Monday, January 31, 2011

House Hunting

Hello again Everyone,
By now you all know that we are house hunting. An
exciting yet scary road for us. I have to go back to
1998 in my life for you to understand.
My husband had worked for Boise Cascade in Medford,
Oregon for almost ten years when on September 7 of
1998 the mill burnt clear to the ground leaving 450 mill
workers with out jobs and an uncertain future. The
picture above is one of the fire. We managed to hold on
to our house for awhile using his 401 k. We lost a lot
of money doing that with all the penalties we had to pay.
In 2001 we could no longer hold on and we lost our house
our car and two good friends (co-workers of my husbands)
to suicide. We were homeless for a while. Not many people
knew that about us.
For years now we have been digging our way out of that
mess. With so many ups and downs that I won't go in to.
I've been praying for some time now that if it were meant
to be that God would lead me down the right path to home
ownership again. My Lord is wonderful and he put people
and information in front of me to finally take the next step.
I found that we qualify for a loan so now just to take all the
right steps to finally get a house that we can really call ours.
I am thankful that my family was strong and we leaned
on God and on each other. All three of our kids made it
through high school. One has made it through college.
What I can say is that we are survivors.
So with all that is happening in our country. Loss of jobs
the prices of everything that is going up. I have sympathy
for all those that are uncertain of the future. Some of our
friends and neighbors might just be going through what we
went through. We may see a smile on their face but inside
they are struggling. Remember take the time to listen.
This was really hard for me to post but I hope it will help
someone out there.
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Hope everyone is having a great evening.


PoetessWug said...

WOW! So 'house hunting' is not just a simple endeavor for you, is it?! I was so sorry to hear about the struggles you've gone through lately. But I'm so glad you shared it. {The economy's impact on your husband's coworkers was sad to read about too. :-(} I hope you find something comfortable and a place of "rest and peace", which is what a home should be. :-]

SnowflakeDreams1 said...

Deb, it is a very hard thing for us to do it brings back some very bad memories. Things were so hard because I had lost my mom which was my rock two years earlier. I will take the steps that I need to carefully. It's time to really move forward. Thank you for the kind words.