Thursday, September 23, 2010

All in Gods' Hands

For those of you who  remember my cousin had been
diagnosed with pancreatic cancer stage four and the
family has been traveling back and fourth from Warden
to Seattle to see him. The Doctors had given him just
a few days to live. Well days have turned into weeks
he is still in the hospital in a lot of pain just waiting for
the good Lord to remember him and call him home.

I don't know at this time  what to do but as the
family all sit together and talk the elders of the
family have instructed us that we must continue to
live our life. Let me tell you it's not easy death , life
work, nothing is ever easy. But as I listen to my
elders I am here trying to write blogs that aren't
full of doom and gloom because that is just how I am
feeling, So please forgive me if I just can't  seem to 
stay upbeat.

When I'm home I try and get things cut out that I
can take with me  to work on. Here are a couple
of things that I have been working on some I have
already posted in my Etsy shop some I still haven't

These are some poinsettias that I made
out of cardstock. Let me know what you
think about them.

Have a Splendid Day!!!!!


PoetessWug said...

Sorry to hear about the sad news. :-( You're right. Death is not easy. And it's hard to know what to do. I have a booklet with some suggestions...if you're interested...entitled "When Someone You Love Dies". It's helped me out in a lot of cases because sometimes I just felt so helpless and didn't know how best to help. Good suggestions...Hang in there a best you can. Focus will be hard, but necessary for everyone. :-(

SnowflakeDreams1 said...

Thank you Deb for the kind words. It's not so much that I'm having trouble with death it's my cousin that is. The doctors have said there is nothing more that they can do other than give him meds for the pain. I think that he is afraid of death and is fighting to stay alive. They told him that he could come home but he would rather stay at the hospital. My brother and I believe that he thinks if he stays there he won't die cause the doctors will make sure he doesn't because that is thier job.

PoetessWug said...

:-( Sad still.