Thursday, January 20, 2011

Spanish Love

Hello Everyone,
A reminder that there is still time to get
your name into the giveaway that I'm doing.
That is the reason for the header picture. I
am adding a necklace to the giveaway. I will
take a picture of it tomorrow and post it on
my blog.
The picture above is of a card that I was
playing around with. After I finished it It
reminded me of my mexican heritage.
I'm not really sure why but it did. It then
inspired me to do the tag which you see
pictured below .
My thoughts then went to Paublo Neruda and
his book "100 Love Sonnets". There are a couple
of sonnets that I love of his. I have the book some
where but was not able to find it today. I hate it
when I can't find something. Must be old age.
LOL.......... Any ways this is what I created one
day that I was at war with my computer.
Hope everyone is having a Splendid Evening.


PoetessWug said...

These are beautiful! I especially like the one you said reminded you of your Mexican heritage. It looks like a love letter...WOW! This Giveaway gift is packed full of goodness. Somebody is going to be very happy!

SnowflakeDreams1 said...

Deb thank you for the kind words. Yes the giveaway is just going to get bigger as the day get closer to picking the winner. Someone will be very happy and excited.