Sunday, June 18, 2017

Bigger Things are ahead

Hello everyone!!!!
Glad to be able to share again.
In April my son and daughter-in-law had a baby girl
named Hazel. We took a trip to Portland to see our
granddaughter. In May I ended catching the flu
which I was down for almost three weeks. Once I got
better my friend Sally (my business partner also) got
down to business. We worked and worked to get this
jewelry box SVG file ready for our Lime and Bean Etsy

Well after several tweaks here and there we finally
were happy with it. So now here I am sharing with
all of you our very first big project.

Hopefully our next two big projects that we have
in the works doesn't take as long but I have a feeling
that it just might now that her girls are home for
summer break.
I also have been busy trying to get a ScanNCut
boot camp together here in Medford, OR. The
very knowledgeable Jen Blausey will be here in
August to teach us about our machines and how
to use the Sure Cuts Alot program. Jen has been
out teaching so many people and we are very lucky
to have her coming to teach us. This is the only
class that she is giving in the Northwest so I hope
that I am reaching everyone in the surrounding
states and that they don't pass up the chance. We
don't know if she will make it back this way next
Well as you see I get busy and don't make it as 
often to blog as I would like.
Hope you like our jewelry box..
Until next time have a great day!!!!!

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Mother's Day box card

Hello !!!!
Well now that I have resolved internet issues, design
issues, keyboard issues I have been able to add a few
more cut files to the Lime and Bean Etsy shop.
Yes I am co-owner in the shop and can use the Lime
and Bean pictures on these posts. So don't report me
I am not stealing from some other crafter or designer
I know Mother's Day is around the corner and it doesn't
give much time to work on things but these are pretty
fast and easy to put together once you get them cut out.
We would have had them up sooner if not for all the
issues but we are glad that we finally were able to get
them into the shop.
We count our blessings as they do come every day
and this is one of them that we can do this and work
for our selves.

This is what the cards look like thought I would share a
picture that doesn't have the watermark. You can make
either card and we also made it that the mom does not
have to be cut out in the front panel and you can use
the cut file for other occasions. There is also a tutorial
on how to put the box cards together on our Lime and
 Bean YouTube channel.  Thank you for stopping by.
Enjoy the day!!!!

Friday, May 5, 2017

A Grandma

Hello !!!
No more being away for long periods of time.
In April I became a grandmother. My header picture
is a card I made for my granddaughter Hazel for
her very first Easter. She was born in April and of
course that meant a trip to go see her.
Here are a couple of pictures of my husband holding
her and me holding her. Hazel also got to meet her
great grandmother as we were sure to take her with
us on our trip.

I haven't stopped working on that new venture with
my friend Sally. We have added a few new items
to the Lime and Bean shop and there is more to come.
Life gets crazy but we must keep going.
Have a great day.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Father's Day Box cards

Hello everyone!!!!!
I was hoping to have this post up yesterday but got
tied up working with my design partner Sally creating
some new SVG files for our Lime and Bean Etsy
Sally created this box card SVG file (pictured below)
I love all the tools that she created to go with it.

I had a different idea as to how I wanted my box card
to look so I created the one below. I rounded the
corners of the box with my corner punch and I also
cut the front flap off. I cut a few rectangle pieces by
hand, inked the edges to make it look like drawers
of a tool box. I hand cut several strips from some
foil paper which I added to the top of the rectangles.
I cut the tools from the SVG file and used them to
decorate the tool box.
Hope I sparked some creativity. It is so nice to be
able to take an SVG file and be creative with it.
Thank you for stopping by.
Have a great day!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Fathers Day SVG card file

Hello everyone!
Glad you could stop by.
Here is a couple of Fathers Day cards that are made
using the same SVG cut file.
In the first picture is my take on the Card file that Sally
Havice created for our Lime and Bean Etsy shop.
I used a foil cardstock to cut out the word DAD and
ran it through my big shot using my Spellbinders
embossing folder to create the diamond plate look.
The cardstock with the motorcycles came from a
cardstock pack that I bought a Tuesday Morning
some time ago. Below is Sally's card. 

The file comes with the picket fence, flower pot, flowers
and stem cuts.
The nice thing is that anyone can take a cut file
and with some creativity make several cards all with
a different look and style.
Hope you like both of the cards.
Good night everyone.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

MOM SVG card file

Good afternoon!!!!
I have a couple more cards that I created using the
SVG cut file that Sally Havice created for our baby
company Lime And Bean on Etsy.
This style of card has been around for some time
I remember making it for my mom for Mothers
Day. I also taught some of my kids classes how to
make them.

