Monday, January 31, 2011

On a lighter note

Hello Everyone,
Wow a third post tonight. This is to give everyone a
couple of more chances to put their name in for my
giveaway. Just leave a comment and be entered to
Here are a couple of tags that I got done last week.
Tell me what you think of them.
Have a great night !!!!!

House Hunting

Hello again Everyone,
By now you all know that we are house hunting. An
exciting yet scary road for us. I have to go back to
1998 in my life for you to understand.
My husband had worked for Boise Cascade in Medford,
Oregon for almost ten years when on September 7 of
1998 the mill burnt clear to the ground leaving 450 mill
workers with out jobs and an uncertain future. The
picture above is one of the fire. We managed to hold on
to our house for awhile using his 401 k. We lost a lot
of money doing that with all the penalties we had to pay.
In 2001 we could no longer hold on and we lost our house
our car and two good friends (co-workers of my husbands)
to suicide. We were homeless for a while. Not many people
knew that about us.
For years now we have been digging our way out of that
mess. With so many ups and downs that I won't go in to.
I've been praying for some time now that if it were meant
to be that God would lead me down the right path to home
ownership again. My Lord is wonderful and he put people
and information in front of me to finally take the next step.
I found that we qualify for a loan so now just to take all the
right steps to finally get a house that we can really call ours.
I am thankful that my family was strong and we leaned
on God and on each other. All three of our kids made it
through high school. One has made it through college.
What I can say is that we are survivors.
So with all that is happening in our country. Loss of jobs
the prices of everything that is going up. I have sympathy
for all those that are uncertain of the future. Some of our
friends and neighbors might just be going through what we
went through. We may see a smile on their face but inside
they are struggling. Remember take the time to listen.
This was really hard for me to post but I hope it will help
someone out there.
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Hope everyone is having a great evening.

More Jewlery

Hello Everyone,
I was going to try and have this posted earlier this
morning but got tied up with other business. Here
are a couple of other necklaces that I worked on
a couple of weeks back and am just now getting
them posted. Hope you like them. In yesterdays post I said I had a lot going on and
that I would explain my MIA. Let me start off with
My middle child has been working in the ice business
for a few years now and last summer was not a
good summer for that business. He decided that he
needed to find a job that is more stable. He needed
his resume and could not get it from his lap-top as to
it died on him. He called me knowing that I had a copy
of it on my computer. It was on my old comptuer and
that was not a document that I had saved and transfered
that is why I had to get the old system back up. So I
managed to take care of that business.
I am sorry that I have not been able to keep up to date
with those of you I follow and I have missed some very
important discussions. I aplogize for that.
Here is a snippet of some of the good news. We are house
hunting. Stayed tuned for another post later today on
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Hope everyone is having a great day so far.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cardstock and Jewlery

Hello Everyone,
As in previous posts I have been taking pictures of
all the great cardstock buys I got at JoAnns. This
next stack was a really large stack that has cardstock
for every season. I bought this one for $12 and it is
the size of about three regular cardstacks.
The pictures below are just a couple of the spring
theme pages it has.
I know that many of you don't know that I work in all
different types of art and craft mediums. Here are just
a couple of the other things that I like to work on. The
two necklaces are something that I was just playing
around with.
My favorite is this red one. Only because it is in one of
my favorite colors. I actually have two favorite colors. I know that everyone has noticed that I had not posted
anything in the last few days. I've had to put the old
computer back up to pull some documents out of it and
then transfer them. Be on look out for a couple of posts
a day. There are some really good things happening in
my life and it will explain for the tranfering of documents
and the old computer being put back on line.
Don't forget to leave a comment to be entered into
my giveaway. There are only a few days left.
Hope everyone is having a Splendid weekend!!!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New cards

Hello Everyone,
My camera finally got charged so that I could
get all my pictures downloaded. The card in the
header is a new a card I tried my hand at. It is
known as a Trishutter card. Hope you like it.
The stamps that you see in the above picture is
a set of stamps that I won in a giveaway. At the
time I recieved them they had not been released
to the public and I was asked not to post any
project done with these stamps till January. I
forgot to mention that the sentiment used on my
easel thank you card was from this set. The card
below I made using this set of stamps.
The other day I mentioned that I had run in to
some great deals at JoAnns. Here is some pictures
of another cardstock stack that I purchased for
$9.95. The Far East stack is really pretty in color
scheme. Take a look for yourself in the pictures
Pictured are just a few of my favorites from this
stack. Let me know what you think about the
The next one is my favorite.
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my giveaway that was posted on the 17th January,
it ends on February 1st 2011.
Have a Splendid Evening !!!!!!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Card and some Awesome Cardstock

Hello Everyone, The header picture is of a card that I made for my mother-in-law for everything that she does for us. My mother-in-law loves animals and she has two horses so I thought that a horse on her card would be very nice. The card is another easel card. I really like these cards. Can you tell? Last week I went shopping in the big city of Kennewick I had a chance to stop in a JoAnns crafts and found some really good buys on cardstock. The picture below is of a paper stack called "the immortal love" This stack was on sale at 40% off.
In the pictures below you will see some of the different
cardsock that comes in this stack that I just fell in love
This page I been thinking that I just might frame
it and hang it up.
This one I want to deco podge onto canvas and hang
it in my living room.
This one too would look good framed with someones
wedding picture in the corner.
I think this one is my favorite. It kind of reminds me
of a tattoo. I don't know why but it does.
Here is another great page from the stack. There
are a few more pages that are really pretty but I
didn't want to make a long post out of it. I found a lot of really great buys that day I will give
a peak of them in my next post. The really great
buy that I got that day was the individual cardstock
that was 6 sheets for 96 cents can you belive that?
I went crazy wait till I show you everything that I
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for my giveaway that ends February 1st 2011.
Have a Splendid Evening!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

