Monday, February 8, 2016

Look what the cat drug in

Hello my fellow crafters and followers.
Hopefully I still have followers hahaha.
Yes I'm back and I hope to get back into the swing of things.
I know it has been some time and I am very sorry. Last year
just was so overwhelming for me. I will tell you about it as I
show you my Valentine box cards.
It is a little hard for me to share my life because I don't
want anyone to feel sorry for me and what I am going through
but I do need to share because it will explain who I am and
what I believe in.
When we moved back to Medford we slid right into a house
that was a lease option to buy. In 2013 it was a buyers market
so the price was really good. Our contract was that we needed
to secure a loan before March of 2016. March of 2015 I kept
feeling this urgency to start the process especially when God
lead me to a mortgage company in the strangest way ( another
story for another time) and to this petite spitfire of a gal. Her boss
wanted us work on building our credit more since we had no
vehicle loans and no credit cards which basically means that
we had no credit and time was on our side.

The Lord kept pushing me and so I pressed forward thankfully
I did. The housing market in 2015 was becoming more of a
sellers market in this area. The owner kept dragging her feet
in getting information to our lender and the days turned into
months. We were scheduled to close in June then July then
August. Every time I thought it was going to happen the owner
would put another road block but Silvia would get into her fighting
outfit and take the owner on. In August I think that the whole
mess got to my husband and he had a medical issue. Let me
tell you this was a real test in my faith and strength to stay level
headed. I think I spent more time on my knees praying in these
five months than I have in my lifetime. September 11, 2016
we closed on our house of all the days we could have closed
it was on this day. Isn't that Great? Oh but wait two weeks after
we closed my husband lost his job. He finds a new job in five
days. Awesome well kind of he is low man and things are slowing
down in the construction business. Since November he has not
put in a full week in at work. Most weeks a day or two. Lots
of faith in God and of course prayer we have made it through
the worst. This last week he worked six days.
I have been creating all this time and have been selling
my creations at American Mercantile. I feel that I have
my feet back on the ground so hopefully I will be back
a little more often. Hope you like the cards.
Enjoy your day!!!! Blessings

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