Friday, July 5, 2013

Where Oh Where Have I Been?

Hello my dear followers,
I hope you all had a wonderful fourth of July.
Mine was kind of quiet but so relaxing just cause I really
needed to collect myself and I'll tell you about it toward the
end of my blog. For now a little about moving and some
I know that it has been some time. I am truly sorry. There are
times when life just really gets in the way. For those of you that
may have not read some of my other blogs we moved back to
Oregon. We have been busy trying to settle in. I almost have
everything put away. I just need a few more pieces of furniture
to make this house a home. I have been crafting just that trying
to figure out where I have put all my supplies has been a little
difficult.  In my header picture is one of two scrapbooking pages
that I made for one of my friends here that has been so helpful.
Below is the other page that I made for her more for her daughter.

Rosa loved her pages so glad she did.
For those of you who have moved before and know what a big
job it is will know that it will take me a little bit more time to
get settled in and for things to run smoothly as long as something
or someone doesn't mess that up. In my case it did happen. I was
hoping to really get into blogging and getting my Etsy shop
re-opened by the first of July but someone got a hold of my
bank account and was in Georgia spending my money, Thank
goodness I had fraud and theft protection and could prove that
I was in Oregon spending my money while they were in
Georgia spending it too. So to make a long story short it will
be about the end of July for my Etsy shop because of the
changes that I have to make with my paypal account. I'm just
 thankful that I got all my money back. It took some time
though. Anyway for now I'll take care of my blog.
So until my next post Have A Splendid Day!!!!!!.

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SuzanneK said...

OMG Velma, that is terrible but thank goodness all has turned out O. Hugz