Saturday, February 13, 2016

Sweethearts day

Good Morning!!!
Hope to find everyone doing well today. Have you gone
out and got your sweetheart something for Valentines Day?
I hope that you are not having to be out there with everyone
who hasn't done their shopping yet.
Here are a couple of box cards that I made for Valentines
I make two different sizes of box cards these days. The one
in the first picture is the big box card and I have to make a
special envelope for it. I use my envelope maker often. The
second box card is a bit smaller and will fit and A-2 envelope.
Both of these cards went to the shop and didn't sit in there to
long. The box cards are my biggest seller which is good
because I like making them.
Sorry my posts have been short and quick the reason is that
I have been having trouble with my hands. This last week I
had and issue with holding on to things which means I have
been dropping things and many have broken. The other day I
dropped my casserole dish lid and it broke. Pieces went every
where and it was the hardest thing to clean up. I used my broom
but it wasn't cleaning up  because I could still hear glass
crunching when I stepped so I had to use the vacuum. Every
now and then I have days that I call dropsy days and it all
stems from a vehicle accident that I had in 89. This last
week I have had more dropsy days than I ever had in a row
but I think it has to do with my weight lifting to get a little
more toned before my sons wedding. More to tell about the
wedding at a later date.
I hope you like the box cards. Thank you for stopping by
and listening to my ramblings. Have a great weekend
and be kind to one another.

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