Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sneak Peak

Good Morning Everyone,
In my header picture I give you only a sneak peak of one of the cards
that I was going to share today but because life seems to get in the way
sometimes, I have to share a kind of funny story with you today.
If you remember yesterday I posted very late in the day the reason
for that happening is that on tuesday a committee that I belong to had
a financial meeting. When the meeting was over I thought that we were
in agreement with everything but apperently not. On wednesday
morning I have several e-mails from one person wanting confirmation
on certain numbers that were talked about. Now I don't now about you
but as for me when I go to a meeting I take something to take notes in
so that I can refer back. If i'm not understanding something I ask for it
to be explained till I understand. I also give any and all information that
I am holding on the subject. In other words I go prepared with all my
ducks in a row. To make a long story short after two hours of back and
forth e-mails and phone calls I was at my limit and If you know me I
hate beating around the bush so I was very frank and to the point. I
finally said to the person that I did not have time for all this back and
forth all day thing I had better things to do. I had a check list of six
things that I needed to get done. We could set up another meeting day
and the day I had available was next tuesday. All the e-mails and phone
calls stopped after that and no meeting has been scheduled oh well.
See the picture below of all the tomatoes? These tomatoes had been now waiting a week to get canned. If I
hadn't been sick all last week they would have already been done.
I needed to get them done before they went to waste. I finally got
them done about three in the afternoon and only had one bad tomatoe.
I have to thank the lord that it was only one. So here is where it really
gets funny. At 4:30 in the afternoon I have a knock at the door low
and behold it's my dad with TWO MORE BOXES OF TOMATOES.
Can someone shoot me now please? Oh and that is not all my dad
informs me that he will be back saturday or sunday with more because
I'm the only one in the immediate family that cans food. Are you all
laughing now? About to wet your pants? Really funny huh? NOT
...LOL...... Now you know why you only get a sneak peak today. I'll be
in the kitchen canning tomatoes. Anyone need tomatoes I have more
than plenty? So I don't know which of the two cards I will share with you tomorrow.
Maybe the one pictured above. Or the one I did with the paper I designed
pictured below Hmm I don't know. Oh and by the way I only got three of the things done yesterday that
I had on my list. I'll let you know how many quarts of tomatoes I get
done today. Until tomorrow have a Splendid Day!!!!!!!!!!


PoetessWug said...

Ha! Ha! Well, at least your dad didn't throw them at you! LOL That definitely would have been worse, right?!! ^_^

SnowflakeDreams1 said...

Deb, yes that would have been worse. I told you I had a funny story today. Made you laugh.