Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Thrifty Tuesday with a twist

A beautiful Tuesday Morning to all my wonderful followers.
Our temperature is starting to climb again but it is expected
because without fail every year during fair week here we get
into the hundreds.
In my header picture is a stamp set that I won in a giveaway that
Robyn from My Pink Stamper had. I just want to remind everyone
that there are many blogs out in blog land that do giveaways. Another
way to get free supplies is to enter the challenges. A lot of the blogs
hosting challenges do random draws for a winner. So take a chance
and enter a challenge you just never know you could win,
Ok so you are all wondering what has happened to me. All of a
sudden I am posting often on my blog. You might have thought
I wore a frown like our dog in the picture below.

Well it all has to do with being back here in Oregon. Where my
time is my time. No one showing up at my door at eight in the
morning and staying till noon. Where people aren't spreading
rumors like your an alcoholic when he/she is the one that is and
even has a DUI on their record. Where your friends don't use
you. Where friends that you haven't seen for a while don't forget
the things that you did for them. Also thanx to Megan at Brassy
Apple for her Refashion your Life series link below
The most biggest Thank You goes to the Lord our God
for leading us to where we really are suppose to be.
You will be seeing more posts so until my next post Have A
Splendid Day!!!!!!!!!!

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