Monday, March 21, 2011

I've been Crafting

Hello Everyone,
Yes I have been busy crafting even though I have not been blogging
lately about it. In the header picture is a scrapbooking page that I
did for a contest at one of my local scrapbooking stores. I won second
place for it. The store has a contest every month. I just finished the
page for this months contest and got it in to the store the other day.
I forgot to take a picture of it before I took it in. .....LOL........ I guess
I'll get a picture of it when I get it back in April.
The next two pictures are of a technique that I was playing with on
ribbon. The pictures don't do it justice. I will try and get some betters
pictures of the ribbon later today. Maybe I'll try it on bigger ribbon
and maybe on lighter colored ribbon. Hmmmmm we'll see what I get
done today.
In the pictures below is some different flowers done with different
techniques and mediums. I like how the cardstock ones came out.
I really like the look of the red one but that one was a little harder
to work with. I think it is because of the gold foiled covered cardstock.
It was a little stiff.
I like the look of the two large flowers but they are a little to big for
cards. Most likely they will be used on a scarpbooking page. I don't
think I will be making many of the large ones. Oh well .....LOL....... I also finished my tutorial for Toucan Scraps Blog. If you would like
to check it out follow the link below.
I have been busy with my dad but manage to get in a little bit of
crafting time in. There are some other things that I have been
working on and hopefully I can get that posted in the next few days.
Hope everyone is having a splendid day so far.
Keep crafting and stay happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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