Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sad Day

Hello Everyone,
In my header picture is one of our beloved dogs. We have had her for
sixteen years. In July we noticed a lump and took her into the vet. The
vet informed us it was cancer and that it was to far gone now. It was up
to us if we wanted to have her put down then or we could take her home
and keep her confortable until we saw that her health was going down
hill. The last two weeks we have noticed that she is not eating much and
we can see that she is in more pain. Yes animals do cry. We have seen
tears in her eyes. She has been a faithful companion and good protector. My husband
finally made the decision that it's time so he will be leaving work to
come and get her and take her into the vets. Ozzy P. Bull is my
husbands dog and I have been trying to make him see that it's time for
a while now. I'm glad in a way but very very sad. We will miss her and
all her antics. I know this may sound carzy to those of you who may not
have pets but to those that do you know the hurt and pain that we are
feeling. Our pets are part of our family. We have had her for a long time.
The thing about having her is that she showed many people that pitbulls
are not as bad as people assume they are. It has alot to do with the owners.
RIP my good old friend. In memory of her I would like to ask of you that
if you can please donate to your local shelter. If you are a supporter of
Pitbulls please donate to Tias pitbull rescue in California You can go to
to get the information on how to donate.
Until my next post, Have a Splendid Day!!!!!!!!!!!


PoetessWug said...

Awwww! Poor baby. Sending good thoughts, Velma. WOW! You've ad a rough couple of weeks!

SnowflakeDreams1 said...

Deb, Thanx for sending good thoughts my way. Yes it has been a real couple of rough weeks. Just keep me in your prayers.