Friday, September 30, 2011


Hello Everyone,
I know it's been a few days but I was having trouble with my blog.
I couldn't post anything and in some cases I couldn't even leave a
comment on some of the blogs. I know that I wasn't the only one
having technical diffulculties Robyn over at My Pink Stamper was
feeling my pain too. Since I was not able to post almost all week
todays is going to be a little lenghty but if you stick around I have
a good tip for you at the end. In my header picture is one of the
twelve tags that I made for a tag swap that was being hosted by
Velma Griffen from Creatively Outta Control. I really liked how my
tag came out and decided I needed to make a card. Pictured below. Once I got the card done I decided that I needed to make smaller
tags. The next two pictures are of the card and then all three creations
together. The next picture is a close-up of just the small tags.Here is a couple of pictures of other things that I have been working
on. These are really small canvas that I took some scrapbook paper
and modpodged onto the canvas. One of the pictures shows the canvas
before I did anything to it. I fell in love with the paper and did not want to use it on a card or
page so this is what I came up with. I haven't decided how to
display them yet but I am working on that. I have been searching
for some really small frames. Once I figure it out I'll post the end
result. Ok so now on to my tip. Now that we are living in a small town I have
been missing some of the big eatry food places. I loved a rice and chicken
teriyaki dish that this place call Bentos made so I set out to try and
figure out how they made their teriyaki sauce because it's not just the
marinade that you buy in a bottle. I figured it out. First off let me say
that because of my mexican heritage we really don't measure things out
other than a pinch and dash with that said here is the receipe. Take
teriyaki merinade pour in a bowl about 1/4 of the bottle, add about two
table spoons of brown sugar, and about two and a half tablespoons of
honey. Heat in the microwave for thirty seconds so that it can be mixed
well together. I cook my chicken in the pan till it is done then I add the
sauce and let the chicken cook at low heat for about ten minutes then I
serve it over white rice. Oh so yummy and it cost me a lot less then going
out to eat. Now to figure out Silver Dragons sweet and sour sauce...LOL...
Hope you liked my cooking tip.
Until next post Have a Splendid Day!!!!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

When Fall arrives

Hello Everyone,
It's been really busy around my house lately. With fall upon us I
try and put up as much food as I can for winter. When you live in
a farming community winter seems to bring less work around here.
In my header picture is the corn that I managed to get put away.
The next picture is of bell peppers and jalepenos that I also got to. This year the crop was very late because of our mild summer. So
now we are at a mad dash to try and get everything we can out of
our gardens before we get a freeze. And in some cases like our tomatoes
we are trying to find people who want tomatoes....LOL... I've put up
enough tomatoes for an army. As you see in the picture below. Those
are just a few of the tomatoes and salsa jars that I haven't put in the
pantry. Our pumpkins are doing great. I'll have to get a picture of them. I'm glad that they are doing great especially that they say that we
will be having a pumpkin shortage because of the hurricane on the
other side of the U.S. I have also been busy crafting making tags
for a tag swap, and getting things done for the holiday season. I'll
get those things posted later this week.
Until next post have a Splendid Day!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thank You Butterfly card

Good Morning Everyone,
Todays post is going to be short and sweet for I still have salsa
that I need to finish canning. In my header picture is the card that
I gave you a sneak peak of a few days back. What I'm trying to do
is show different variations of cards done with the same paper I
designed. In the picture below is the first card that I showed you
with the paper I designed. The only difference is that I used a
mulberry colored cardstock instead of the brown. Now on to the recipe. Oh and by the way in the picture below of
todays card I lightened it up a little because I think it shows the
punched edge a little better.
Mulberrry cardstock (Bazzil Basics)
White cardstock
Striped cardstock
Thank You Stamp (Skipping Stones)
Distress Ink ( Antique Linen)
Butterfly (Recollections )
Emcossing folder (Cuttlebug Textile)
Silk flowers
Shear cream ribbon
Hope you liked this card.
Until the next post have a Splendid Day!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Plans? What Plans?

