Sunday, September 2, 2012

Normal What's That?

Hello Everyone,
Hope Everyone is enjoying their Sunday. Most of you
have an extra day off of work and then hopefully every
thing gets back to normal, but what is normal? I think for
everyone normal is something different. I'm hoping that
now that we have dad home from the hospital my life
will get back to some type of normal. Oh wait some of
you may not know that my dad was in the hospital for
some time. I bet you did notice that I was MIA though.
Let me get to the pictures in my post first and then I'll
tell you about my crazy life again. In my pictures are
the punches that I have run out to get because of some
ladies that were posting about their T.J Max crafting
hauls. I managed to get in the act too and get the punches
that usaully cost around $12.99 at any craft store for
anywhere between the price of $2.99 to $5.99 what a

Amazing isn't it?  Ok now on to my crazy life. I'm starting
to believe that Labor Day for me is cursed. For a few years
close to this weekend bad things seem to happen to my family.
My dad got very sick and was in the hospital only thirty miles
away from where I live but after a few days there and the doctors
not having any idea what was going on with him my brothers
and I decided that it was time to move him to another hospital
which was now two hours away. Since I do not hold a job
I went to stay with my dad. I did a lot of sleeping on couches
to stay close until they could figure out what was happening.
My brothers would then relieve me on their days off so that
I could catch up at home with anything that I needed to. As
most of you know sometimes people don't stand up to thier
promise and one of my brothers dropped the ball. I'm totally
exhausted and mad too, but I  have so much to catch up that
I don't have the time to rest and on top of that my back is
tweeked. Now that dad is home I still have been on the
go with his follow up appointments. There is so many things
that went wrong at that time but I won't bore you with all
those details. I do want to thank my design teams sisters for
thier full understanding, for thier caring and their prayers.
To Laurie I thank you for understanding that I could not
fullfill my obligation with her team to the end of the term.
Laurie you are a beautiful person inside and out. I wish
you the best. To Suzanne thank you for allowing me to
take the time off especially with launching the new
Challenge blog. I know you needed me for this new
launch but you knew my dad needed me more. It is so
wonderful to work with the most understanding people. Hugs
to all of you. Until my next post Have a Splendid Day!!!!


Janet - aka stacky said...

Firstly well done on getting your great haul of bargains x
Secondly I am sorry that you have had such a hectic time and that your brother let you down x
Make sure you take care of yourself x

Paper Sewn Visions said...

Janet. Thank you for stopping by and leavingsuch kind words. I working on taking care of me. Hugs, Velma