Monday, July 15, 2013

What to do with a mountain of scraps?

A Happy Monday Morning to all my wonderful followers.
Hope to find you all doing well and staying cool. It's going
to be a warm one for us. The lovely weather man says it will
be a hundred degrees here today. So when the weather gets
warm and I have a mountain of scraps, I sit and use my Martha
Stewart punch and cut out flowers petals. At night time when I'm
sitting in front of the television I put the flowers together like
what you see in my header picture.
I try and use up every inch of scraps that are left from creating other
projects. My son laughs at me and tells me that if I need more
cardstock he will take me to go buy some more. I try not to be
wasteful. My husband calls it something else but I won't go into
what he calls it. I'll leave you wondering which maybe will
have you laughing just thinking of what it could be.
Honestly if  I took all the scrapbooking paper that I own and
stacked it all up I probably have a stack that is three feet tall.
By the way the flowers in the pictures are about an inch in diameter.
I also make flowers that are half an inch in diameter.
Well I'm off to get some more creating done, so until my next
post Have A Splendid Day!!!!!!! 


PoetessWug said...

Very cute!! You know how much I love a flower! ^_^ Maybe you can string them together and make a decorative lei for wedding showers or something!

SuzanneK said...

Great use for scraps Velma. Lovely flowers