Hello Everyone,
This morning I had planned to share another card but once again
lifes road took a different turn. All weekend I spent putting up
tomatoes, salsa and bell peppers. Monday I was out of town all day
and came home to find a sick dog. Tuesday I spent the day cleaning
the carpet and other things we won't go into because of the sick dog.
So today when I thought I was going to get to blogging again the power
was out for a few hours. Here it is after ten and i'm finally gettting to
do a blog post. My header picture is of some ribbon and lace that I
got at a yard sale a few weeks ago. I got this huge bag for under $5.00
It has several cardboard pieces with different colors. I'll show you
some of the others at a later date.
The picture below is of our sixteen year old dog and I think she was
laughing at me for all of the cleaning I had to do because of the other
dog. What do you think? Is she laughing? So I was not a happy camper yesterday and you know how it is with
pets they seem to be under foot when you are trying to get things
done. So I was doing a lot of yelling for them to go lay down and stay
out of the way. We do not have a fenced yard so I just can't put them
outside someone has to be with them when they are outside. The
picture below is of them trying to hide.....LOL... I thought that once
our kids were all grown up. I would not have to be cleaning up after
anyone except for myself and then of course my husband...LOL...
Boy was I mistaken. Having pets is like having kids. feed them, groom
them, clean up after them. I do love my dogs don't get me wrong but
some days they drive me nuts. All I can do is take one day at a time
and try not to stress over the little things. Life goes on. Until my next post, hope you are all having a Splendid Day!!!!!

Friday, September 16, 2011


Good Morning Everyone,
I know I'm running a little late in posting today sorry about that.
I have a lot to do today and this weekend and because my week
seemed to get out of control I'm running behind. I wanted to get
my tomatoes in to bathe this morning before I have to run to town.
I almost forgot to get the garbage out and it's garbage pick up day
so I went running out to get the garbage in before the truck took it
away. The poor garbage men must think I'm a crazy woman.....LOL...
I bet it was a sight to see with my hair wrapped in a towel them just
knowing that I had just stepped out of the bath tub to catch them no
make-up on, and my shirt was on backwards. Oh well. Enough
about my morning lets move on. Yesterday I gave you a sneak peak
of two cards and decided I would share the red, black, and white card
today. The inspiration for this card came from a Macys ad that I had
seen in a magazine. The picture of the ad is my header picture. Below
is the picture of my card that was inspired by that ad. After I finished it I thought to myself I should have distressed the
white embossed part. By then it was a little late. I just might take
it apart and distress it just to see if that makes it look more interesting.
So on to the recipe:
Black, red, and white cardstock
Black grosgrain ribbon
Black ink pad
Cuttlebug Textile embossing folder
Inkadinkado stamp
Cricut cartridge Plantin Schoolbook (oval die cut) Hope you enjoyed my card. Until next post. Have a Splendid Day!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sneak Peak

Good Morning Everyone,
In my header picture I give you only a sneak peak of one of the cards
that I was going to share today but because life seems to get in the way
sometimes, I have to share a kind of funny story with you today.
If you remember yesterday I posted very late in the day the reason
for that happening is that on tuesday a committee that I belong to had
a financial meeting. When the meeting was over I thought that we were
in agreement with everything but apperently not. On wednesday
morning I have several e-mails from one person wanting confirmation
on certain numbers that were talked about. Now I don't now about you
but as for me when I go to a meeting I take something to take notes in
so that I can refer back. If i'm not understanding something I ask for it
to be explained till I understand. I also give any and all information that
I am holding on the subject. In other words I go prepared with all my
ducks in a row. To make a long story short after two hours of back and
forth e-mails and phone calls I was at my limit and If you know me I
hate beating around the bush so I was very frank and to the point. I
finally said to the person that I did not have time for all this back and
forth all day thing I had better things to do. I had a check list of six
things that I needed to get done. We could set up another meeting day
and the day I had available was next tuesday. All the e-mails and phone
calls stopped after that and no meeting has been scheduled oh well.
See the picture below of all the tomatoes? These tomatoes had been now waiting a week to get canned. If I
hadn't been sick all last week they would have already been done.
I needed to get them done before they went to waste. I finally got
them done about three in the afternoon and only had one bad tomatoe.
I have to thank the lord that it was only one. So here is where it really
gets funny. At 4:30 in the afternoon I have a knock at the door low
and behold it's my dad with TWO MORE BOXES OF TOMATOES.
Can someone shoot me now please? Oh and that is not all my dad
informs me that he will be back saturday or sunday with more because
I'm the only one in the immediate family that cans food. Are you all
laughing now? About to wet your pants? Really funny huh? NOT
...LOL...... Now you know why you only get a sneak peak today. I'll be
in the kitchen canning tomatoes. Anyone need tomatoes I have more
than plenty? So I don't know which of the two cards I will share with you tomorrow.
Maybe the one pictured above. Or the one I did with the paper I designed
pictured below Hmm I don't know. Oh and by the way I only got three of the things done yesterday that
I had on my list. I'll let you know how many quarts of tomatoes I get
done today. Until tomorrow have a Splendid Day!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sorry for the late post

