problems with it and because of a few little blemishes I am going to keep
this one. This canvas is actually a bigger one that measures 8 1/2'' x
11". I went back to the drawing board per say and worked with the 5" x
7" and perfected the technique. I have a few more bigger ones in the
works and hopefully they will be dry in the next couple of days. I'm still having trouble with the glare of the mod podge so some of the
pictures are kind of at wierd angles sorry about that. Until my next
post Have a Splendid Evening.

Friday, November 11, 2011


Good Morning Everyone,
I bet you thought that I was off somewhere exciting? Well in a way I
was....LOL...... I've been busy with my craft supplies. We've had a real
love relation. What I mean by the love relation is that everything that
I have been working on has been coming together even though the
weather has become chilly. Some of the things that I have been working
on take a little longer to dry so if it needs a second or third coat I wait a
couple of days in between coats just to be sure that it is very dry. In my
header picture is just a few things that I have been working on. In the
picture below is a box that I repuposed by painting it and embellishing
it with cardstock, ribbon, and a large snowflake. Sorry that I did not get a picture of the box before it got painted. The
box originally held Mrs. Smiths cookies. I though it was a cute box so
I decided to do something with it instead of throwing it away. The
picture below is some scrapbooking cardstock that I fell in love with. I
know I talked about this cardstock before.....LOL..... no I'm not going
crazy, not just yet anyway. My husband could only wish.....Ha ha ha.
Ok let me get back on track here. I took a few different pages that I really liked and I put them on
canvas and sealed the pictures. I wanted really good coverage of the
sealant so I did a few coats so that took a few drying days. The frames that I put them in were also repurposed. They were
wooden frames that the glass had broken. I didn't like how the
natural wood looked with the the pictures so I painted them flat
black and also put a clear coat on them. I was having trouble with
the glare that I was getting from them in the pictures that is why
I have two pictures of the forever canvas.I was also fighting with
getting enough light on the picture. Can you tell? I will be posting the canvas to my etsy shop sometime today. I guess
I should tell you that the picture is a five by seven. I do have some
larger ones too but they are in the drying process still. I think ten
dollars for each of these is a fair price. Well I'm off to hopefully get
pictures of the other things that are good to go. Until my next post
Have a Splendid Day!!!!!!!!!!!!