Monday, January 24, 2011

Card and some Awesome Cardstock

Hello Everyone, The header picture is of a card that I made for my mother-in-law for everything that she does for us. My mother-in-law loves animals and she has two horses so I thought that a horse on her card would be very nice. The card is another easel card. I really like these cards. Can you tell? Last week I went shopping in the big city of Kennewick I had a chance to stop in a JoAnns crafts and found some really good buys on cardstock. The picture below is of a paper stack called "the immortal love" This stack was on sale at 40% off.
In the pictures below you will see some of the different
cardsock that comes in this stack that I just fell in love
This page I been thinking that I just might frame
it and hang it up.
This one I want to deco podge onto canvas and hang
it in my living room.
This one too would look good framed with someones
wedding picture in the corner.
I think this one is my favorite. It kind of reminds me
of a tattoo. I don't know why but it does.
Here is another great page from the stack. There
are a few more pages that are really pretty but I
didn't want to make a long post out of it. I found a lot of really great buys that day I will give
a peak of them in my next post. The really great
buy that I got that day was the individual cardstock
that was 6 sheets for 96 cents can you belive that?
I went crazy wait till I show you everything that I
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Have a Splendid Evening!!!!!!!!!


PoetessWug said...

WOW!! You got some really good deals there!! Pretty too! :-)

SnowflakeDreams1 said...

Deb they are prettier in person. I just couldn't get them pictured well enough to do them justice wait till you see the rest. Yes there was some really good deals.