Sunday, February 28, 2016

Gorjuss Girl Close up

Good Morning!!!!
Glad to be back again. As you all know from an earlier post
I had to get a new stove. It became this big chore. You know
how it is because now your having to rearrange things and one
small job becomes this big journey. Well thank God it is done.
With my brain being all over the place in the last few days
I accidently erased the full picture of this card and the card
is now in the shop and I keep forgetting to take my camera
with me to get a picture of the whole card. I guess you could
say that I'm a little brain dead lately. Hahaha.
So here is a close up of the card.
The Gorjuss girl on this card is the Tea Time Gorjuss girl.
I just left the tea cup out that she is suppose to be in. I wanted
to see how she would turn out in a shaker card. I am very
pleased how it turned out. Hopefully I will remember my
camera and get a picture of the whole card so I can share
it later.
Hope you like what you see. Thank you for stopping by and
remember to be kind to one another.

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