Thursday, December 13, 2012

Beary Search

Hello fellow bloggers.
Hope everyone is doing well and that your getting all
your things done that you may have on your to do list.
I am just now getting the house decorated for the holidays
This is very unusual for me but as I have said before I
really am not in the Christmas Spirit. Maybe it has to do
with two more relatives passing away. This makes it five
deaths in our family this year. The latest one happened
yesterday.Ok so enough of my pitty party I know there
are people out there who are dealing with worse things
that I am.
In my header picture is a wall hanging that my
mother-in-law made for my kids when they were very
young. My daughter and sons have been asking for this
count down to Christmas calendar. Since I only have
one and there are three kids I don't want any of them
getting mad that one of them got it.

So I am on a Beary Merry Christmas search. It's
what is called a printed panel. My mother-in-law
bought the panel then quilted it adding a couple of
loops to be hung by.

It was bought in the late eighties. If anyone has a panel
stashed away and would like to sell it to me I would
be so happy. If you happen to find one at a second hand
store and it is in good shape please pick it up for me and
I will buy it from you. I need two of them and then each
of my adult kids would each have their own.
My kids have such fond memories of looking at the day
and reading where the bear went looking for Christmas.
Each one took a turn on moving the cloth bear around
in the house. I think it would be neat if they could each
have one.
Thank you for stopping by. Until my next post Have A
Splendid Evening!!!!!!!!!!


Berni Cuttino said...

Fabulous design and beautiful embellishments, simply an incredible project. Thanks for stopping by and leaving the lovely comments.

marion said...

Wow this is lovely, it must have been a pile of work, but deffinately worth the effort, hugs, Marion

Karen said...

Hey Velma, This great!! I just love the colors, it really is cute! Karen♥