Thursday, November 24, 2011

What are you Thankful For?

Hello Everyone,
Today is a day where many families come together and think about what
they are thankful for ( those that do celebrate this holiday). Today I am
thankful for my husband, two sons and a daughter. I'm thankful that the
Lord has kept me around to see my children become wonderful adults.
I am thankful for the love they show and shower me with. The header
picture is of some cardstock that my son Casey bought me because he
knew how much I liked the cardstack and he bought the stack for me out
of love. The next picture is of our smoke house that my husband had
cranked up very early this morning. He was busy smoking five birds. Not
all the Turkeys were ours. I think he could actually fit ten birds at a time in there. The next picture
is of one of the Turkeys.
Looks good doesn't it? The next picture is of some more that came from
the Immortal Love cardstack and I have just added these to my Etsy
I know I seem to be jumping all over the place today in my post. Sorry
about that. Some things way down deep inside that I'm struggling with and
more so today. It's time to let go so I'm just going to put it out there. This
might become lenghty now. Over three years ago we moved back to my
home town because of the economy. I have many relatives that live here
but I have never felt so alone than now being here. My father lives here as
well as one of my brothers. I have a couple of aunts, uncles and cousins that
live here too.
When I first got back here my brother and I saw each other often. He made
assumptions that I would watch his kids for free because he was so sure that
because we lived twelve miles away from my mother-in-law that as my kids
were young that I had a free babysitter for them back then. I would now pay
back my dues. I was very forth coming with him and let him know that I had
not had a free babysitter since my mother-in-law worked as a school bus
driver and trainer. Since I would not watch his kids for free he went around
town spreading lies about me and my family. We live a block from each
other and we don't speak to each other. My husband doesn't like to be any
where around him because my husband says he is a womenizer and an
Now my dad is another story two times in my life I have asked him for help
and both times he tells me he can't help. I find out he has helped my cousins
my brothers and his friends. If only everyone else could understand how that
makes me feel. Yet my husband fixes things for him. I've helped him get
back on track with his diabetes, made him see the doctor and have gone with
him to appointments which takes time away from me and my family but
apperently that doesn't mean anything. So if I don't mean anything to him
it should not be a big thing that he was not invited to our house to share a
Thanksgiving meal.
Most of you know that my husband is a mechanic and that he works as a
mechanic. Most of my other relatives here believe that he should work on
their vehicles for free and give up his days off to take care of their things
and their friends things. We have washed our hands of them.
As I found myself with no one here I got involved in committees to try
and feel like I belonged some where. That isn't working for me any more.
I don't care how bad the economy is in Medford Oregon. I'm ready to go
back where I feel like I belong. Where we have friends who are more like
family. Not even crafting is doing it for me anymore. I know that some of
you who live here in Warden will read this blog. Like that old saying goes
you never know what goes on behind closed doors. I'm really missing my
Mother today for she was the glue that kept this family together and
grounded. So there you have it. There are so many other things that I
could tell you about my family but what good would come of it. Until my
next post have a Great Evening!!!!!!


PoetessWug said...

WOW Vel! It's so true that you can live right around the corner from someone, but still..everybody's life is a 'behind closed doors' kinda thing. EVERYBODY'S!! I'm so sorry to hear about the split in your family You know I understand! In fact, it makes the fact that I don't celebrate holidays a whole lot easier!! They don't expect me to come and I don't expect...or be invited...It's still hard not to be close to family on a day to day basis though. I get that! But here's a word of encouragement from me to you...because you always offer me such good encouragement! :-)...Don't allow what other people's opinions of you are cloud your view of life! They don't know your heart or your life like you do. They don't see things from the same perspective that you do. And how sad for them!! Feel sorry for them, don't get in the boat with them! Call Jehovah's Witnesses locally, ask for a FREE brain stimulating Bible study once a week, and make yourself some new and lasting friends to spend your time with!! :-) And support like you've never had too!!....Family! UGH!!!! They try your nerves...and your patience...and your self-control constantly!!! UGH! ^_^ By the way, you have a smokehouse!! I hadn't seen one of those since my childhood!! :-) (email me if you need to talk...just saying!)

SnowflakeDreams1 said...

Deb, Thank you for the words of encouragement. Yes we have a small smoke house. The size of an out house. Most people think that we have an out house outside of our house....LOL... If you get a chance read your e-mail.