Good Afternoon Everyone,
I'm sorry for the late post today but life just kind of got in the way.
I wish people that don't have anything to do would realize that others
do and that our time is valuable. Today I got up with plans of posting
my blog, cleaning the car, putting away some of the summer items
that are on the deck, canning tomatoes, and freezing bell peppers.
Well things didn't go as planned.
So here it is after one in the afternoon and now I'm posting my blog.
In the header picture is the Baby card that I made using the pink and
brown striped paper that I designed. The paper I designed is in the
picture below. Like I said sorry for the late post and a short one at that. So now
on to the recipe:
Brown, white, striped and Luxury cardstock
Fiscar edge punch
Linen distress ink
White paint pen
Plantin Schoolbook cricut cartridge (letter B)
Shear pink ribbon
Chocolate ink pad
Corner punch
White cardstock rectangle Until tomorrow. Have a Splendid afternoon!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Double Take

Good Morning Everyone,
I'm a little late in posting today sorry about that. Sometimes life
just gets in the way. In the header picture is a picture of a different
card I made using the same cardstock that I used in yesterdays card
but with a different theme. I used some of the paper I designed shown
in the next picture. The next pictures are of the card that I posted yesterday and the
one I posted today for comparison. I know that todays card the picture is not that great. I will try to
get a better picture of it. I was kind of in a hurry when I did it.What
I did a little different is that I took the chocolate ink and distressed
the olive green to give it a more earthy tone. If you look closely you
can tell where the chocolate ink is done a little darker on the edge of
of the card. Now on to the recipe for todays card.
Olive green and white cardstock
striped cardsock
brown ribbon
onzie stamp by g Studio
letter stamps by g Studio
1/2" square punch
black sharpie
2" oval die cut Cricut cartridge Plantin Schoolbook
Black ink pad
Chocolate ink pad
Colored pencils
Hope you liked the comparison of the two cards. Have a Splendid