More Goodies

Hello Everyone,
I got a little busy last night with family and
didn't get my blog post up then this morning
it was just a little busy around here. It is late
afternoon here now and I finally got a chance
to post to my blog. The header picture that
you see is of a wall hanging that I made. Trying
some new things. This will be added to the
giveaway. It is now part of the loot. It is not
very big, measures about 5" x 3"
Don't forget to leave a comment on each post and
get your name in for the giveaway. Let me know
what you think of my little fabric wall hanging.
The next picture is of another easel card that I
made last week. I was looking to get something
done for a quinceanera (15th birthday) but I
wasn't to happy with the look of it for a fifteen
year old. It looked more like a wedding card.
I was surprised by a blog post that a blogger
friend did this morning. She show cased a couple
of my cards. You can check her blog out
Thank you Deb from The Wug's Backyard. .
Have a Splendid Evening !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

New Card

Hello Everyone, I know it's a lot later than I post to my blog. I got a little busy today. The card in the header picture is an easel card. I had a lot of fun making this one. Hope you enjoy it. The next picture is not of a card but of a gift envelope. I was just playing around with different things one day and this is the end result of that.I wanted to remind everyone of the giveaway that I'm hosting and that the picture of the necklace below has been added to the prize.This is the rest of the loot that can be won. Rules: Every time you comment on my post your name gets added to the box. Post my giveaway to your blog, and or facebook paste the link to comments and gives you another chance to win. Becoming a follower gives you another chance. The winner will be picked on February 1st, 2011. Good luck everyone!!!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Spanish Love

Hello Everyone,
A reminder that there is still time to get
your name into the giveaway that I'm doing.
That is the reason for the header picture. I
am adding a necklace to the giveaway. I will
take a picture of it tomorrow and post it on
my blog.
The picture above is of a card that I was
playing around with. After I finished it It
reminded me of my mexican heritage.
I'm not really sure why but it did. It then
inspired me to do the tag which you see
pictured below .
My thoughts then went to Paublo Neruda and
his book "100 Love Sonnets". There are a couple
of sonnets that I love of his. I have the book some
where but was not able to find it today. I hate it
when I can't find something. Must be old age.
LOL.......... Any ways this is what I created one
day that I was at war with my computer.
Hope everyone is having a Splendid Evening.

Monday, January 17, 2011

I recieved my tags

Hello Everyone,
In December I did a tag swap and I recieved my tags
last week and I finally got a picture of them so I could
share them with you.
The Tag Swap was being hosted by Martha Galvez
from LouDes Designs.
and Robyn from "The Pink Stamper made something
like 46 tags so that everyone got one of hers.
They are all so pretty. The only bad thing is that some
of the tags don't have who made them. I wish I knew
who made them because it would be really nice to know
what part of the country they came from and who the
artist is.
Have a Splendid Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Cards

Hello Everyone,
Here are a couple of cards that I have been
working on. The one in the header picture
is one of my favorites because I really love
the burgandy color. Sorry it looks a little
distorted in the picture. I took it at night
time and can't seem to get a good picture
of it without a shadow will try to get a
better picture of it.
The next card is a mini card it measures
3 1/4" x 3 1/2" I was just playing around
with ideas but I like how it turned out.
Hope you like my new cards. They will be
going up on my etsy shop soon.
Don't forget to comment on todays post to get your name into my giveaway. Have a Splendid Evening !!!!!!!!

GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!

Hello Everyone, Well to celebrate all those who follow me and read my posts I decided to do a giveaway. So have a piece of cake and join in. This is my thank you to all of you.
I made the card pictured above just for my followers.
Now on to what the lucky person will recieve.
1. A thank you card that is blank inside (the one
2. Eight packages of mini stamps
3. A magazine subscription of your choice from
the list below:
Country Living, Martha Stewart Living,
Better Homes and Garden, Everyday Food,
Redbook, Bon Appetit, House Beautiful
4. More to be added
Every time you comment on my post your name
gets added to the box.
Post my giveaway on your blog, or facebook and
paste the link on comments gets you another
Become a follower gives you another chance.
The winner will be picked February 1st 2011
Have a Splendid Night!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Woo Hoo Finally !!!!

Hello Everyone, Woo hoo I finally got my photoshop to download and work with the new computer. The picture system that was on the new computer had no features. Pictures just downloaded and I could not fix any pictures or crop. It took almost two weeks. Thanks to my son and his laptop I have been able to check everyones blogs and even do some blog hopping. I even won some blog candy. Can't wait till it gets here. As you see in the header photo I have been working on projects just to really calm me down from fighting with the new computer....LOL...... The next card is one that I will be doing a tutorial on. It will be posted later next week.
Then there is the third card that I used several
techniques. This next week I will be working on
posting all the projects that I got done these last
two weeks. I will also be posting these to my Etsy
shop soon. Monday morning I will be posting the giveaway that I
will be holding so be sure to check back in.
Hope everyone is having a Splendid evening.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Trying out

Hello Everyone, I decided that I would try out for Robyns design team from "My Pink Stamper". When I actually decided to do this I had no idea how crazy things were going to get around here. Right after the holidays I got a new computer. I have been having technical diffuculties and here it is 9:30 the last day to post my project. The challange: make a card, scrapbooking page, or other cricut project using your favorite cricut cartridge. So here is my submission: Recipe: Best Occasions textured cardstock: lime green, and pink Sweetheart cardstock: Follow Your Heart/ Dot Me and My Big Idea cardstock: heart background strip Cricut cartridge: Stamping (heart border and scallops) Sentiment: Vita Bella clear stamps Ribbon: American Crafts Hope everyone likes it. Have a splendid sleep!!!