Monday, January 30, 2012

Where does time go?

Good Afternoon Everyone,
I got busy this morning taking care of paperwork so that I can get in
and get our taxes done and before I knew it time ran away from me.
Since it is late in the day this is going to be kind of a short post. Sorry
everyone. In my header picture is another mini album that I made
for a friend. The picture below is two of the pages in the album.
It looks like two pretty simple pages but if you look at the next picture
there is more to the page. Secret pockets, fold outs, and tags. Just think
these are only two of the pages.There are a five more pages that I have
not showed you.My friend just loved it. I'm so glad that she did. She's lucky because I
almost kept it for myself......LOL........I love how it turned out. Don't
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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Stopped in to say hello

Hello Everyone,
Just stopped in to say hello today. All the pictures on my post today
come from different Etys shops. It's just amazing all the talented
people out there. The header picture is a Turkish scarf. The next
picture is Bride and Groom Carnival Tickets.
This last picture is I'm getting Married belt.My left hand is still pretty tender so I'm just taking it easy.
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Until my next post Have a Splendid Evening!!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pages of the Mini Album

Good Afternoon Everyone,
Sorry for posting so late today but last night I had an accident and I
ended up burning both of my hands. I was fixing dinner and I was
draining the pasta when the pan slipped out of my hands common
reaction I grabbed it with both hands water and pasta went flying
everywhere and my hands got burned good. So typing is a little hard
pecking away with one hand. The header picture is two pages of the
mini album I showed you the other day. Below are more pictures
of a couple other pages. Ok back to my hands. In 1998 I had an auto accident that pinched some
nerves in my hands and every now and then my hands will lose their
gripping ability. It doesn't happen often but when it does it's an all day
thing. I just go with it. My right hand fared better but I think that it is
so use to hot because of the tortilla making that I do. My left hand not
so well. The tips of my fingers are very sensitive to everything. I guess
I should tell you that they did not blister or anything like that. I have
some medical training and it came in very handy last night. I have worked in the emergency room of two hospitals and I know how
to handle bad burns. All I can say is cold water, burn gel, Ice and repeat.
So as I said no blisters, no skin falling off, just very sensitive. For a while
I will be one hand pecking till my hand feels better.
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Until my next post Have a Splendid Day!!!!!!!!

Friday, January 27, 2012

My Tags

Hello Everyone,
Hope everyone is staying safe, warm and dry today. I know I am. The
sun has been out here the past few days and has been melting the snow
so we are walking through puddles of water just about everywhere we
go. I was so happy when I went to the post office and found my January
tags from Velma Griffens' tag swap were here. In my header picture is
one of the tags that I made. Below is all the tags I received. I love to see all the talent out there so in the next few pictures are just
a few of the tags that I got close up. One of the Ladies did a matchbook
album and put all the tags in it.
In the picture below the tag with the key on it I actually watched the
tutorial she did on how she made it. The tutorial is on Youtube. Some of the other things that I did in the last week was that I turned
48 years young. One of my sons took me out to dinner one night then
my husband took me out to dinner with some of my friends and my
adopted grandaughter Marian the very next night. My son bought me
a cartridge for my cricut that some of you are going to be jealsous about.
I noticed that on the Cricut web site they have daily deals and one day
I was amazed to see that they had the cartridge Tags, Bags, Boxes and
more for sale. My son got it for me. Now before you all get to upset It's
not the actual cartridge but it is an online app. I can use it in the Cricut
craftroom and then just hook up to my cricut to the pc and cut what I
want out. So I really do have access to that cartridge now. Woot Woot.
See I told you out there that I had a lot to talk about lately...LOL...
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Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Mini Album

Hello Everyone,
Since I was not able to get into my blog for about seven days I'm
going to try and get all I wanted to show you in just a couple of posts.
In my header picture is my mini album that I finally finished. I had
been working on this for about six weeks. I was going to show you each
page when I had it finished but blog land wouldn't let me. I'll just let
you see that I'm done with it.
When we had our snow fall here finally it was a mess but thanx to my
dad and his snow plow it wasn't to bad for us. The city plows would
come along and bury our cars my dad would then show up and plow
them out. It made me think of my mom and something that she would
say came to mind. My mom would say I hope they don't wipe their you
know what the way the plow the roads.....LOL.....their patner must have
a real nasty job washing their under garments. I think you get my dirft.
Anyways with all the snow I did some shoveling of the walk way and a
path for my boxer to go out and do her thing. Shelby my boxer didn't
like walking on the snow which drove me nuts cause we had to drag her
out to do her business. A couple of times she did her business on the deck
GRRRRRR. In the picture above you see my ring. Can you tell whats wrong with it?
Well in putting on gloves and taking them off somewhere I lost the
diamond. I spent a whole day trying to find it. When I showed my husband
he told me well honey we will just get another one put in it. I don't know
about how any of you would feel about this but I don't want another one
I want the one that was in it. Does that make me wierd? So here is a little
tip don't forget to have the prongs checked on your rings often.
The next picture is of one of several cards that I have made. I also made
another mini album and I redid the photo frame that I wasn't to happy
with. I received my tags from the other Velmas January tag swap.
I have so many other things to show you but I'll wait till tomorrow
since this was a lengthy post. I hope that you are all staying dry and
safe. Until my next post Have a Splendid Day!!!!!!!!
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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My blog is working again finally.

