Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Name Game

Good Morning Everyone,
I know that I have told some of you that I was thinking about changing
my Etsy shops name now that you can change it . When I firsted started
my etsy shop the name I really wanted was already taken so on a dare
from my husband because I had tried other shop names but they were
also taken I ended up with SnowflakeDreams1. I would like to get some
feedback on three shops names that I have been playing with.
1. Velmas Creative Tidbits
2.Velmas Crafty Tidbits
3.Velmas Snowflakes and Dreams
Please leave me your input. I know that there are alot of you that stop
by and read but never leave a comment. Let me know what you think.
Ok so now on to my header picture. I have been working with this
cardstock package lately but I haven't been making cards or scrapbook
pages with it. I've been using these pages for a different kind of art. The
next two pictures are of the cardstock pages that I have been working
with and hopefully it will come together soon so I can blog about it.
Aren't the pages so rich in color? I just love this scrapbook cardstock
package that I bought three of them. Once I share what I'm doing with
it you will see why I needed three packages of it. Now I have all of you
wondering what can it be. Hopefully it will only be a couple of days
before you get to see the finished product. Kind of a mean teaser. Sorry.
Until my next post
Have a Splendid Day!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Thinking outside the box using my Gypsy

Good Morning Everyone,
This is the very first tutorial that I was going to do but as we are still
learning to use our new video camera I thought I would just go ahead
and do a picture tutorial. In my header picture is a pink ribbon. I did
not have a cartridge that had a pink ribbon so I put on my thinking
cap as to how I could come up with one. Using the Christmas Cheer
cartridge I made a discovery that using to candy canes in shadow or
blackout and my Gypsy it could be accomplished. Most of this is done
by using the advanced part in the Gypsy as pictured below In the next picture you will see that I used the flip side ways. Then I used the rotate to rotate only one of them so that it would
sit right when I overlapped them. Once I got it to overlap just right I used welding gizmo on the Gypsy
and welded them together. Once they were welded I cut it out with the Cricut. I cut it out in pink
because I wanted the ribbon for Breast Cancer Awareness month but
you can pick your color of choice. Yellow for military maybe. If you payed close attention you will notice that the ends of the ribbon
are rounded but if you want a more finished end add squares to the ends
of the ribbon making sure they overlap just right and welding it together
before you cut it out. Hope this has helped some of you discover the
endless possiblities if you think outside the box and are trying to decide
which cartridges would be the best to purchase. Make sure to at least get
one cartridge that has alot of just shapes. I am working on a few other
things. Hopefully I will be posting these types of tutorials once a week.
Until my next post Have a Splendid Day!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thinking and creating outside the box

Hello Everyone,
I know it's been a few days since I have blogged. As I said in one of
my blog posts I have been working on some things that have kept
me busy. With the way the economy is these days I think alot of
us are trying to keep our spending down. I am not rich by far so I
can't afford to buy every new Cricut cartridge that comes out to stay
on top of the trends. My mother always taught me that with a little
creativeness and ingenuity with what you have you can almost come
close to the new in thing. So with that said in my header picture is
what I call a little paste, erase, and cut that I did with the help of my
Gypsy. I used the Christmas Cheer cartridge as pictured above. I also used
the Sophisticated cartridge and the October 31st Cratridge. Using the Christmas Cheer cartridge with the Gypsy page 128 I
placed the square frame on the mat. I made sure to take the aspect
ratio off and changed the width and length to make it big enough
so that I could make a Lantern. Once I had the square looking more like a rectangle I used the argyle
from the Sophisticated cartrdge page 61. I did the same thing to it
with the aspect ratio turned off and made sure it fit inside of rectangle
overlapping just a little bit. I then went to the advanced portion in the
Gypsy and welded the pieces together. Now it is ready to cut. To make the panel with the gargoyal I used the square again and
turned it into a rectangle then added the gargoyle from the October
31st cartridge using the same steps I used with the argyle. Making
sure that it overlapped so it could be welded then cut out. As you
can see in the picture below it came out pretty good. I will use color
vellum to hold them together to make the lantern.
What I am learning is that if you make sure to have a cartridge that
has just shapes you can almost create anything. The next project I
I did a little hiding of contours. Iwanted to do this as a video tutorial
but we are still trying to figure out our new video camera because
our other one died. Until next post hope you are all having a Great

