Friday, November 11, 2011


Good Morning Everyone,
I bet you thought that I was off somewhere exciting? Well in a way I
was....LOL...... I've been busy with my craft supplies. We've had a real
love relation. What I mean by the love relation is that everything that
I have been working on has been coming together even though the
weather has become chilly. Some of the things that I have been working
on take a little longer to dry so if it needs a second or third coat I wait a
couple of days in between coats just to be sure that it is very dry. In my
header picture is just a few things that I have been working on. In the
picture below is a box that I repuposed by painting it and embellishing
it with cardstock, ribbon, and a large snowflake. Sorry that I did not get a picture of the box before it got painted. The
box originally held Mrs. Smiths cookies. I though it was a cute box so
I decided to do something with it instead of throwing it away. The
picture below is some scrapbooking cardstock that I fell in love with. I
know I talked about this cardstock before.....LOL..... no I'm not going
crazy, not just yet anyway. My husband could only wish.....Ha ha ha.
Ok let me get back on track here. I took a few different pages that I really liked and I put them on
canvas and sealed the pictures. I wanted really good coverage of the
sealant so I did a few coats so that took a few drying days. The frames that I put them in were also repurposed. They were
wooden frames that the glass had broken. I didn't like how the
natural wood looked with the the pictures so I painted them flat
black and also put a clear coat on them. I was having trouble with
the glare that I was getting from them in the pictures that is why
I have two pictures of the forever canvas.I was also fighting with
getting enough light on the picture. Can you tell? I will be posting the canvas to my etsy shop sometime today. I guess
I should tell you that the picture is a five by seven. I do have some
larger ones too but they are in the drying process still. I think ten
dollars for each of these is a fair price. Well I'm off to hopefully get
pictures of the other things that are good to go. Until my next post
Have a Splendid Day!!!!!!!!!!!!


PoetessWug said...

Very very nice! I especially like the forever frame. You've been a busy bee....and I like what you've been busy with!

SnowflakeDreams1 said...

Deb, thank you for the kind words. It's really appreciated. I have alot of other things that I have been working on hopefully I can blog and post them soon.