Sallys' design is a little less boxy in the letters.
The picture above is more a fun card. The one
below is a little more sophisticated.
I used a Sizzix embossing folder and embossed
the Mom panel then I took some of Tim Holtz distress
ink and lightly sponged it on which gave it a different
Hope you like both of the cards.
Thank you for stopping by. Have a great

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Mom Card SVG file

Hello everyone!
Well look who's back. A while back I told you all that
I was on a new venture with a friend of mine. We finally
got all of the issues taken care of . Now that we got it
some what together more files will be going into our
baby company Lime and Bean on Etsy.

My friend Sally the designer of our baby company
created this card SVG cut file. I really like this card
but those of you that know me know that I always
think or at least try to think out of the box and so I
created this card.
 I used the Lawn Fawn die and cut out the Happy
Mothers Day. I used the dollar tree glitter paper
and cut out the MOM letters. I found the ribbon
with the stamped image in my stash along with
the bling. So there you have it one card SVG cut
file done two different ways. So remember to be
creative and think outside the box.
Thank you for stopping by. Make sure you visit
Lime and Bean at Etsy. Have a great evening!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Pokemon Piñata

Well hello everyone!!!!
Sorry I have been MIA was a bit under the weather.
I don't want any of you to think that I have given
up on our new venture of doing SVG cut files with
my friend Sally. Along with not feeling so well
we were having problems with our files and how they
were changing in size. We have taken care of that issue.
So we have created a couple of new files that will be
going up soon over at Lime and Bean Etsy shop.
The other thing that kind of stopped us in our tracks is that
Sally's daughter has a birthday coming up this weekend and
she wanted a Piñata. Well I got to working on one and this
is what I came up with.

Wish I would have had a little more time to make this
but I am happy with how it turned out. As you can see
now I am just not a card maker. LOL
Thank you for stopping by. Have a great day!!!!
Talk to all of you soon.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Layered Pickup SVG file

Hello everyone!
I wanted to get this posted earlier but I have been a
little under the weather. I first started out with a cold
and now am feeling sick to my stomach but I think
that the whole stomach thing is just some stress.
So my friend Sally has been creating SVG cut files
and I have partnered up with her and are trying our
hand at designing cut files.

The blue pickup I did on a smaller scale that will work
for and A6 or A7 card the red one is a bit bigger that
can be used to decorate for a party or on a wall. Yes
I did leave out the center black circles. Like I say I am
playing with the file and trying to decide which way I
like best.
If you would like to purchase this file you will find it
on Etsy
Thank you for stopping by. Have a great

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Pick up SVG cut card

Good morning everyone!!!!
Hope to find you all doing well. Here is a card that I
made using the pick up SVG cut file created by Sally
from Lime and Bean.  I am not sure if you all know
that I have partnered up with Sally to create SVG cut
files. A lot of the cut files will be more geared to the
masculine market. We will have a cutesy file every
now and then but we are hoping to fill that void that
so many talk about that there just isn't enough masculine
cut files out there.

Lime and Bean is also trying to get a design team
together. Those who make the design team would get
free SVG files to be used to create and then blog or
post to facebook. If you or anyone you know might be
interested contact Lime and Bean by commenting on
their blog or facebook page or by e-mailing to
Thank you for stopping by and enjoy your day!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

On a new venture

 Hello everyone!!!!
It's been a while yes I know. I am on a new journey.
I have partnered up with my friend Sally who has
graphic design knowledge and we have created a
new business. We have gone into the SVG cut files
business. I have the cutting machines and programs
along with all the paper supply needed to go into this
type of business I just am not great with computers
and designing. Our Company is called Lime and Bean
The picture above is our logo. Kind of my husbands
idea. We wanted a combination of both of us. Sally is
originally from England and my husband is always
calling her Limey. I am an American of Mexican
decent and get called bean by my husband along with
other names like Sugerblup. Hahaha. That is how our
logo became what it did. It's all in fun. When Sally and
I are together he says that the Limey and the Bean are
together again.  A biker thing about giving others a
different name than the one that was given to you at
birth. So we ran with that. Hahaha

In the picture above is one of the cutting files that Sally
created and is now in our Etsy shop. We also have a blog
and facebook page the links will be below. I work at
putting the items together, blog about them and do the
video tutorials and photos.. We are hope to get a design
team together which would help with the blog posts. To
learn more about that read about it on the Lime and Bean
facebook page or blog.
I know this is long and am truly sorry. If you made it
to the end of this post Thank you!!!!!!
Have a Great Day!!!!!