Monday, September 10, 2012

What do you do?

Good Afternoon Everyone,
Hope to find everyone doing well today. I'm trying to
not let the wind blow me away. We are having some
really nice wind storms right now and the dust is flying
like you would not believe. Lately the dust has been
flying around in blog land too and it seems that it is far
from settling down. In my header picture is a digi of
several that I have been working on. This digi comes
from Cuddlebug Cuties.
So here is where the dilema begins. There are a couple
of blogs that I follow and there has been a buzz about
digis being stolen by all rights and being sold by not
the artists who created them. There has been talk about
law suits, lawyers, infringement rights. Now this has 
me a little worried. I have bought digis and have aquired
some of them free by using a reputable sight that lists
freebies every day and directs you to the artists blog. I
have several cards that I have made using the digis but
I'm afraid to post them now I don't want to create a
bigger problem then there already is. Like I said I have
the recipts for my purchases and I also have the proof on
my p.c. as to the freebies that I have downloaded. Before
I post any of the cards that I have made with these digis
I am going to contact each artist and make sure that it is
ok for me to use. I know this is going to be more work,
but what do you do ? I am just going to make sure to
cover all my butt. I hope the dust in blog land
settles down soon.
Now don't forget about the challenge over at
No Matter Which Challenge Blog.
The link is below:
Please remember to read the rules of the challenge.
Until my next post Have a Splendid Afternoon!!!!


PoetessWug said...

WOW! I hadn't heard about this "wind storm" of controversy! O_O There's always something around here though...*Shaking my head*...Checking with the person you bought it from sounds like a very good idea. Always best to get it from "the horse's mouth" to speak!

SuzanneK said...

OMG Hadn't heard about this, had heard about people stealing pics of finished cards etc off blogs. I am still going to be using my purchased digis and the freebies too. I am not going to check with the artist though as I have parted with my hard earned cash for these images. I have nothing to worry about I am all legit. Hugz Suzanne

Paper Sewn Visions said...

Deb, so true about there always being some type of contoversy going on with crafters/ artists. I'm doing checking more with the ones that I got their freebies. Hugs, Velma

Paper Sewn Visions said...

Suzanne, I also heard about the pictures being stolen and that controversy, but now there is even more brewing. I too will use the ones I spent my hard earned money to purchase. I will just be making sure about the freebies since there are only three artists that I pay attention to about the freebies they have. I try hard to stay legit. Hugs, Velma