Saturday, November 12, 2011

Another Repurposed Box

Good Afternoon Everyone,
I was busy this morning taking care of a few more things that needed
to be taken care of before we get snow. Now that it's done I have time
to show you a couple of other things that I have finished. In the header
picture is another box that I saved. I painted it with some gold paint that
was hanging around and added some embellishments. I think it turned
out great. Below is a sideview picture. Next picture is of the very first Immortal Love cardstock that I mod
podged onto canvas. I had done some of this type of art work in high
school but I guess I forgot some of the techniques so I had some minor
problems with it and because of a few little blemishes I am going to keep
this one. This canvas is actually a bigger one that measures 8 1/2'' x
11". I went back to the drawing board per say and worked with the 5" x
7" and perfected the technique. I have a few more bigger ones in the
works and hopefully they will be dry in the next couple of days. I'm still having trouble with the glare of the mod podge so some of the
pictures are kind of at wierd angles sorry about that. Until my next
post Have a Splendid Evening.

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