Tuesday, February 21, 2017

On a new venture

 Hello everyone!!!!
It's been a while yes I know. I am on a new journey.
I have partnered up with my friend Sally who has
graphic design knowledge and we have created a
new business. We have gone into the SVG cut files
business. I have the cutting machines and programs
along with all the paper supply needed to go into this
type of business I just am not great with computers
and designing. Our Company is called Lime and Bean
The picture above is our logo. Kind of my husbands
idea. We wanted a combination of both of us. Sally is
originally from England and my husband is always
calling her Limey. I am an American of Mexican
decent and get called bean by my husband along with
other names like Sugerblup. Hahaha. That is how our
logo became what it did. It's all in fun. When Sally and
I are together he says that the Limey and the Bean are
together again.  A biker thing about giving others a
different name than the one that was given to you at
birth. So we ran with that. Hahaha

In the picture above is one of the cutting files that Sally
created and is now in our Etsy shop. We also have a blog
and facebook page the links will be below. I work at
putting the items together, blog about them and do the
video tutorials and photos.. We are hope to get a design
team together which would help with the blog posts. To
learn more about that read about it on the Lime and Bean
facebook page or blog.
I know this is long and am truly sorry. If you made it
to the end of this post Thank you!!!!!!
Have a Great Day!!!!!

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