Saturday, August 3, 2013

I'm designing

Hello everyone
Hope to find all of you doing well.
Todays post is a little different than normal. For some time
now I have been working on a project. This project was a
design that I came up with to store all my tags that I had
received from my tag swaps. In my header picture is the
example that I came up with. I have exhausted all the ways
I can think of to get it off the ground so I have now taken it
to Quirky. Quirky is a place where anyone with great ideas
can add an invention. The community will be commenting and
voting on the idea. If it gets 200 votes, it will automatically
move into Expert Review, where a Quirky team discusses the
idea in great detail. To help make this happen. We are to tell
our friends and family about our idea and ask them to support
it by joining Quirky, voting and commenting. The best of the
best ideas in Expert Review move on to the live Product
 Evaluation. If you think that my design is a great idea would
you please go to Quirky sign up and vote.
The tag holder is not the only design that I have listed
on Quirky, below is a sketch of another design that I
came up with
This design is a steamer for Tamales. There are steamers
out there but not like this. If you have ever made tamales
then you know that they are steamed and not cooked. This
steamer would have a place to lean against while making
them stand. I usually use a jar but when I am trying to stand
them up I am always fighting the jar from falling over. The
tamales also sit right in the water so sometimes they don't
steam right. Because tamales are a lot of work when I make
them I usually do about ten dozen and have to steam two
pots of them. This pot would enable me to steam them all
at once.
So if you could help me out to get my designs to the next
level I would greatly appreciate it.
Thank you!!!
Until my next post Have A Splendid Day!!!!!!


marion said...

Love it Velma, so different but love it, hugs, Marion

Paper Sewn Visions said...

Thank you Marion.