Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Mini Album

Hello Everyone,
Since I was not able to get into my blog for about seven days I'm
going to try and get all I wanted to show you in just a couple of posts.
In my header picture is my mini album that I finally finished. I had
been working on this for about six weeks. I was going to show you each
page when I had it finished but blog land wouldn't let me. I'll just let
you see that I'm done with it.
When we had our snow fall here finally it was a mess but thanx to my
dad and his snow plow it wasn't to bad for us. The city plows would
come along and bury our cars my dad would then show up and plow
them out. It made me think of my mom and something that she would
say came to mind. My mom would say I hope they don't wipe their you
know what the way the plow the roads.....LOL.....their patner must have
a real nasty job washing their under garments. I think you get my dirft.
Anyways with all the snow I did some shoveling of the walk way and a
path for my boxer to go out and do her thing. Shelby my boxer didn't
like walking on the snow which drove me nuts cause we had to drag her
out to do her business. A couple of times she did her business on the deck
GRRRRRR. In the picture above you see my ring. Can you tell whats wrong with it?
Well in putting on gloves and taking them off somewhere I lost the
diamond. I spent a whole day trying to find it. When I showed my husband
he told me well honey we will just get another one put in it. I don't know
about how any of you would feel about this but I don't want another one
I want the one that was in it. Does that make me wierd? So here is a little
tip don't forget to have the prongs checked on your rings often.
The next picture is of one of several cards that I have made. I also made
another mini album and I redid the photo frame that I wasn't to happy
with. I received my tags from the other Velmas January tag swap.
I have so many other things to show you but I'll wait till tomorrow
since this was a lengthy post. I hope that you are all staying dry and
safe. Until my next post Have a Splendid Day!!!!!!!!
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Good Luck!!!!


PoetessWug said...

WOW! Your mini album is so cute! I wish I could've seen the individual pages too...And how terrible about losing your diamond!! O_O And I know exactly what you meant about not wanting another one! On one of our earlier anniversaries my hubby wanted to give me another ring...because the 1/4 carat diamond in my original ring was so small. But I LOVED my little ring, and all it represented between us! So I told him that he could get me another one...a bigger one...on or 20th anniversary...On our 20th he did!! It has a 'honker' marquis cut diamond with a row of channel set diamonds on either side of it. Now I LOVE it! :-) {By the way, having the diamonds channel set stops them from being able to fall out!}..Enjoy all of your snow. We're getting some right now too.....Aargh!

SnowflakeDreams1 said...

Deb, you make me feel better by telling me that you felt the same way about your diamond. Men just don't get it. Maybe on a day when I don't have anything else to blog about I'll show each page of my mini album.

Riti said...

such a pretty mini album & card there...i'd love to see the entire album please..

sorry about losing yr Gem..Even I lost my Diamond Ring a month back, so I know exactly how u're feeling Girl !! :(

but am so happy that your Blog is working fine now.. will be here more often now to see your awesome work.

Dont forget to stop by my blog for the chance to win some awesome candy !!