Hello Everyone,
It has been a wild ride lately. In my header picture is one that I got
when we were being slammed with our first winter storm. It came
in wind blowing which created snow drifts. I think all together we
got about two feet. See what it looked like on the cars in the picture
I don't know if this storm that we got was part of my problems that
I was having with my blog and some other web sights but I couldn't
download pictures and I couldn't get into some of the blogs that I
follow. If I could get into other blogs to read I could not leave them
a comment it wouldn't let me. The page would freeze up. I even
went as far as rebooting my system which didn't help in any way.
Yesterday was the first day that I was finally able to leave comments
on all the blogs that I wanted with out any problems and today my
pictures finally downloaded. I'm doing the happy dance now. Gosh
I feel that I'm so behind. In the picture below is some of the other
items that are going to the giveaway box. I'm adding a rubber stamp set called Fresh made by American Crafts
and a Cuttlebug embossing folder called Feel Better with four small
embossers. The last item is a jar of Recollections gem stone butterflies
there are twelve in the jar I did open it so I could pull a couple of the
butterflies out to get a better picture of them. To be entered in the
giveaway remember to go to the tool bar at the top of the page and
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page leave your comments there. Until my next post Have a Splendid

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Mistakes

Hello Everyone,
Most of you may think that all crafters are perfect at their art. Well
let me tell you I am not. Most of the time we post our best creations
and we don't tell you about the bad ones. Today I'm letting you know
about some of mine. I hope this will help someone not make the same
ones I did.In my header picture are the two frames that I kind of
told you about a few days ago. I used my rubber stamps to create
a word page. I then scanned it so I could use it several times. The
first frame when I printed the page from my printer I took the
page and heat set the ink with my heat gun. I forgot to mention this
If you do not own a high end printer always make sure to heat set
ink on anything that you will be crafting especially if you use mod
podge. I wasn't happy with the first frame because the words did
not show really good. Then I did the frame pictured above and guess what I forgot to do
(heat set it). If you look closely the words ran. Here is another little
secret I did it upside down too. I don't know what I was thinking.
Maybe I'm just becoming forgetful in my old age. Oh well. So now
I will be going back to the drawing board with this which means
I'll be sanding it all off and re-doing it. So if you don't hear from me
for a couple of days I either forgot that I have a blog or the frames
did me in......LOL........
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Until my next post, if I don't forget about my blog....LOL....
Have a Splendid Day!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The other goodies that arrived

Good Morning Everyone,
This is a quick post today because I'm off and running. I have a few
things that need to be done and then a meeting tonight. In my header
picture is some of the other items that I received to add to the box for
my giveaway/ blog candy. In the pictures below are close-ups of the
rest of the goodies.
So now into the box goes in some large button brads from K &
Company, 100 mini brads in purple and blue, Martha Stewart
bakers twine and Hampton Art clear stamps. Thank you Valerie
from Pinterest.
To enter the Giveaway/ blog candy click on the giveaway tab at
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Monday, January 9, 2012

Word Collage

Hello Everyone,
Or maybe I should say good afternoon/ evening. Sorry that I am
posting so late today. The reason for being so late today is that this
weekend I was a little under the weather. I caught some type of
stomach bug so today I was playing catch up.
Earlier in the month I talked about taking a little different direction
in my blog and my creations. I talked about how you would be seeing
some gradual changes. In my header picture is a word collage that I
created. It seems that Subway Art and Word Collages are the in thing
right now. I took a good look at these different art forms and thought
to myself how could this be done without spending a lot of money.
This is what I came up with
As many of us paper crafters we have an assortment of stamps so I
took out all my word stamps and some Staz On ink and I just started
stamping on some scraps. I then moved on to and 8" x 11.5" white
cardstock. Here is a closer look at it. As I thought about it more I wasn't satisfied with it just being on
cardstock because that limited me to what I could use it for. Since
I have a scanner I scanned the page. I then printed my design to
tracing paper. (Tracing paper is a little heavier than tissue paper.)
Now with it on the tracing paper I could do all kinds of things with it.
I put it on a frame. It wasn't completely dry and I didn't want to mess
it up by moving it to get a picture. I'll show you what it turned out like
another day. With there being so many talented people out there and the in
thing changing so fast I want to try and help those out there that
are on limited budgets to be able to create by thinking outside the
box and using what you have. I hope that this helps others keep up
with the ever changing craft world.
Don't forget to enter my Giveaway/ Blog Candy, click on the tab at
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you need. More items will be added to the Giveaway/ Blog Candy
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Friday, January 6, 2012

