Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Another crazy day

Hello Everyone,
Yesterday was a busy day for me and a little nutty too. Let me start at the
beginning for you and you'll understand why the picture of a Bearded
Dragon is the header picture (picture borrowed from etsy shop elany)
It was payday for my husband which for me it means going to Moses
Lake to pay some bills and buy some groceries. One of our sons lives
with us and it was a work day for him and when I'm away from the house
I call him to make sure he is up and getting ready for work because his
shift starts at 7:00 p.m. When I called him at 3:00 p.m. to make sure he
was up he sounded like he was down and out. Isn't it funny how moms can
tell this about their kids just in their voice. I asked him what was wrong
and he told me that his bearded dragon and iguana had both died. I felt
bad for him. In my mind i could picture what the iguana looked like when
he was alive and thriving like in the picture below. (picture borrowed from
Celticcatphotos etsy shop) Then I thought of what I could get my son to remember his animals.
Maybe some type of charm that he could put on his key ring like in
the picture below. (picture borrowed from etsy shop JewelsbyJMarie) Then my mind went to thinking of what my son might do with the
dead creatures. I though about maybe I would have an iguana skeleton
sitting around the house like in the picture below. (picture borrowed
from etsy shop newcatkate) I finally get home and get all my groceries put away, start fixing
dinner. My husband gets home and he can tell that something is
wrong and I tell him that our son is in mourning cause his animals
died. We are all a little sad. My son leaves for work and my husband
and I get into our usual nightly routine. Wash the dishes, take the
dogs out.
So I take the dogs out and out of the corner of my eye I see something
moving on the deck. It's the bearded dragon so now i'm wrestling the
dogs to get back in the house hoping that they won't see the bearded
dragon and try and kill him. I call out to my husband to come and help.
My husband is grabbing a bucket and i'm grabbing some gloves. We are
running around like two chickens with their heads cut off.....lol..lol....
We get the bearded dragon in it's cage. We spend the next hour texting
our son asking what he had done with the dead creatures and telling him
that the dragon is alive. We check to see if the Iguana is alive also but no
he is really dead. We think that the bearded dragon just got to cold and
when he was put outside which was pretty warm yesterday the heat
revived him. The poor Iguana we guess just caught something and died.
Thankfully while I was outside it didn't come running at me or jump on
me off of somewhere cause then I would have killed myson.......LOL......
Until my next post Have a Splendid Day!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Do you ever feel like staying in bed?

Hello Everyone,
I don't know about you but for me there are days that when things
aren't going right I would have rathered stayed in bed. Hence the
picture in the header which comes from 3crows. I had so many
things that I needed to get done. I had some wine glasses that I
needed to etch for a friend for her daughters wedding this weekend.
The first glasses that I did didn't come out like they should have. The
words could not be seen until you poured colored liquid in them. This
poor girl has run into all kinds of mishaps with her wedding and I just
happen to be next in line of all her mishaps. Not a story for me to be
telling everyone so I will leave it up to her but I felt so bad for her. We
figured out that glass etching can not be done on crystal. I went out
and got a set of glasses and if you take a look at the picture below you
will see that these actually turned out. The words can be seen on them. The next thing on my agenda was to get tires put on my car because
one of the tires was spliting. I got my car down to our local tire store
(Thank You Jeff) and got that taken care. To bad that they were in
bad shape that they can't be used for a tire swing like in the picture
below which I borrowed from EchoBanksPhotography. Tire swings
bring back childhood memories. My tires that were taken off looked more like the ones you see in
the picture below which I borrowed this picture from RobinPanzerArt The next picture is of my little friend Marian at her dance recital.
My husband and Marians dad work for the same company and have
become good friends. Marian has muscular dystrophy so it is very
hard for her to do what others can do. Her parents found this dance
company that would allow Marian to take lessons. Marian had her
first dance recital on saturday and we were invited. She did a great
job. I took lots of pitures. When I have more time I will tell you more
about Marian and our friendship and the fun that we have when she
comes and visits. I have been so busy this week I also finally got a few more things
in my etsy shop. The most biggest of all things that I got done was
that I actually blogged again last week....LOL.....
If you would like to visit the shops that I used their wonderful art
from you can visit by following the links below.
Now that last week is over and we are into a new week lets see
how this one turns out. Until next post Have a Splendid Day!!!!!!