Friday, October 21, 2011

Good Morning Everyone,
It's been a pretty good week for me I have won a couple of giveaways
the header picture is of the afghan that I won from The Wug's Backyard
blogspot. Isn't it beautiful? It is really soft. I can't wait for a really cold
evening when I can wrap myself up in it and just watch television. The
other giveaway is a set of scrapbooking papers. I will make sure to take
pictures of that when it gets here. My card that I made for the Breast
Cancer Awareness link up won me that giveaway. The picture below is
a page that I made for a contest at Fae's Book and Craft store in Moses
I know my pictures are just not looking great these days. My camera is
not being cooperative. I brought out the manual to see if I can resolve
the issue. Wish me luck....LOL....
The next two pictures are of some tags that I received from the tag swap
that Velma Griffen hosts every month. There are some very talented and artistic people out there. It's been a little crazy here. My guys have been out hunting and this is
the last weekend of deer. With them out of the way hopefully I'll be able
to get alot of crafting done and get my camera figured out too. Until next
post Have a Splendid Day!!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Changes are a coming.

Good Morning Everyone,
With time comes change. In the header picture is my cousins daughter
who just celebrated her 15th birthday and to the hispanic culture its a very
big thing known as a Quinceaner. It's almost like having a wedding , all the
elements are there. The dress, flowers, maids , chaperones, dinner, dance,
ect. ect. It is a very spendy right of passage I guess you can say. In the
pictures below is her bouquet and her cake. Her theme for her party was
Just thought I would share what I did this weekend. Now on to some
other changes. I don't know if any of you have heard but Etsy is doing
some changes. Now you will be able to change your shop name and I
have been playing with the idea of changing my shop name. If I do it will
not be such a big change. We'll see what I decide tomorrow. That is
when Etsy will have changed thier templates which allows the change. Let me know what you think about these new changes to Etsy. Oh and
I have a favor to ask all of you. I am trying to win a Cricut Gypsy package.
If you will do me the favor and go over to Honeybearz Designs at
facebook link is below.
Like their page and then tell them that I sent you I would be most
appreciative. There are only four days left to try and win. Thank you to
all that do me this favor. Until my next post. Have a Splendid Day!!!!!!!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Breast Cancer Awareness

Hello again everyone, I have been pretty busy lately creating. I've had these ideas rolling around in my head for a while. As I've been busy working on some new projects I didn't want to forget about Breast Cancer awareness. I did get a couple of cards out that I have sent to friends as reminders to make sure they have a check up. I hope that I'm reminding those of you that stop by here. The card you see in the header picture is two of two that I entered on Just Yolies blog. They have some great prizes. There are over five hundred projects entered. If you have the chance visit her blog and see all the creative and talented people that are out there. To visit Yolies blog go to Wow two quick posts today. Amazing isn't it...LOL..... Oh before I forget I have to give credit where credit is due. The heart on my card comes from Far Far Hill which has a digital store. You can visit her web sight at: This store carries alot of Vintage digitals. Until next post Hope you are all having a Splendid Day!!!!!!!!