Giveaway/Blog candy sponsor

Good Morning Fellow Bloggers,
As some of you know I am hosting a giveaway/blog candy on my blog.
I have been hard at work getting sponsors for it. Packages are starting
to arrive. In my header picture is one of two packages that arrived from
two different sponsors. This package comes from and ebay shop. Roxie
sells fibers on ebay. I buy my fibers from her and just love them.
Roxie decided to be a sponsor and send me a package. In the next
picture you will see what I received
I was so amazed by her generosity. The plastic bag holds an array of
fibers, lace, charms, buttons, ribbon etc. She calls this her Valentine
package. In the next photo I opened the bag so I could get a better
picture of everything it contained. See all the goodies and I still haven't
gotten to the cute santa bag. Now on to the Santa bag. This set is what Roxie calls her Christmas
set. I opened it up just so I could get a picture of everything that it
held inside. See below. Like in the commercials but wait there is more. If you leave a comment
for the giveaway/ blog candy and leave me your e-mail address you will
receive a code that you can use. This is how the code works if you spend
$10 in her shop you then use the code and receive an extra ten yards of
fibers. Let me tell you if you haven't checked out her shop yet you really
need to. Her shop member id is 8553rml. Here is a direct link to her ebay
Just to give you an idea of her prices on fibers there are different sizes
of fiber packages. You can get a 40 yard package for $6.99 that is alot
of fibers and in many colors. There is a 30 yard packages for $3.99. She
also has packages for $2.99. If you get a chance go check it out.
Now remember to be entered click on the tab on the top of this page
that has givaway/ blog candy it takes you to a stand alone page and
leave your comment there. You have until January 31 2012. Maybe
tomorrow I'll show you what else is going into the giveaway/blog candy
box. We'll see.
Until my next post Have a Splendid Day!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Gift and some challenges

Good Morning Everyone,
I hope everyone is doing great today. I know that I am. We still
have not had any snow that was willing to stick around which is
really unsual for us, but as many of you know that even though
my blog name is SnowflakeDreams1 I'm not a lover of snow....
lol....Ok so now your thinking why would she be talking about
snow if she doesn't like snow. Well it all has to do with my header
picture. Snow seems to invade my thoughts and creations. Kind
of crazy isn't it?
Every year I try really hard to find an ornament that is horse or
indian related for my mother-in-law. This year as I was visiting
other blogs and craft sights I found this ornament that was done
with a clear ball ornament. The scene inside was a snowman with
some trees and snow all around. So I decided I would use their idea
but with my twist on it.
Clear glass ornament
Cricut cartridge Camp Out
Glossy Accents
Acrylic whit paint pen
Soft snow twinkle flakes
Brown, green, and blue cardstock
I was real happy how the horse one turned out so then I decided I
would try a bear and a deer.

I have also linked this post up to a couple of challenges.

Ooh La LA Creations

Dream Valley Challenges

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

When anything goes

Good Morning Everyone,
Hope you are enjoying your day so far. In the header picture is a new card
that I made yesterday for a specific reason, This card has to do with some
more of the changes that will be happening on my blog. I am going to try
and get a couple of challenges done each week. The challenge was to make
a masculine card which is something that I have talked about before. We
do not make enough cards for the men in our lives. This is what I came up
Cricut Cartridges Quarter Note and Stamping
Dazzles Music stickers
Black and white cardstock
Three white brads
Black grosgrain ribbon
Since there were a couple of other challenges that were challenging
anything goes I linked this card up to those sites too.
Here Come The Boys
Pile It On
Basic Grey
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giveaway tab to get to the giveaway page.
Have a Splendid Day!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Can you see a change?

Good Morning Everyone,
Hope everyone is having a wonderful new year so far. Today I thought
I would start out with a calm picture in the header. I have used this
picture before I think anyways it comes from treasuresheart out of
Grants Pass Oregon. The reason I used the picture is that I know many
of us don't like change, I know I don't, but I did do a couple of small
changes on my blog. My giveaway now has a stand alone page so if you
would like to leave a comment to be entered all you have to do is look
at the top of my blog page you will see a bar like pictured below.
The bar will have a tabs that say Home, 2012 Giveaways, Holidays,
and Tutorials. Just click on the tab for giveaways and it should take
you to the stand alone page. Leave your comments there to be entered.
I know scary but if you don't want to look you don't have to just like
the little guy pictured above....LOL.......... There really is more changes
coming so stay tuned. Until my next post Have a Splendid Day!!!!!!!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Small town with a Mcdonalds commercial

Hello Bloggers,
Today I actually had a card that I was going to share with everyone but when I
got on to facebook there was alot of talk about our little home town and  Mcdonalds.
What I found is a couple of Commercials were done here in Warden,WA. with
the president of the WA. state potato commission. So exciting to see a our town
on a big franchizes commercial.  Below is one of  videos done.

There is another one called McDonalds: Potato Farmer,
Frank Martinez Just Wait  if you'd like to take a look at

Until my next post Have a Great Afternoon!!!!!