Friday, October 21, 2011

Good Morning Everyone,
It's been a pretty good week for me I have won a couple of giveaways
the header picture is of the afghan that I won from The Wug's Backyard
blogspot. Isn't it beautiful? It is really soft. I can't wait for a really cold
evening when I can wrap myself up in it and just watch television. The
other giveaway is a set of scrapbooking papers. I will make sure to take
pictures of that when it gets here. My card that I made for the Breast
Cancer Awareness link up won me that giveaway. The picture below is
a page that I made for a contest at Fae's Book and Craft store in Moses
I know my pictures are just not looking great these days. My camera is
not being cooperative. I brought out the manual to see if I can resolve
the issue. Wish me luck....LOL....
The next two pictures are of some tags that I received from the tag swap
that Velma Griffen hosts every month. There are some very talented and artistic people out there. It's been a little crazy here. My guys have been out hunting and this is
the last weekend of deer. With them out of the way hopefully I'll be able
to get alot of crafting done and get my camera figured out too. Until next
post Have a Splendid Day!!!!!!!!!


PoetessWug said...

WOW Velma! Your photo of my afghan looks better than the photos I took! I couldn't get a good close up shot to save my life! :-)) I'm glad you like it. I hope it keeps you nice and toasty when the weather turns. :-) Enjoy your crafting time!

SnowflakeDreams1 said...

Deb, It's kind of funny that the picture of the afghan came out so nice when the other pictures on my post were all taken at the same time and they don't look so great. I'm going to try and get alot done believe me.