Quick Post

Hello Everyone,
I almost forgot to post this card for Breast Cancer Awareness month.
I can't link it up if I don't post it. Over at Just Yoli they are having a
contest and the best cards will win some wonderful prizes. There are
only a few hours to link up your creation. Her web site address is below. Hope you are having a great day.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Not enough time

Hello Everyone,
It just seems that time is flying by and I can't seem to get everything
done that I need to. It doesn't help when you have bad weather and
power outages. On tuesday morning I had big plans to get through
my day successfully but that did not work out as planned. Because I
had been pulled over on monday by a state trooper I was going to get
up early which I did and get over to Moses Lake by nine to get the tabs
for my car then head to the Tri-cities to take care of some other things
but when I got up at seven the power was out. I had no idea how long
the power had been out for so I waited for the power to come on so that
I could take a shower. To make a long story short I ended up getting
the tabs about nine thirty and didn't get to the Tri-cities till eleven
thirty so I had a very long day and didn't get home until seven thirty
in the evening. Now I'm about half a day behind in all my plans. Instead
of just posting one card today I decided to post two. In the header
picture is I think my favorite of all the cards I have done lately. I'm
playing with acetate again. In the next picture You can see the stamped
image on the acetate better. One thing that I did get taken care of is what was going on with my
camera that it was distorting the the pictures of my cards. I got that
figured out. Some time in taking all kinds of pictures the settings got
changed and it was making my pictures look funky....LOL.... I think
it happened when I asked someone to take pictures of the parade in
September. It's all good now so I will go back and retake pictures of
the cards that were distorted. So now on to my next card. I know I know the lighting is bad but at least the card looks like it is
suppose to. Not all fat in the middle like the other pictures.....LOL....
Hopefully tomorrow the rains will be gone and we get a little brighter
and maybe I will be able to get to the lawn and mow it. Oh and just to
let my blog friends know I'm having trouble posting comments on some
of your blogs again. Until the next post. Have a Splendid Day!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Has this ever happened to you?

Good morning everyone,
Today I was going to show you another card but instead i'm going to
share a funny story. Yesterday I had to run into town, when I say
run into town I had to travel thirty minutes to Moses Lake where
I do my banking and some shopping. I ran all around town paying
bills and picking up some food. At one point I even had a police car
behind me at a stop light. As I was heading out of Moses Lake back
to Warden a state trooper pulls me over. That is why I have a police
car as my header picture. He tells me that my tabs are expired. I
tell him that I didn't realize because I did not receive anything in
the mail about it. He told me they no longer do that. Well it was ten
minutes to five and I wouldn't of had the time to turn around and
head back into town. To my defense I told him that I am still trying
to get the just of things in a new state so he let me go with a warning.
So guess where I'm headed to this morning? Before I get pulled over and get a ticket. What really made me mad
is that if the police car that was behind me at the stop light earlier
that day would have pulled me over I would have gone right over to
get the tabs. I have the money to do it and it would not have been
another trip in.
Grrrrrr. Are you laughing yet? Don't tell my husband because he
claims that I bat my eyes and get out of tickets. He has been with
me a time or two that I've been pulled over and get off with a
warning. He always says that if it would have been him driving he
would have gotten a ticket. So I'm off to you all know where.
Until next post have a Splendid Day!!!!!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

What colors do you think of?

Good morning everyone,
Just a real quick post today. Yesterday was National card making
day and I spent the afternoon with a couple of friends working on
some ideas that I had floating around in my head. In the header
picture is just one of my ideas. These are some of the colors that
come to mind when I think of fall. Great idea for a different type of
card but not such a great idea when it comes to taking photos of
these type of cards. I will be playing around with my camera to
see if I can't get better pictures of the front of the card without
a glare. Below in the next picture is a side view of the card.
Like I said a very short blog to day because I have a lot to take care
of today.
Plantin School Book (cricut cartridge)
Orange cardstock (Basics)
Purple cardstock (DCWV Ultimate )
Black grosgiran ribbon
Rubber stamp (Inkadinkado)
StazOn Jet black ink
Silk flower
Just wanted to let everyone know that I was able to post a blog
today at least I hope it worked. If you are reading this then it
worked....LOL....but I'm having trouble leaving comments on
others blog posts. I hope that I won't have a week this week like
last weeks where I couldn't even post on my blog. Until next post
hope you all have a very Splendid Day!!!!