Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday

I decided that my tutorials are going to hit on a wide spectrum from health to making something (foods to crafts). So today I am going to talk about food portions. Something that I have learned recently. After an illness and not exercising I have gained about twenty pounds and I am working on taking those pounds off. Just exercising isn't going to help I learned that I have to watch my food intake  because my food portions are way to big.  Here are some of the foods and the right portion size.
Meat = a deck of cards
Fish = a check book
Veggies = 1/2 of a baseball
Fruit = 1/2 of a tennis ball
Milk = a yogurt single serving container
Cookie = two poker chips
Cinnamon roll = a hockey puck
Popcorn = a baseball
Cheese = two dominos
It is easier to understand a portion comparing it to an everyday item than to using measuring cups everyone understands it better. I have a very long list and only posted about a 1/4 of the list. If you would like to get the full list contact me. I guess I could use this for my thought of the day too. Have a great day.

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