Thursday, April 15, 2010

School of hard knox

Where to start? Three years ago I moved backed to my home town where I have several relatives that still live here. Growing up in this small rural community I remember how it was such a close knit community. Over the years fianaces have taken a toll, businesses have left and the town is not far from being a ghost town. The first year back here I went to the communities Labor day celebration. The parade had no floats, there was about ten craft booths at the park so instead of complaining about it I volunteered to help. Last year there were three floats in the parade and 26 craft booths at the park, which everything came together with only one month of preperation. Again instead of complaining how insane to wait to the last minute to get everything together I volunteered to start gathering volunteers together and plan for the event months in advance.We have now been meeting since February we have broken down the event into subcatagories and have a chairperson for each catagory (parade, dance, 5 & 10 mile run, etc.) My biggest problem is that there are people that are giving false information on a catagory that they are not involved in and I'm about ready to just throw my hands in the air and say I QUIT!!!!!!  I won't quit i'm not a quitter I just had to vent.

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