Friday, January 6, 2012

Giveaway/Blog candy sponsor

Good Morning Fellow Bloggers,
As some of you know I am hosting a giveaway/blog candy on my blog.
I have been hard at work getting sponsors for it. Packages are starting
to arrive. In my header picture is one of two packages that arrived from
two different sponsors. This package comes from and ebay shop. Roxie
sells fibers on ebay. I buy my fibers from her and just love them.
Roxie decided to be a sponsor and send me a package. In the next
picture you will see what I received
I was so amazed by her generosity. The plastic bag holds an array of
fibers, lace, charms, buttons, ribbon etc. She calls this her Valentine
package. In the next photo I opened the bag so I could get a better
picture of everything it contained. See all the goodies and I still haven't
gotten to the cute santa bag. Now on to the Santa bag. This set is what Roxie calls her Christmas
set. I opened it up just so I could get a picture of everything that it
held inside. See below. Like in the commercials but wait there is more. If you leave a comment
for the giveaway/ blog candy and leave me your e-mail address you will
receive a code that you can use. This is how the code works if you spend
$10 in her shop you then use the code and receive an extra ten yards of
fibers. Let me tell you if you haven't checked out her shop yet you really
need to. Her shop member id is 8553rml. Here is a direct link to her ebay
Just to give you an idea of her prices on fibers there are different sizes
of fiber packages. You can get a 40 yard package for $6.99 that is alot
of fibers and in many colors. There is a 30 yard packages for $3.99. She
also has packages for $2.99. If you get a chance go check it out.
Now remember to be entered click on the tab on the top of this page
that has givaway/ blog candy it takes you to a stand alone page and
leave your comment there. You have until January 31 2012. Maybe
tomorrow I'll show you what else is going into the giveaway/blog candy
box. We'll see.
Until my next post Have a Splendid Day!!!!!!!!


Krysta said...

Wow so many goodies, glad you found sponsors to help you out. Thank you and have a healthy and happy new year.

SnowflakeDreams1 said...

Krysta, Thank you for visiting and leaving a very nice comment. Happy new year to you too.