Monday, September 12, 2011

Masculine Thank You Card

Good Morning Everyone,
I wanted to show you that besides everything else that I've been
invovled with that I still have been crafting and creating. In my
header picture is a card that I made because my husband needed
a thank you card and he wanted a masculine card not a frilly one
like he calls it. This was not an easy task for me because I think
I'm better at making the frilly type of cards. I had an idea in my
head what I wanted it to look like but with all the cardstock that
I have the color combinations were not looking right. This is
where I became more creative. I went to my computer and with
one of the programs created a paper that would work with the
cardstock I have which is pictured below.I liked how it turned out. Before I remembered to take a picture
I had already used some more of my creation on another card
which I will show you tomorrow. So what is pictured is of what is
left of that design. The next picture is of another paper I created
and this time I got a picture of it before I cut into it.I have a few more designs that I created and you'll get to see the cards
that I created with them. The next couple of pictures are of some pages
that I made for the contest that I enter every month at Faes Book and
Craft store. I am not a scrapbooker so this is very challenging to me. Especially
because you get a package with usually two pieces of cardstock and
some embellishments. Everything that is in the package must be
used on the page. Other items can be added just as long as what was
in the package is visible to the eye. I still have a problem with what
colors to use together which is where the next picture comes in.I had a really hard time with that page and the colors. I wasn't happy
with it. I did win first place with the red, biege and blue page that is
shown first.
So on to the receipe for the card I did.
Olive green, brown and white cardstock
brown ribbon
linen lace distress ink
striped cardstock
Cricut Camp Out cartridge
Thank You rubber stamp Until the next time. Have a Splendid Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Good morning everyone,
As promised today I'm going to show you what went on in our little
town on Labor Day and what all it takes for all this to take place. In
the header picture is the ribbon awards that I made to give to the
parade entries that were judged and won. Our town doesn't have a
lot of businesses that we can ask for them to sponsor the parade so
we make do with what we have, with this being the case I saved our
community days committee almost a hundred dollars in making the
awards and we still have material left for next years awards.
For many that don't know it takes months to prepare to put on a
parade. Fliers and letters have to be sent out inviting people to come
and be in our parade. There is insurance that needs to be bought to
cover and it has to be a certain amount of coverage dictated by the
city. Arrangements have to be made with the city for a staging area,
road closures, when the parade will start and end, and when the roads
can be re-opened. We have to find an announcer that will announce
the parade entries. The day of the parade we need volunteers that
will make sure everyone that has come to our parade is registered so
that we have a discription of the entry for the announcer. We also
need volunteers that will get the entries on the parade route moving
along in an orderly manner. If all of this is not taken care of then we
would not have some of the entries you see in the pictures below.
The Ritzville Float. The Royal City float.
Wardens' FloatAfter the parade everyone heads to Volunteer Park where the festivities
continue. All of this also takes months of planning. There is also a certain
amount of insurance coverage that needs to be bought for this event. Ads
are placed in the paper and craiglist as early as march to hopefully get a
wide variety of vendors. We do give those that were here the year before
first dib to return before we start seeking more vendors. Besides working
on the vendors we start looking for entertainment. We plan with the city
on getting portable out houses, portable drinking fountains, road closures
around the park, power at the right locations for vendors to use, water
availability for the vendors to use also. Then theres figuring out placement
of booths so not to have vendors with similar items next to each other.
Making sure that we have banners to hang up around the area. The day of
the event we mark off the vendor spaces. Pictured below is some of the
entertainment and vendors.
Our Queen Madison singing. I wish I would have taped this so you could
hear her beautiful voice.
The next two pictures are a couple of higschool classes working to make
money for their senior trip when they become seniors. They start
working on their trip fund as freshmen. This is Wardens' FFA class raising money for their trips. Believe me it's a lot of work, and only about half a dozen people did it.
Yet there are always so many complaints about the way things are done.
The money that is taken in sits for next years event to pay for all the
paper, ink, stamps, ads, awards, etc. I've been part of helping put this on
for three years and this is my last year doing it. I'm tired of all the
complaining and people not realizing what I spend out of my own pocket
in fuel, the quicker oil changes, running around taking care of some of
these things. I've been sick to my stomache the day after the event and
am still sick. I don't know if it is stress, the heat, or food poisoning. For
the sake of my health that is why I will no longer help with this event.
Sorry for the long post but I had to get this off my chest.
I wish next years volunteers the best of luck in continuing the event.
Hope you all have a Spledid Day!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Good morning everyone,
I know that our summer is almost over and I just wanted to share
some more of the wonderful garden ideas that I got from the fair.
It may be to late this year but I hope that my header picture and
the picture below will help give you some ideas for your garden
next year.
The next couple of pictures of some more art work done on feathers. I couldn't seem to get a picture of this one without some type of glare
not even in the close-up picture below.
See what I mean about the glare?
My husband really liked the scene on the feather pictured below. The next picture is for you my friend Deb. Some of the crochet and
knitted entries at the fair. There was alot of really beautiful items entered in the fair. So much
work put into their craft. Thank you to all that still hand craft. I really
enjoyed seeing all the love put into it.
I actually went to the fair three times that week. First day was to see
Marian the second was to see the demo derby and the third time was
to go see the Rodeo. I'm not a real rodeo fan not even when my husband
use to rodeo. I'll tell you all about that some other time. The only reason
that we went to the Rodeo is because my husbands boss gave him the
tickets and then come to find out they were box seats it was a different
way for me and my husband to see a rodeo. LOL....Tomorrow I'll show
you some of the things that went on here in our small town on Labor Day.
Have a Splendid Day!!!!!!!!!