Friday, September 3, 2010

Busy Summer IV

I have been busy all summer as a chairperson
for Warden Community Days which is Labor
Day weekend. I have been out hanging banners,
taking vendor applications, and making sure that
the persons in charge of ceratain activities for that
weekend are getting everything done. It's almost
here and I'm sure that I have gotten a few more
grey hairs. It is also Wardens Cenntenial so there
have been other activities going on through out
the summer.

Here is one of the four banners that
I went out and put by a Hwy.

My phone is constantly ringing and my
battery is constantly dying. I find myself
conected to the wall a lot of the time.
But it's almost over and let me tell you
I won't be doing this again.

Have a Splendid Day!!!!

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